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FIC: A Different Path 8/? (William/Angel/Wes/Cordy, Adults Only) - Angel the Series [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FIC: A Different Path 8/? (William/Angel/Wes/Cordy, Adults Only) [Apr. 21st, 2006|10:52 am]
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Little aside- my Jossverse slash rp needs players- info and links here-

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Author: Salustra and Cathelin
E-mail: Salustra- goddess_salustra@juno.com ; Cathelin- cathelinn@yahoo.co.uk .
Title: A Different Path 8/?
Pairing: This Chapter- William/Angel/Wes/Cordy
Rating: Adults Only
Summary: What If- William had not been raised by Drusilla and Angelus? This Chapter- The vamps have fun with Wesley and Cordelia.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org .
Spoilers: Season 5 BtVS- Fool for Love; Season 2 Ats: Darla. (Fic opens with a combined scene taken from both episodes). Otherwise completely AU.
Warnings: Het sex, slash sex, oral sex, threesome and foursome, bdsm play, bloodplay.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Spike or anything else from ME… though I really wish I could. Just having a little fun, guys.
Distribution: Go ahead. I’d like to know where it’s going if you can drop me a line.
Feedback: Please? E-mail to goddess_salustra@juno.com and cathelinn@yahoo.co.uk .
Length: 9,138 words.

Non-worksafe manip under the cut-

Wesley shivers hard, he can't quite believe what's happening, what's about to happen. He follows behind William, finding his eyes fixed firmly on his denim-encased ass.

Carrying Cordelia into the lobby, Angel sets her down on top of the counter. Sliding his hands up her thighs, he pushes them open. "God look at that, you’re positively dripping Cordy."

Cordelia moans and arches her hips a bit, displaying herself. "William was very wicked, teasing me the whole way home."

"I bet he was." Angel replies, looking over at William with a smile. "Who can blame him though?"

William grins at her as he passes, and turns to pull Wesley into a kiss. "Yes, well, I said I'd use my fingers on you, I didn't say I'd let you come."

Cordelia groans at that and chews on her lower lip. "So what now?"

Melting into him, Wesley kisses back. The last couple of hours have been pushing his buttons to an unbelievable extent for such a short period of time. Unconsciously he brings his hands behind his back, crossing them at the wrist.

"Now?" Angel queries, leaning over to bite her lip himself. "Now we go upstairs. I'm sure Wesley will be happy to make you come, most likely with his cock in your cunt."

"Oh god!" Cordelia's eyes widen at the thought. William strokes the back of Wesley's neck and lets his other hand grip those crossed wrists, as he moves behind him to urge him up the stairs.

"Would you like that Cordelia?" Angel asks, tilting his head to growl the question in her ear. He cups his hand over her slick mound, teasing at her opening. Cordelia wriggles against his hand.

"Anything you want, Angel."

Pulling back, Angel gives her a heated look. "What I want is to fuck you myself." His look turns mournful, "But I can't until we alter the curse."

Wesley moves ahead of William easily, climbing the stairs slowly. His hands open and close convulsively at each step. William strokes Wesley's asscheek as they move. "When we're upstairs, I'm thinking you need to get out of those clothes." His hand tightens a little on those crossed wrists. He can see and smell how aroused Wesley is.

"Yes sir." Wesley replies quietly.

"I want that too." Cordelia groans. She forces herself to stand on shaky legs, wrapping an arm around Angel. "Help me upstairs?"

Nodding, Angel sweeps her back into his arms. He thinks that is probably the safest option. If he carries her with her legs around his waist he's likely to give in to the temptation to pin her against the nearest wall. And walking with his arm around her waist is just a step further away from that. They move up the stairs swiftly, catching up to the other two men at the top of the staircase.

William smiles over at Angel as they guide their charges into Angel's bedroom. Cordelia gives a little shriek and giggle, kissing Angel as she's set back down. Returning the kiss, Angel gives her hips a squeeze, his fingertips pressing into the cheeks of her ass. Stepping away, he sweeps his heated gaze over her. "I think I'll just find my seat for the show now."

At William's prompting Wesley comes to a stop a few feet away from Cordelia, his hands still at the small of his back, and face demurely lowered to the floor. William settles next to Angel on the bed. He looks down at Angel's straining shaft. "Would you like some relief yourself, before the show?" He whispers.

