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FIC: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 14/? (Angel/Spike, Adults Only) - Angel the Series [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FIC: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 14/? (Angel/Spike, Adults Only) [Apr. 10th, 2006|01:33 am]
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Little aside- my Jossverse slash rp needs players- info and links here-

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AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: goddess_salustra@juno.com ; Cathelin: cathelinn@yahoo.co.uk .
TITLE: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 14/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter-Angel/Spike.
SUMMARY: What if, when Spike came to Sunnydale after Dru dumped him, he decided to go inside Angel’s mansion? And what if Angel wasn’t too happy with Buffy for sending him to hell? This Chapter-
Spike and Angel have a little fun. Then they take Cordy along on a mission for the PTB.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org .
SPOILERS: Through Season 3 BtVS: Lover’s Walk
WARNINGS: m/m slash, dom/sub, rimming, bloodplay.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 6,110 words.

Small slightly non-worksafe manip beneath the cut as well.

Just as he's the last to sleep, Angel is the first to wake, yawing widely and nuzzling Spike's curls. Glancing at the clock, he wiggles out from between Spike and Cordy and climbs from the bed, turning to watch them as he stretches. Spike stirs and groans slightly, missing the feel of his Sire's body against him.

Coming round to the side of the bed, Angel strokes his cheek and whispers “Go back to sleep Baby." Spike purrs softly and nods. He nestles down in the hollow where Angel's body was, drawing in his scent, and his eyes close.

Smiling fondly, Angel waits until Spike's asleep before moving away and dressing quickly. Heading for his study, his mind runs through the things he needs to do. First of all he needs to start the search for Penn.

Then he needs to speak to his bank and make sure Spike has proper access to the family accounts - he should have had access all along, and Angel intends to have a few forceful words with the staff about that. He also needs to set up access for Cordelia, and set someone to find out anything and everything about her family. Her matter-of-fact words last night about her parent’s lack of concern made him angry.

A couple of hours later, everything is dealt with, or set in motion, and Angel sits back in his chair, chin on his steepled fingers, planning out his latest missions for the damned PTB.

Spike sleeps a while longer and then finally wakes properly. Cordelia is still deep in sleep, worn out by the exertions of the night before. He smiles and get up, pulling on loose cotton pants and padding out to find Angel.

Hearing Spike outside the door to the study, Angel looks up. Spike walks inside. "Should've known I'd find you here, Sire." He grins as he comes over to the chair and sits on Angel's lap. "Now *this* is familiar."

Angel smiles, wrapping his arm around his childe, his other hand resting lightly against Spike's bare stomach. "Is it?"

"It is. A study, a high-backed chair, and me in your lap. All that's needed is a fire, and we'd practically be back in London."

Chuckling, Angel rubs his fingers lightly over his skin. "So it is. Except no Darla and Drusilla draped over the couch watching us. Though perhaps, we might soon have Penn lounging before a fireplace."

Spike grins and purrs, arching against Angel's touch. "Our new pet is still sound asleep. I think she had a rough night." Spike chuckles.

"She needs all the rest she can get." Circling his belly button, Angel explains, "I have no intention on easing up for the rest of the weekend. We need to tie her to us as firmly as we can." His tone is serious, but then playing games with a volatile Slayer is a serious business.

"Yes, Sire. Need to make sure she's properly tamed before she walks out." Spike nods.

Sighing, Angel drops his head back against the chair, "And unfortunately I have a 'mission' tonight."

Spike perks up a little at that. "Really, Sire? Am I involved?"

"Do you want to be? It's pretty routine."

"I'm interested in all this. What you do." Spike's curiosity, of course, was relentless.

"Very well then. We'll have to take Cordy with us then. Though we’ll have to keep her out of it." Angel says mysteriously, pushing his hand beneath Spike's loose trousers to card gently through the soft pubic hair above his, for the moment, quiescent cock. Spike nods, eyes glowing with almost child-like excitement, and then he feels Angel's hand and he moans softly, his cock stirring.

Taking in the time on the grandfather clock in the corner of the office, Angel smiles, "An hour till sunset. Whatever shall we do until then?"