Cordelia shivers a little at the look of Wesley. "Wesley. You look like someone has you on a leash." She lifts his chin and kisses him softly. Wesley allows her to move his face, meeting her kiss chastely, his eyes still lowered. He doesn't answer though, and doesn't return her advance.

Angel smiles at him, before it turns wicked. "I think that would be...wonderful. Perhaps Cordy and Wes will appreciate a show themselves before their own performance?"

William chuckles. He slides down to the floor, between Angel's legs. "Cordelia, Wesley, plans have changed. Look over here." Cordelia looks over, her eyes widening. Though she's about ready to go crazy herself with the need to release, she's not intending to miss a thing. Wesley obediently turns before raising his eyes. Once he takes in Master William's position, he moans.

Angel echoes the moan, but quiet enough that only William can hear it. William moves his hands to unbuckle and remove Angel's belt, then unzip his trousers, freeing his huge cock. He curls the fingers of one hand around it as he licks and sucks in the head. As aroused as Angel is already, William's expecting this may be a quick show. It all depends on Angel. He starts lowering his mouth, taking in more and licking, as his hand works in short strokes and his other hand presses into the fly to find his balls.
Cordelia groans and pulls up against Wesley.

Hissing with pleasure, Angel takes a deep breath, he doesn't want to come too quickly. Trying to distract himself a little, he watches the reactions of the humans in the room. Hearing Cordelia's groan he grins. "I believe you wondering what my cock was like weren't you Cordy?" He asks teasingly, leaning back on his hands. Wesley whimpers quietly at the combination of what he's seeing and Cordelia's hot body pressing against his side. William grins a little inside at Angel's teasing of Cordelia as he continues to push down, taking more and more of him in.

Cordelia whimpers and chews her lip. "Yes. Wow. I mean....Angel, wow."

"Wow?" Angel asks with a grin, "Is that a good wow?" Lifting his hips he lets William pull his trousers down over them.

"Yes, yes it is, you egotistical vampire," Cordelia answers with a grin. She turns to Wesley. "What do you think, Wes?"

Chuckling at Cordelia's answer, Angel also turns to Wesley, "Yes Wes, what do you think?" he smirks, "Do you think it's...wow?"

With another whimper, Wesley nods, "Yes Sir."

"Oh I like that.” Angel's grin turns wicked. “Though I must say, I always preferred Máistir myself. What about you, William?"

William pulls back. "Sir will do for me, that way we can tell who he's talking to. He might as well call Cordelia Mistress while he's at it." William presses back down, wickedly taking Angel to the back of his throat in one long push.

Cordelia blinks at bit and looks at Wesley. "What was *that* all about?"

"I...I..." Wesley flushes and drops his eyes. Angel chuckles at Wesley's embarrassment, but it turns into a loud moan as William's throat squeezes around the head of his cock. William works the muscles of his throat a few times before starting to pull back up again, then down again all the way. He's very experienced at fellatio, and he's had a few cocks at least in the *range* of Angel's before.

Cordelia's eyes bug out at that. "Wow." She looks at Wesley. "Is that, like, possible?" At her exclamation, Wesley raises his gaze again and groans at the sight of William's face pressed into Angel's groin. He doubts he'd be able to take anywhere near so much of that cock into his throat as William has.

"Oh shit!" Angel curses and moans. "It certainly...ugh... seems as if William...oh...finds it possible." He clenches his fingers in the sheets of the bed. William holds the position again, his throat clenching and relaxing a few times before he pulls back again to bob back and forth. His blue eyes look steadily up at Angel, gratified by the pleasure he's giving him.

Cordelia whimpers and pulls tighter against Wes. "Isn't that one of the sexiest things you've ever seen?" She whispers hotly to him.

"Oh Jesus." Angel groans quietly, his eyes caught in William's gaze. He starts to rock his hips slightly, rocking into his mouth.

"Y...yes." Wesley whispers in reply. Suddenly he finds Angel's dark eyes on his as the vampire grins darkly and gives a small warning growl. Shivering, Wesley feels his cock throb in his pants. "I...I mean, yes Mistress." William purrs as he feels Angel start to thrust. His hands cup and stroke Angel's heavy balls as he continues with his incredible blowjob. Cordelia blinks a little at Wesley, and shivers a little.

"God, Wesley, for some reason that sounds so sexy coming from you."

"Thank you Mistress." Wesley's face is hot with discomfort as he avoids her eyes.