Spike grins. "I'm sure we can find something *hand*-y to do." He chuckles.

Rolling his eyes at the terrible pun, Angel groans. Lifting Spike from his lap, he stands him up and pushes the cotton pants down over his hips. "I have an idea." He grins wickedly. Spike moans and wriggles a bit.

Feigns innocence, Spike asks. "What would *that* be?"

Standing himself, Angel wraps his arms around Spike, lifting him up and kissing him hungrily. He can hear the soft sounds as the pants slide off Spike's legs and drop to the floor. Spike moans into the kiss and tilts his head back, giving Angel full access. His own wicked hands slide down to undo Angel's pants. Angel rocks his clothed hips against Spike's for a moment, before turning and placing Spike in the chair.

Slowly he moves down onto his knees. Spike whimpers and his eyes watch Angel's every move. As much as he loves giving his Sire head, he loves getting it as well. Angel *did* teach him everything about giving a blowjob.

Smiling from beneath hooded eyes, Angel takes hold of Spike's hips and pulls him forward on the cushion. Cupping the back of one knee he lifts one lean leg and pushes it upwards hooking, Spike’s knee over the arm of the chair. Spike moans and arches a bit, pushing his hips more forward, his swiftly hardening cock swaying as he moves.

Repeating the move with the other leg, Angel spreads him wide open. Trailing his hand down Spike's thigh he strokes the pale skin gently down the curve of his ass and up onto his balls and cock. Spike purrs and whimpers. He slides his own hands over his chest, rubbing his nipples into hard peaks as his cock twitches in response to Angel's attentions.

"Lean back." Angel instructs. Giving Spike's stiffening prick a few firm tugs, he cups his other hand around his heavy balls. "Lift your arms and take hold of the chair-wings."

Spike moves as Angel instructs, groaning and arching for his Sire. "Yes, Sire."

"Good Boy." Angel purrs. Letting go, he slides his hands downward onto the curve of Spike's ass, taking hold of and parting his cheeks. Leaning downwards slowly, he hold’s Spike's eyes. Spike watches, as always captivated by his Sire's eyes. He remembers the first time he met them, in that alleyway where Angelus turned him. He couldn't look away then, either.

Pressing his nose beneath Spike's balls, Angel breathes deeply of his childe's sweet musk. Opening his mouth, he strokes the tip of his tongue over Spike's tight hole. Spike whines and tightens his fingers where they grip the chair. "Oh god Sire."

Lapping wetly over the twitching pucker, Angel taps and pushes at the muscles with his cool tongue, feeling his cock throb as the muscles relax beneath his touch practically begging him to force his way inside. Spike continues to whimper and his thigh muscles quiver with the strain of keeping his position as his Sire teases him.

Pulling away, Angel blows gently over the delicate skin. "Do you want me Baby? Does you're pretty little hole want to be filled?"

"Oh god yes Sire, please, please...." Spike nods desperately.

An evil grin stretching his mouth, Angel purrs, "Hold that thought." Moving away, he leans against his desk, stretching his long legs out before him, the head of his hard cock visible in his open slacks. Reaching into a drawer he pulls out a pad of thick ivory paper and a box of charcoals.

Spike's eyes widen and he whimpers, but he doesn't break position. He knows better. He also knows he's going to need to concentrate on keeping his erection while his Sire sketches him.

Settling down with a happy sigh, Angel sketches his beautiful childe with long loving strokes, taking care to record each detail of the pose. The long lean lines of his twitching muscles, his delicate bones, and messy curls. His Boy's pretty pleading eyes and hard swaying cock with its delicious beads of precum trickling down its length. And of course, his perfect little hole between those glorious ass cheeks.

Spike whimpers and softly purrs at the same time, watching Angel as he sketches, concentrating on the feelings his Sire's tongue and touch gave him to keep himself hard.

However much torment keeping the pose entailed, deep down Spike loved it. Loved the attention, loved his Sire's artistic gift being used to capture him. Loved seeing himself as his Sire did.