Angel starts to thrust more, shivering at the vibration of William's purr. His balls are throbbing and tight in his hands. It won't take much more to make him come this time. William can feel how close Angel is, and he pushes down to swallow the head of his cock again, taking the thrust all the way. Cordelia grips her hands tight on Wesley, so turned on she's hardly aware of what she's doing. Wesley whimpers as her nails dig harshly into his skin, but he doesn't say anything.

"Fuck yes!" Angel cries out as he comes, shooting down William's throat.

Moaning again, despite enjoying the show, Wesley half wishes it was his throat Angel was coming down right now. William holds still as Angel's cool seed slides down his throat, watching Angel's face the entire time. Cordelia moans and kisses on the side of Wesley's neck. With one last loud groan, Angel drops back on the bed. "Fuck."

Tilting his head, Wesley leans into Cordy's touch. William pulls back slowly, licking Angel clean, and moving up onto the bed next to him. "I take it that was satisfactory?" He asks with a little grin. Cordelia goggles a bit, seeing how large Angel is, even flaccid. Wesley's eyes are also centered on Angel prick, wondering how he ever manages to bugger anyone when it's so big.

"Oh yeah. You're very...talented." Angel chuckles.

"Thank you. So should I pull your trousers up, or just take them off entirely?" William's eyes twinkle mischievously.

"I think, it's probably safer if I remain dressed." Angel replies with a deep mournful sigh as he pulls them up himself.

"So...I think we had said something earlier about a show?" William looks over at the two humans.

Cordelia nods, letting go of Wesley, and turning him to face her. "You ready, Wesley?"

"Yes Mistress." Wesley nods, his voice thick with desire and nerves.

Buttoning his slacks, Angel grins at William before turning to them. "It think we can dispense with the titles Wesley, this once."

"Yes Máistir, I mean Angel."

William settles next to Angel, as Cordelia starts to slowly unbutton the few buttons on her top, letting it slide down and reveal her magnificent breasts, her nipples hard and peaked. Watching her, Wesley groans, licking his lips. His hands clench into hard fists.

"You can touch her." Angel tells him, amused. "I think she'd like to know how much you want her. Wouldn't you Cordy?"

Cordelia nods and moans. "Oh, yes, please..."

William purrs and rubs against Angel, obviously enjoying the little spectacle. Even though his constricting gear was getting more than a little uncomfortable with all the arousal.

"You heard her." Angel prompts Wesley. Nodding, he finally moves his hands brushing them gently over her waist and up over her ribs.

Wrapping his arm around William, Angel leans over to whisper in his ear, giving it a quick nip, "Pretty aren't they? Once they're fixed totally on one another, I'll get the key to your cage. Don't want to give Wesley any clue what he's in for do we?"

"Thank you, Angel. And no, no sense in letting them know anything before we've got them nicely secured." William whispers back, chuckling darkly. Cordelia reaches over to unbutton Wesley's shirt, slowly revealing his chest. He's a little more muscular than she expected.

Turning William's face towards him, Angel kisses him softly. "At least we'll know they're behaving themselves in Sunnydale."

Shivering as Cordelia pushing his shirt off, Wesley lets it fall to the carpet before stepping closer. Pressing his chest against hers, he slides his hands around to caress the muscles of her back. Cordelia moans as Wesley presses against her, and kisses him hard, nipping at his lip. She raises one leg to rub on the outside of his.

William chuckles again. "Yes. Though they probably will be less than pleased once they find that out."

Groaning at the teasing bite, Wesley deepens the kiss, pulling her to him. Shifting his leg he presses it between her thighs, moaning roughly as her juices quickly seep through the material of his trousers.

"It’ll be too late then." Angel grins. "And Cordelia promised to do whatever was needed."

"So did Wesley,” William whispers back. "Though I did have him a bit...distracted at the time."

Moaning Cordelia grinds onto Wesley’s leg. Her fingers move down to start fumbling with his zipper. Sliding his hands down, he pushes her skirt up the last little bit to bare her ass. He starts to stroke it roughly, his desire rising quickly. His hips buck as her hand presses against the ridge of his cock as she tries to free it.

"That's strange." Angel snickers, "Cordy was distracted when she promised too." They share a wicked grin before turning back to the show.

Cordelia manages to get his zipper down, whimpering with need as she pushes his trousers down, and presses into his hands on her ass. "God, Wes, please...."

"Fuck yes." Wesley nearly growls as he steps out of his trousers. His cock throbs needily in his boxers, the material damp at the front. He kisses briefly down her neck and down to her nipple. Drawing the puckered flesh into his mouth, he starts to suck and bite it harshly.

"Should we let them have the bed?" Angel asks William idly.

William quirks his lips. "They can have most of it. I think we could still sit on the edge and there be plenty of room for them." Cordelia is almost completely wrapped up in Wesley, moaning at his attentions to her nipples, her fingers curling into the waistband of his boxers. Humming his agreement, Angel shifts backwards on the bed, pulling William with him towards the headboard.

Impatiently, Wesley pulls away, pushing his boxes down and off. Taking her back into his arms, Wesley starts to back her towards the bed, wanting now to get inside her as soon as possible. Cordelia steps back, sitting down and shifting backwards, then laying down on the bed as Wesley crawls onto it after her. She's panting and almost desperate with need. As Wesley moves in closer, she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls against him. Burying his face in her neck, Wesley urgently presses close to her, pushing her legs up and apart. "Please..." he asks desperately.

"Oh, yes, Wes, please, need you in me now..." Cordelia moans.

William purrs and nuzzles against Angel's shoulder. "A pretty sight, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah." Angel grins. "Bet you she comes within 30 seconds."

"Yes." Wesley moans, lining himself up with a shaking hand. As he slides slowly inside, his eyes nearly cross at her tightness. "Oh fuck."

Cordelia whimpers and wraps her legs around him, pulling tightly on him, urging him deeper. "Oh, god, yessssss."

Seating himself all the way inside her, Wesley shudders. "So tight..." Bracing his arms on either side of her, he kisses her hotly. Slowly pulling his hips back, he slips almost free of her body before thrusting back inside hard. Cordelia gasps and moans, meeting his thrusts. Her breasts are pressed against his chest, their nipples rubbing as he moves back and forth over her.

"And they *never* did anything together before?" William smiles and settles his head on Angel's shoulder.

"Not really." Angel wraps his arm around William's waist, sliding his hand beneath his shirt. "A bit of kissing and such back in Sunnydale. That's all."

Quickly setting a hard fast rhythm, Wesley fucks Cordy smoothly. Kissing her neck and shoulders, he gasps for breath as he slides in and out of her. "So fucking wet." He mumbles into her skin.

William moans a little at the feel of Angel's hand on his skin. "They seem to be rather enthusiastic now."

"Yeah." Angel laughs lightly. "He's right though, she is fucking wet. You can practically hear how wet she is as he moves in her."

Cordelia groans and rocks up hard against him. "God, Wes, not going to last much longer." Her climax is approaching fast and hot, as much as she had been teased.

"Well, yes...” William chuckles. “I think all the teasing had something to do with that."

"Probably." Angel grins. "Did you still want out of the cage?" He whispers teasingly.

"Me either." Wesley gasps back, grinding his hips against hers. Kissing her again, he sucks on her tongue as he speeds his thrusts. Cordelia moans into the kiss, her heels digging into Wesley's back as he pounds in and out of her.

"Yes, please." William nods. Nipping lightly at William's jaw, Angel reaches across him to the bedside table. Picking up the key he strokes it down the opposite side of his jaw. "Open your pants."

Groaning harshly, Wesley slides one hand beneath her. Cupping her ass, he tilts her hips up, altering the angle and allowing him to slide that little bit deeper inside her.

Whimpers softly at the feel of the key on his skin, William quickly unsnaps and unzips his jeans. The gleaming steel cock-cage glints a little in the low light of the room.

Cordelia pants and whimpers, her eyes squeezing closed and then she shouts. "Wesley!" Her insides clamp down hard on Wesley's cock inside her as she comes.

Running one finger over the cool metal, Angel smirks, "You sure you want it off?" He turns quickly as he hears Cordy's cry, watching as she arches beneath Wesley's body.

"Cordelia!" Wesley groans loudly as she squeezes him. He grunts gutturally as he thrusts into her spasming channel before his climax forces a wordless shout from his throat. Cordelia gasps and writhes hard, her whole body shuddering, feeling him inside her.

William nods and whimpers again. "Please, Angel, please."

"Such pretty begging." Angel teases as he quickly slips the key into the lock. He wants to get the cage off and out of sight before the humans come back to themselves.

Hips stuttering, Wesley grinds between Cordy's legs as he comes. "Oh fuck." He groans, shuddering as her movements milk the last of his orgasm from his throbbing cock. Cordelia's eyes are soft and unfocused as she pulls Wesley down into a passionate kiss.