Periodically, Angel sighs with happy appreciation, murmuring dirty little words in a loving tone. His own cock twitching with each of Spike whimpers. Spike's eyes get blacker with arousal as the session continues. It never failed. The sweet torture worked its magic on him, potent as any bondage.

The smell of Spike's arousal is thick in the air, and Angel's mouth waters. His own eyes are dark with possessive lust as he studies each centimeter of Spike's well-known body. Spike sees the look in his Sire's eyes. He wonders how he ever existed without that. Without seeing those eyes, without feeling his Sire's ownership of him.

Finishing the sketch, Angel stands and places carefully on the desk. Pushing his pants down and off, he quickly unbuttons his shirt and tosses it aside. Spike moans and stretches a bit, not really breaking the pose but easing stiffened muscles. His eyes never leave Angel.

"My pretty little boy. You've been so good for Daddy." Angel tells him, prowling closer. "Does Baby want his reward?"

Spike nods, "Yes, please, Daddy," he moans.

Gently moving Spike's arms and legs out of the pose, Angel pulls him from the chair. "Up." He murmurs, lifting him up off of the floor. Spike smiles and wraps his arms around Angel's neck, lifting his legs and locking them around Angel's waist.

Kissing his childe deeply, Angel turns and fumbles in the top drawer of his desk for the lube. Pulling the top of the tube, he presses the nozzle between Spike's cheeks, squeezing the cold gel onto his pucker. Spike moans into the kiss. He can feel the cold gel, and briefly chuckles as he blesses the marvel of modern lube.

Dropping the tube, Angel slides two fingers into Spike's body, pressing the lube deep inside. Stroking into the velvet tightness, he moves them across the room to press Spike's back against the wall. Spike groans and writhes against Angel's body. He adores this, his Sire's strength and power. Makes him feel treasured and wanted.

Kissing across Spike's jaw to his ear, Angel nibbles on the lobe as he slips his fingers free. Lining the tip of his shaft up with his childe's hole, and rocks his hips, pressing against the muscles. "Do you want it Baby?"

"Yes, Daddy, oh please yes, yes!" Spike whimpers and pleads. He's quivering with need after all that time spent immobile.

"As ye wish, my lad." Angel purrs pressing steadily inwards, his cock stretching the cool walls of Spike's passage. Spike groans and pushes back as much as he is able, feeling the pleasant burn as Angel's massive shaft penetrates him.

As he enters his childe, Angel kisses and nips at his neck until he's seated fully, balls pressed against the curve of Spike's ass. "Is this what ye wanted my Precious?" He husks, voice thick with brogue. Spike whimpers and nods.

The voice alone almost undoes him, his Sire's voice of old. He looks up with dark blue eyes at Angel. "Oh yes, Sire, yes. So good to your little one."

"Aye, me Little One. Always good to ye, for what else can I be, when I love ye so very much?" Angel breathes, pressing soft, loving kisses over Spike's face even as his hips start a harsh pace between his spread thighs. Spike rocks his body, meeting the thrusts, purring loudly. Humans had no concept of this - of the fierce love vampires could feel for each other.

Pressing his mouth to Spike's, Angel kisses him fiercely and returns his purr. Bracing his arms against the wall, he pumps his hips, hard and fast, pounding into Spike's body. Spike can only hold on and try to match the pace, his own hard cock pressed tight between their bellies. Angel starts to growl as he keeps up the brutal pace, the muscles of his ass and thighs flexing with his hard thrusts. Spike unconsciously bares his throat for Angel as he uses his hold on his Sire to writhe and arch, maximizing the sensation for both of them.

Snuffling into the skin of Spike's bared throat, Angel licks at the silent pulse point. He's quickly approaching orgasm from the feel of his childe writhing against him and around his cock. Spike cock is weeping pre-cum and his belly is hardening with need. "Oh, god, Sire, so fucking good!" His internal muscles clench down on Angel's cock.

Throwing his head back Angel roars as Spike's channel clamps tight around him, jerking his hips harshly as his cock explodes. "Will! Come for me!" Spike feels a column of lightning shoot through him as he cums on command. There's no thought, just an automatic response to Angel's words. Angel shudders against him, growling roughly as he shoots his cum high into his body. One hand comes down to grip harshly at a lean hip. Spike groans and pulls tightly against Angel. The pain and pleasure just blend together for him as he rides out his climax.

Pressing his face into Spike's neck, Angel moans and pants as he comes down from the high of his orgasm. "So good Baby. Always so damned good."

"Oh yes, Sire. Fuck yes." Spike's hands stroke the back of Angel's neck. "No one has *ever* compared to you."

Purring, Angel kisses his neck, rubbing against his skin before lifting his head. Cupping Spike's head, he kisses him lovingly. "Nor to you." Spike smiles and his eyes are shining as he gazes back at Angel. Then his eyes dart to the side.

"We have a spectator." In the throes of passion, neither of them had noticed Cordy quietly standing in the doorway, awe-struck.

"Do we?" Angel grins. "Do you think our audience was appreciative?"

Cordy answers. "Hell yes. God, it's like watching champion athletes and dancing all at once. You two are so incredible and beautiful and graceful."

Lifting Spike gently off his cock and setting him on his feet, Angel turns to face her, leaning casually against the wall. "Why thank you, my dear." He says grinning wolfishly. "Did it make you wet to watch us?" Cordy nods, the smell of her arousal is all too obvious to both of the vamps. Spike curls against Angel as he stands, not wanting to entirely break contact.

Nuzzling against Spike's curls, Angel’s grin turns wicked. Running one finger through the cum coating his stomach, he sighs. "Look now, we’re both all sticky. Would you mind terribly, cleaning us up Cordy?"

Cordy moves towards them. "I've never tasted...umm..." She blushes as she leans down to start licking the salty liquid off Angel's belly.

Chuckling wickedly Angel says teasingly, "I didn't say you had to use your mouth."

Kissing Spike's forehead he continues, "Seems I was right, she's a perfect little slut for us."

Spike grins and nods in agreement. "Oh, yes Sire." Cordy makes a little embarrassed noise but she doesn't stop what she's doing.

Once she's finished cleaning his belly, he guides her mouth down to his cum and lube-coated cock, thankful that he always buys the one with the least offensive taste. She starts licking his cock clean. She wonders, idly, what the others would say if they knew what she was doing right now. Angel purrs slightly as her warm tongue laps softly at his half hard shaft. Spike watches as Cordy licks Angel, putting a hand down to stroke her dark hair. A very pretty pet indeed.

"Now Spike." Angel murmurs, tapping lightly at his childe's firm belly. Cordy moves to start cleaning Spike's firm belly. He purrs even louder as she licks him.

Grinning a little, Angel presses a biting kiss to Spike's shoulder, reaching one hand down to squeeze his ass and knowing that cum is leaking out of his tight hole and onto his thighs. Spike moans and squirms a bit under Angel's touch. He loves his Sire's attentions.

"Should we get her to clean all of you?" Angel whispers into Spike's ear.

Spike chuckles and nods. "Oh, yes, Sire, I think so," he whispers back.

Giving his ass another squeeze, Angel draws his hand back up to his waist. Reaching out with his other hand, he takes a gentle hold of Spike's half-hard shaft and lifts it so the sticky head brushes Cordy's lips. Cordelia licks the head eagerly, and Spike moans softly at it.

Letting go, Angel traces one finger over her delicate cheekbone. "There's somewhere else that needs cleaning." He tells her, the corners of his mouth trying to twitch into a wicked grin. Cordy's eyes widen, as she realizes what Angel means. She whimpers and nods.

Crawling around Spike's body, she starts licking along the inside of his thighs, and Spike spreads his legs with a groan.

"Little slut knew just what I meant." Angel grins, kissing Spike's ear. Cordelia's tongue works higher, trailing up till she reaches that pucker. She hesitates just a moment, then starts flicking her tongue inside.

Spike moans and nods. "Yes she did. She's a natural at this."

"Her tongue feels good then?"

"Yes Sire," Spike replies.

"Good." Angel smiles, nuzzling his cheek against Spike's. Spike purrs and rubs back against his Sire. He's so very happy right now, well-fucked by his Sire and now being tended on by their new Pet. This was how vampires should live.