William helps Angel get the cock cage off as quickly as possible, his tortured cock springing up as soon as it's freed.

Breathing heavily, Wesley returns the kissing, tangling their tongues together.

Angel puts the cage away in the drawer before turning back to William. "God look at that." He moans "You've got a gorgeous prick."

William looks back at Angel, eyes dilated. "Thank you." He grins a little. "Want to touch?"

Cordelia strokes his hair, finally pulling back from the kiss. "Wow. Who knew?" She smiles. "Wesley the stud."

Hearing Cordelia's words, Angel chuckles as Wesley blushes and drops his face into her neck. "Cordelia!"

She giggles and kisses his neck. "Well I'm just telling the truth!"

Replying to William's question, Angel grins. "Well that all depends."

Lifting his head, Wesley narrows his eyes. "Really." He says dryly. Sliding his hands up her sides and onto her breast, he twists her nipples roughly. Cordelia moans and gasps as Wesley manhandles her nipples.

William raises an eyebrow. "Depends on what?"

"On how much you want me to of course." Angel grins.

Kissing her neck, Wesley gives her nipples another quick twist before putting his hands on the bed to push himself upwards. He moans as he slides free of her body.

"Oh, fuck, Angel...” William whimpers. “Probably as much as you wanted me to this morning."

Cordelia gasps again and then looks over in the direction of the vampires, seeing William's fly open and his erect cock standing up. "Ok, looks like *someone* enjoyed the show."

"Really?" Angel kisses his jaw again as he drags one finger along his length.

William moans. "Yes, really." He turns and presses into Angel's kiss.

Turning at Cordelia's comment, Angel grins, "Oh we both enjoyed it. A lot. Of course, an encore would be very much appreciated..." Wesley follows Cordelia's eyes and gasps. At Angel's comment, he blushes *again*.

Cordelia giggles. "Wes may need a couple of minutes."

Wrapping his hand around William's cock, Angel strokes it firmly. "Well, I'm sure William would be happy to join you both." He smirks wickedly, "He certainly has a very, very talented tongue. As I'm sure Wesley could attest." His smirk widens as Wesley coughs with embarrassment. William groans and pushes his hips up, bucking into Angel's hand.

He leans over and whispers, just loudly enough for the humans to hear, "Which one did you want me to fuck first?" Cordelia's eyes widen as she pictures Wesley being fucked by William. Wesley shivers and groans, burying his face in the bedcovers. His cock is trying to rise again, so soon after his orgasm.

"Whichever you want." Angel whispers back. "Or you could wait a few minutes. I'm sure Cordy would look hot with a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. But it's totally up to you." His voice drops even lower as he presses his lips to William's ear, "But we'll have to work out how to stop them from spotting your new... belt.

William moans and whispers back, "I'll just keep the jeans on and the top snap fastened." He looks over at the two humans. "What do you think, Cordelia? You want me to wait a few minutes? Have both Wesley and I at once?"

Cordelia squirms and chews on her lower lip. "Ok, you two vampires do *not* play fair!"

"Of course we don't..” Angel laughs, “We're vampires. What did you expect?"

William grins wider, looking down at Wesley. "How about you, Wesley? You have any opinion on which you'd prefer?" Wesley just whimpers and shakes his head, keeping his face buried in the covers.

"Looks like it's definitely up to you." Angel grins.

William quirks his lips. "Well, given Wesley's position, I think he's more eager than he's saying." He reaches over to the bag to take out some of the lube.

Warily raising his head, Wesley looks up at him, seeing the lube he groans, "Oh God!"

Cordelia giggles. "Nope, just some lube."

"Second thoughts, Wesley?" William asks as he strokes a hand onto Wesley's ass.


Angel grins at Cordy's comment and holds his hand out to her. Cordelia crawls around Wesley to settle next to Angel. She's more than a little curious, and really aroused, at the thought of seeing William take Wesley. William squeezes out some of the lube onto his fingers, and some more down the crack of Wesley's ass and over his pucker. He starts circling one finger and pressing against his pucker.

Sliding his arm under Cordy's knees, Angel pulls her over to sit between his legs. It may not be the most sensible of actions, but he trusts William to keep an eye on him, stop him if he tries to go too far.

Moaning, Wesley feels shivers tingle up and down his spine at the coolness of the gel. Parting his legs, he pushes his hips into the gentle touch. William pushes the tip of his finger in, then starts slowly working it up into him. Wesley is tight, but definitely no virgin, William can tell. His free hand strokes over Wesley's back.