"Cordelia?" Angel says, stroking Spike's spine. "Will and I have to go to an important party tonight in LA. Some charity thing I believe. Would you like to come with us?"

Cordelia moans and nods slightly, as best she can with her tongue deep in Spike. Is he kidding? Of course, she'd *kill* to be seen in public with these two gorgeous men.

Spike presses against Angel's hand. "We're going to a party?"

"Hmmhmm. A charity party, lots of important guests. Whistler has provided tickets and reservation details. We'll have to get going soon, we'll need to get tuxedos and a dress for Cordy." Spike's eyes sparkle with excitement. Not that he normally goes in for the fancy clothes, but he knows how stunning his Sire looks in a tuxedo. And he loves them being the center of attention together. Angel grins at Spike's excitement. He can't wait to see Spike's reaction when he tells him why they're going to the party, and what his main job for the PTB is. "Come on then. Finished Cordelia?"

Cordelia pulls her tongue out reluctantly. "Yes, Angel."

"We can call in at your place to get your things for the weekend. No doubt you're answering machine is full of frantic calls from the idiot boy." Angel says, holding out his hand. Cordelia takes his hand and gets up, with a bit of a blush and a guilty look when reminded of Xander.

She honestly hasn't given him a thought since Spike started undressing her Friday night. "Yes, Angel."

Spike chuckles at her expression. "Forgot about him, didn't you?" She nods sheepishly.

Pulling her to him, Angel lifts her off her feet, kissing her hungrily. Cordelia moans and surrenders her mouth to Angel as he kisses her. She can hardly believe this is all happening to her.

Setting her back on her feet, Angel takes in her dazed expression with a grin. "Let's get dressed and get going then." Tapping her on her pert rear he strides out of the room.

Cordelia and Spike follow Angel back to the bedroom. Cordelia puts back on her clothes of the night before, and Spike dresses simply in jeans and T-shirt, since they will be shopping in L.A. anyway.

Angel is dressed in his normal ensemble of black, black and more black as he watched them dress with an appreciative leer. Spike grins back at Angel as he watches them. He likes his Sire's attention, needy little thing that he is.


"Yes, Angel," They both reply, almost in unison, then they both giggle.

Smiling fondly, Angel gestures them out of the room ahead of him. They all bundle into Angel's car, Cordy in the backseat and Spike riding shotgun, as they head for L.A.

Driving smoothly, Angel turns to Spike and asks, "So, aren't you..."


"... wondering why we're here?" Angel smiles over as he leads the way into the large ballroom, admiring the sight of his childe in his classic tuxedo.

Spike nods. "I am, actually." He is likewise admiring Angel in his tux, and also Cordelia in her long black dress with a slit up one side. They were drawing admiring glances, three such attractive people.

Angel's eyes glitter mischievously, knowing that Spike must be near bursting with curiosity. Transferring Cordy's arm to Spike's he moves around to whisper in his ear. "See that handsome, surprisingly young looking man, obviously a politician? Over by the podium?"

Spike picks him out of the crowd easily. "Yes, Sire. Practically oozing ambition."

Dropping his voice below human hearing, Angel continues, "I'm here to kill him."

Spike freezes in place, carefully controlling his shock and surprise. Angel could tell, of course, but he didn't want to alarm Cordy or draw unwanted attention from surrounding humans.

Chuckling a little at Spike's reaction, he says, "Shall we find our table, Cordelia dear?"

Cordy's trying hard not to appear overwhelmed at the society party. She nods. "Yes, Angel, please." Especially dressed as she is, she looks older than her years, and fits in perfectly at the party.

Graciously holding out his hand, Angel leads her away, giving Spike time to get over the shock and join them. Their table turns out to be halfway down the room, near the center. Not too visible, perfect. Spike manages to grab the attention of one of the circulating waiters and snags some appetizers and drinks on the way. He sits them down and joins Angel and Cordy at the table.

Cordy smiles gratefully. "Thanks, I'm starving."