Taking a deep breath, Wesley relaxes his muscles. It's been a while, but he's always enjoyed this act and knows that William won't hurt him. Cordelia moans and leans back against Angel. "This is just...*not* what I was expecting my day to be like when I woke up this morning." She giggles just a little, trying to relieve the tension.

"I suppose not." Angel chuckles. "Nice surprise?" He strokes his hands over her abdomen, tickling a trail up over her ribs. William leans down to kiss along Wesley's spine as he presses his finger in deeper, then starts to thrust it in and out.

Cordelia moans and puts her hands on Angel's thighs. "*Very* nice."

"I'm glad." Angel leans down to trail kisses over her neck. Cupping her breasts, he flicks his thumbs over her nipples. Cordelia whimpers and presses into Angel's hands. "Ohhhh god."

Following the movement of William's finger inside him, Wesley moans quietly. "More...please." William purrs softly and adds a second finger, pushing both into Wesley as he keeps kissing up his spine. His hard cock is pressing into Wesley's hip. Rolling slightly, Wesley reaches out to wrap his hand around William's cock, looking at him to make sure it's ok.

"Nope." Angel grins, nipping her earlobe. "Just me." Cordelia moans and giggles a little. Her hands rub over his thighs as he continues to play with her breasts.

William nods at Wesley, and leans in to kiss his shoulder. He pushes his fingers in deep, stroking over that spongy nub inside. Crying out, Wesley bucks his hips back onto his fingers, writhing a little.

Tucking his head over Cordy's shoulder, Angel manipulates her breasts, squeezing him like a corset would, "Oh yeah, gonna have to get you a few of them corsets and bustiers. Make your tits look even more gorgeous." He whispers to her.

William purrs louder, pressing in a third finger, stretching him carefully. Cordelia whimpers. "Did you really mean it, about fucking my tits?"

"Oh yeah." Angel nods, giving them a particularly hard squeeze. "They're the kind of tits just perfect to put a cock between." Dragging his teeth over her neck he chuckles. "I can guarantee, when you wear those tight little tops of yours with the buttons looking ready to pop off, it's the first thing a guy thinks of when he sees you. I bet that's what Gunn thinks each time he comes into the hotel."

Swirling his thumb over the head of William's cock, Wesley whimpers needily. "Please...oh please."

Cordelia's eyes widen and she moans. "Gunn? Really?"

"Please, what, Wesley?" William murmurs back softly. "Tell me what you need."

"Yep." Angel nods again. "I can smell it on him when he looks at you. And then there was that guy at that audition you did remember? He really pissed me off."

"Please...please fuck me...please sir..." Wesley moans and whimpers, riding his fingers.

With a quiet groan, Cordelia pushes more into his hands, her own hands slipping down along Angel's inner thighs, gripping at him through the fabric. "You know how hot it is when you get all possessive?"

"Good boy," William says softly. He pulls out his fingers and slides out of Wesley's grip, positioning himself behind Wesley. He presses the head of his cock against Wesley's entrance, holding his hips tightly as he starts to push inside.

"Nooo....why don't you tell me?" Angel purrs, nuzzling the side of her face.

"Oh...please...yes...please...sir." Wesley babbles breathlessly, trying to push back.

She moans. "It's just so...oh god, I don't know how to say it. It makes me all wet and quivery when you do it." She tilts her head, giving him access to her neck.

William pushes smooth and steady, sinking all the way into him, then loosens his grip to let Wesley move a little. "Oh god." Panting desperately, Wesley squirms beneath him.

"All wet and quivery?" Taking the invitation, Angel laves her pulse point. Cordelia whimpers and squirms her ass against his cock.

"Yes. It turns me on something fierce. Like you want to own me or something."

"Feels good, does it, Wesley?" William leans across his back to nip with blunt teeth on his shoulder.

"But I do want to own you Cordy." Angel tells her darkly. "My demon wants to wrap you up in leather and chains, keep you tied to my bed, and fuck you over and over again."

"Oh yes." Wesley mewls and nods. "So good." William starts thrusting in and out, his pace increasing bit by bit, slowly seeing how much Wesley can take.

"Ohhhh god, Angel," Cordelia shivers, her skin prickling into goosebumps. "How could I not know this?"

"Because you thought I was spending all my time brooding didn't you?" Angel slides one hand slowly down her body.