Angel smiles kindly at Spike, knowing how surprised he must have been, but he couldn't resist shocking him like that. Spike smiles back, still a little shocked at Angel. His Sire was *certainly* full of surprises. He sips at the champagne as Cordy tears into the food.

Taking a sip of his drink, Angel glances around them at the other guests, trying to decide if his plan will work. Spike watches his Sire, then looks casually to see what he's looking at. He catches, instead, the politician looking briefly in the direction of their table. Angel notices the appreciative glance at their table and hides his smirk by taking another sip. He can't tell if it's Cordelia or Spike that's is attracting the politician’s attention, but hopes it's Spike. It would make things much easier if it is.

Cordelia is paying attention to the food, not to anything else at the moment, so Spike decides to play a bit. He smiles back at the politician, and is rewarded by the man raising his glass, as if in salute. Spike is smugly satisfied. He does like it when others find him attractive.

Bingo. Maybe they can get this over with quickly. "Good Boy." Angel purrs, leaning over to speak in his ear, speaking below human hearing. "Flirt with him, get him alone, and then knock him out. Don't be out of sight too long."

Spike gives a tiny answering purr, and nods. "Yes, Sire." He gets up from the table and starts prowling towards the politician, holding his gaze as he does. The politician freezes, mesmerized as Spike moves towards him, trailing off mid-sentence.

Angel turns to Cordy with a warm smile. "Care to dance?"

Cordy nods. "Oh yes, please." She has almost finished with the food anyway, and she takes Angel's hand.

Leading Cordy out onto the dance floor, Angel notices the attention from the other guests. Taking her in his arms he starts to lead her around the floor smoothly.

Spike favors the man with a smoldering look as he draws near. The others in conversation politely excuse themselves.

Nodding vaguely, at his former companions, his prey is unable to take his eyes off the sight of Spike's gorgeous blue eyes. Spike smiles slightly. "Seems I'm the lucky one tonight. Got the eye of the handsomest man at the party."

Gulping, the young politician smiles. "W...well if I'm the handsomest, then you most certainly must be the most gorgeous."

Spike's smile is brilliant in return. "And full of flattery as well. I *do* like a man with a silver tongue."

The words "I can do plenty of other things with my tongue." are accompanied with a bright blush at his boldness as the other man replies.

Spike raises an eyebrow. "So can I. Should we perhaps...discuss this someplace more private? We might even arrange for some mutual demonstration."

Suddenly painfully hard, the poor man struggles to swallow around his dry throat. "Um, yeah, that would be great. M...maybe you could come up to my suite later?"

"How much later?" Spike reaches out a finger to stroke down the man's jawline in a very intimate gesture, and licks his lips.

"I...I...um..." Stuttering the, mostly, human man trails off, eyes wide and dilated from the gentle touch.

Spike nods. "How about now? A quick interlude. Then afterwards I can come up and spend the night."

"Ohh." Practically shaking with eagerness at the suggestion, the man sways towards him. Hesitating a little her says "B..but...We...I...I mean we... shouldn't be seen leaving together. The papers...."

Spike nods. "Just give me the room number. You go first, I'll follow in a few minutes." He smiles. "I can be *very* discreet."

"It's the Lincoln Suite on the 17th floor." With the obstacle out of the way, the young man is almost desperate and it is obvious in his voice.

"I'll see you in a few minutes then." Spike's voice and eyes are full of promise, and he bows slightly and moves away.

Taking a shuddering breath, the dazed politician heads towards the door, stopping to tell his bodyguards that he's just going to his room for a lie down, and there's no need for them to leave the party. As he wanders off they smirk knowingly at each other.

Angel has been watching discreetly as he and Cordy dance, and he feels pride out how easily Spike carried out the seduction, even as possessiveness twists his guts. Spike waits a few minutes, watching Angel and Cordy dance. Then he turns and heads towards the elevators. Such easy prey. He smiles and whistles as he heads towards the suite. A few minutes later he's knocking at the door of the Lincoln Suite.

Before the sounds of his knocks even fade, the door is tugged open. The young man is still looking a little dazed but he's taken of his jacket and tie, undoing a couple of buttons on his shirt. "Um, hi." He says blushing at the lameness of his words.

"Hello, pet," Spike drawls, his voice liquid sex. "May I come in?"

Nodding and blushing, the man backs into the room. "Of course, come in... um..."

"William." Spike steps into the room. He closes the door behind him and lifts a hand to stroke on the man's exposed throat.

"Um...hi William, I'm...er...I'm Douglas." Shivering at the touch, he sways towards Spike's body.

"Douglas. I like that. Suits you." Spike leans forward and kisses his neck, nuzzling over the pulse point. Douglas gasps and shudders, eyes dilating as he submits easily leaning into Spike's body. Spike wraps his aura around the man, holding him in its warm embrace as he lets his fangs descend. He bites and starts drinking the blood.
Moaning loudly, Douglas shakes against him. The tiny voice in the back of his head asking him what the hell he's doing letting a vampire drink from him is silenced by the overwhelming pleasure of the bite.

Spike pulls blood quick and hard. He knows if he takes just enough, the man will pass out. He can taste the spiciness of the blood, a bit of demon mixed in, and dark sorcery.

The hard pulling at his neck is exquisite and in mere moments Douglas is shuddering a sudden orgasm into his trousers. Cock still jerking he passes out in Spike's hold.
Spike pulls back and closes the wound. He lays the man down on the bed. He could have easily finished him off but Angel had been specific. He pockets the keycard for the room and heads back to the elevator.

Angel leads Cordy in a graceful waltz around the floor, his hands resting on her hips. "Enjoying yourself?" He asks her, breathing softly into her ear.

Cordy nods and smiles. "This is so wonderful. Thank you for bringing me." She likes the feel of his hands on her, and all the admiring looks they were drawing.

Smiling, pleased, Angel pulls her close - slightly closer than propriety allows - for a moment, allowing her to feel his hard cock press against her stomach. Cordy bites her lower lip, making a soft, almost inaudible moan.

"Something wrong Cordy?" Angel asks her with apparent concern.

Cordy shakes her head. "No, nothing's wrong." She's getting wet and she knows Angel will be able to smell it.

Spike exits the elevator, gliding over to Angel and Cordelia. He palms the keycard as he taps Angel's shoulder. "May I cut in?"

"Of course. I shouldn't hog such a beauty." Angel smiles kissing Cordy's hand.

Stepping back he brushing his hand down Spike's arm to take the keycard, and give his hand a quick squeeze. "Everything ok?"

Spike returns a wolfish smile. "Perfect." He's practically buzzing on the energy imparted by the powerful blood. Angel raises one eyebrow; the energy is practically coming off of him in waves.

"I'll be back shortly." He tells them.

Spike whispers softly, too soft for mortal ears, "Lincoln Suite, 17th floor." Aloud he responds. "Certainly. I'll keep Cordy company till then." Cordelia smiles brilliantly at Spike as he takes her hand and puts the other on her hip.

Nodding minimally, Angel steps away from them. "I won't be long, they'll be serving dinner soon." His lips twitch on the word 'dinner'. Spike chuckles softly, his eyes glinting. He starts dancing with Cordy, keeping an eye on Angel as he walks away.

Walking swiftly out of the room through the French windows, Angel disappears discreetly into the shadows and heads around the hotel to another entrance, before taking the elevator up to the correct floor.

Spike dances gracefully with Cordy around the room, drawing attention to them, and many whispered words of admiration.

Running the keycard through the slot, Angel slips into the suite and looking around him. The sight of the unconscious politician sprawled across the large bed quickly grabs his attention. Coming to stand beside the lax body, he grins and shakes his head at the scents on the body - arousal, cum and Spike. Easing down onto the bed, he lifts the man into his arms, bringing his mouth to the faint, neat wound on his neck.

Running his tongue over the skin, he moans quietly at the taste and smell of Spike's saliva and the faint trace of the chemicals from his childe's fangs. Sinking his own fangs in he swiftly drains the young man, shivering faintly at the taste of dark magicks in the blood.

Spike glides across the floor. It's been a long while since he danced ballroom style, but it's not a skill he would forget.