Shuddering, Wesley does his best to meet William's thrusts, raising and lowering his hips. His eyes are screwed shut with the pleasure and pain of the penetration. Cordelia nods. "Yes. All this time I've lusted after you and now..." She whimpers and grinds her ass hard against his fabric-trapped cock.

"And now?" He prompts.

"And now I know you want me too. Like I've always wanted to be wanted." She groans.

William leans down to nip again at Wesley's shoulder, then his neck. "You've been craving this, haven't you? Being buggered, being taken hard and fast?"

"Y...yes s...sir." Wesley moans thickly.

"One more reason to sort out this damned curse then I guess." Angel bites her neck hard with his blunt teeth as she grinds against him. Cordelia gasps and whimpers as he bites her, her eyes glazed and unfocused again.

William keeps thrusting. "You're not going to cum though, are you? Not until I say you can."

"N...no sir, n...not until you say." Wesley starts to shiver continuously.

"Are you watching Cordy?" Angel asks her. "See how nicely Wes is taking that cock up his ass." He punctuates his words with thrusts against her ass where it's presses against his groin.

Cordelia nods and blinks, trying to focus, and licking her lips. "Yes, he seems to like it." She can feel him so hard against her, and it's all she can do not to turn and unzip his trousers right now.

"Good boy. Because it's going to stay nice and hard so Cordy can take it in her mouth." William pulls out, and reaches over to the bedside for a wipe for his cock. "Cordelia, I think Wesley is ready for you now."

Wesley whimpers as William pulls away. "Yes Sir."

Cordelia opens her eyes wide. "W-w-what?"

"William was saying that Wesley is ready for you now." Angel chuckles. "Remember? One cock in your mouth and one in your pussy?" Cordelia gasps, and tries to pull herself together as Wesley moves over on the bed. Then she crawls down between his legs, looking up at him as she wraps her lips around the head of his cock.

Grinning William cleans his cock thoroughly before moving to stand behind Cordelia. He pulls her lips apart, rubbing her clit as she works on taking in Wesley's cock. Wesley moans as Cordy takes his tip into her mouth, his eyes wide and fixed on hers. Angel licks his lips as he watches. He has a feeling this is going to be one unbelievably hot show.

Cordelia starts pushing down, taking in more and more of Wesley's cock, whimpering softly as William teases her clit. She's already throbbing, the stimulation is more like torture as she tries to focus on sucking Wesley's cock. William puts one knee on the bed, and then the other, pushing up against her, his cock slowly sinking into Cordelia's thoroughly soaked sex.

Shivering from the feel of her whimpers against his cock, Wesley bites his lip hard. He's incredibly turned on from having William's cock inside of him, more so because his achingly empty ass is making him thoroughly aware of Angel watching them.

"Up on your knees, Wesley. It'll make it easier on Cordelia if she doesn't have to lean down," William says, still slowly pushing into Cordelia.

"Yes Sir." Wesley moves as instructed, kneeling in front of Cordelia.

Shifting on the bed, trying to ease the constriction of his cock, Angel catches sight of their purchases in their bag, lying innocently across the room. He grins evilly. Cordelia finally gets all of Wesley's cock in her mouth, and is starting to pull back, when William pushes all the way into her and starts a slow, steady stroke. He's in no hurry to make her cum. He wants to see how long poor Wesley can last first. Wesley bites his lip harder, chewing slightly as he watches Cordy's mouth move all the way along his shaft.

Sliding off the bed, Angel saunters over to the bags, hunkering down to root through them. Finding what he's looking for, he goes to stand up but pauses, looking consideringly over his shoulder he grins again and opens another box.

Cordelia moans on Wesley's cock as she feels William moving slowly in and out of her. She's barely able to focus, so aroused already that it's hard to think. William sees Angel get off the bed, and hears the rustling. He suppresses a grin, wondering what toys he's decided to play with. Angel takes his prizes to the bathroom to give them a good wash. No use taking the risk with the health of one of his humans.

Echoing Cordelia's moan, Wesley shudders. Hoping that if he helps with Cordy he might get to come sooner, Wesley slides his hands gently over her shoulders and back and around her sides to her chest. Cordelia whimpers, feeling Wesley hands on her breasts. She starts bobbing slowly back and forth. William keeps up his slow thrusting. He looks at Wesley and has to smile at his attempt to get Cordelia to come sooner. He already knows Wesley won't come before he's allowed to.

Returning to the bathroom with a smug smile, Angel comes up behind Wesley. "Where did you put the lube Will?" Wesley jumps when he hears his voice.