Cock throbbing as he feels his prey's heart stutter and stop and Angel has to suck harder to pull out the last few delicious mouthfuls. Pulling away from the wound he feels a momentary disappointment at not being able to share the kill properly with his childe.

With a sigh, he drops the body and reaches into his pocket. Pulling out small bottle of acid, he wipes over where first Spike, and then he, drank - cleaning away any trace of their saliva.

Cordy smiles up at him, but Spike is lost in his own remembrance of an evening long ago when he and Angel scandalized a sedate gentleman's club by dancing together.

Putting away the acid Angel strides towards the window, breaking the lock on the balcony door. Stepping into the doorway he turns back into the room and pulls a small box out of another pocket. Opening it, he murmurs a quick incantation and waits a moment as the box glows.

Looking into it he smiles at the sight of a single strand of Spike's hair lying inside. The spell was one of his own devising for removing traces of a person's
presence, and had proved most helpful in the past. He had to remember to teach it to Spike.

Spike pulls Cordy a little closer, rubbing himself subtly against her, and she moans. These two vampires just *loved* teasing her. Cordy gets even more aroused.

Using his elbow to push the balcony door closed, Angel turns and jumps up onto the rail. Looking down he can see people moving around on the ground below. Walking along the rail, he jumps over to the neighboring balcony, and then the next and so one until he reaches the fire escape, which he uses to quickly move down ground level before heading back to the party.

Spike sees Angel re-enter the ballroom, and gives an internal sigh of relief. He's kept a discreet eye on the bodyguards, who haven't budged.

Catching Spike's eye, Angel nods with a small smile. Weaving through the other guests he takes a seat at their table.

As the music ends, Spike leads Cordy off the dance floor and they both come to join Angel at the table. Angel smiles at them as the approach, standing to pull out Cordy's chair. Cordy settles into the chair. "I didn't know the two of you could dance like that."

"It's something we learned out of necessity. Darla used to love going to balls and parties, and would have been furious if we'd embarrassed her." Angel explains, taking his own seat beside her.

Spike nods. "And I *was* a gentleman before I was turned. Part of social necessity then. "Though I do seem to recall an evening where I had to learn the ladies part, because my Sire insisted on leading." He grins mischievously at Angel.

Laughing, Angel leans back in his chair. "I seem to remember Drusilla persuading you to go one step further." Picking up the menu he grins at Spike. Spike chuckles.

If he could have blushed, though, he would have. "I made a rather pretty-looking girl, I think. Though that corset was murder." Cordy's eyes open in surprise.

Pretending to read the menu, Angel takes in the movement of one of the bodyguards heading out to fetch the politician for the dinner, and hides a wicked smirk, turning it instead to a teasing grin. "Oh aye, very pretty, and you knew it, for all the whingeing you did about how unseemly it was."

"I was fishing for compliments." Spike huffs a little.

"Well, you soon forgot about your sulk when Dru crawled beneath your skirts." Angel laughs, lifting his eyes to Spike's. "There were plenty of girly gasps and moans then."

Spike laughs out loud, looking back at Angel. "Well yes. I think I liked it better when you undressed me afterwards, though."

"So did I." Angel smirks. Turning to Cordy's wide-eyed gaze, he grins "What?"

She clears her throat. "Wow, I mean...just wow." She's a little overcome, and it's obvious they're discussing things that happened back in Angelus' day.

"Wow? Does that mean you'd like to see Spike in a dress for yourself?" Angel's tone is playful. Cordy nods, imagining Spike in drag.

At her nod Angel's grin widens, as he turns to Spike. Spike's eyes widen. "Oh. Crap." He sighs. "I guess we'll be stopping at one of those tranny shops on the way back, eh?"

"Perhaps." Angel chuckles. Just then the bodyguard returns, agitated, and starts talking urgently to the others. Spike notices it as well, but doesn't change his expression. Angel meets Spike's gaze and speaks beneath his breath. "They'll want to talk to you. You have your story ready?" Spike nods.

Watching one of the guards head for their table out of the corner of his eye, Angel murmurs, "Here we go."