William chuckles. "It's on the bedside table." He reaches over to grab it, tossing it to Angel.

Catching it with one hand, Angel grins, "Thanks." After a few seconds he just drops it on the mattress near Wesley's knee. Climbing onto the bed behind Wesley, he grins as the human shudders at his proximity. Reaching around his waist, Angel tickles the base of Wesley's cock and balls as he presses up against his back.

"Oh god." Wesley mewls. "Please Sir, please Máistir." Cordelia moans again, looking up at Angel as he climbs behind Wesley. William is watching the whole time, still keeping his gentle thrusting in and out of Cordelia, his hand stroking over her ass and onto her back.

Kissing Wesley's shoulder, Angel asks. "What Wes? What is it you want?"

"Please Máistir, please let me come."

Chuckling wickedly, Angel shakes his head. "Now now, you don't want to come so soon. Not when Master William has barely gotten started."

William grins wider. "You did promise, Wesley. Not until I say." Cordelia moans again onto Wesley's cock, this time just to torment him.

Whimpering "Please." once more, Wesley shudders at Cordelia's moan, his cock twitching in her mouth.

"However," Angel grins over at William. "Since it's obviously been a while for you. We'd best give you a hand to obey." With that Wesley finds himself, in rather short order, with his cock and balls tied expertly with a sturdy leather cock strap.

William chuckles a little. "That should help his concentration." Cordelia's eyes widen a bit, wondering what other little toys the vampires bought without their knowing.

"Oh god please!" Wesley begs, even as he knows it will do absolutely no use.

"Yep." Angel smirks. "I've got something else that should help his...concentration too." Behind Wesley's back he holds up a butt plug.

"I'm thinking it should help *something*, at any rate." William grins. With Wesley bent forward to caress her breasts, Cordelia can't see what Angel is holding up, and it just makes her more curious.

Sliding far enough away and retrieving the lube, Angel quickly slicks up the toy. "Shouldn't need to do too much before I..." He trails off, not wanting to give the game away too soon. "I imagine he's more than ready."

Not knowing what's coming, but having an idea that it's going to be something else to torment him, Wesley just moans helplessly. William chuckles, and nods. He's looking forward to seeing Wesley's reaction. Cordelia keeps bobbing on Wesley's cock, using every trick she can throw in, knowing Wesley won't get to come until the vampires decide to let him.

"Oh god." Wesley whimpers pathetically at the realization that not only were the vampires tormenting him, but now Cordelia is too.

One hand on Wesley's hip, Angel pulls him backwards a few inches, not wanting him to choke Cordelia in his surprise. William just watches, an expectant smile on his face. He gives Cordelia a little swat on her ass. "Now, now, Cordelia, not nice tormenting Wesley. That's *our* job." Cordelia yelps a bit and pulls back more.

Lining the toy up, Angel presses firmly, forcing it inside Wesley's still slick hole. Wesley's eyes widen as he realizes what Angel's doing, "Oh no! Oh Masters please! Please!"

"Please *what* Wesley?" William asks with an evil smile.

"Please don't..."

"Now, Wesley, that's not good. Are you going to play with us or not?"

"Please Sir...you know I do want to...but please...it's too much..." Wesley almost sobs. He doesn't want to anger his masters, not at all, but he's afraid the butt plug is really just too much.

"Cordelia, take your mouth off Wesley." William pulls her back.

Grinning at Wesley's pleadings, Angel just continues to mercilessly slide the plug inside his twitching hole. Cordelia gives it up with just a little whimper, leaving Wesley to Angel to torment. William pulls Cordelia against his body, wrapping arms around her, starting to plunge into her much harder and faster. Wesley still shivers and whimpers, held against Angel, unable to escape the plug being pushed up inside him.

"Oh!" Cordy moans, quickly forgetting her disappointment and arching her hips into William's thrusts. Angel laughs quietly, thoroughly enjoying getting to torment humans for the first time in so very long. Especially two such delicious ones.

William looks over at Angel as he finishes pushing the plug into Wesley. "I'm thinking Wesley needs to find another use for that mouth of his." Wesley's eyes widen and he moans.

Looking at William, Angel's eyes spark with heat. "Perhaps he does. Though, he might not *want* to..."

"I want to." Wesley pants.

Nuzzling Wesley's ear, Angel trails his fingers over his sides. "Do you now? Are you sure?" Cordelia moans and squirms in William's arms, already imagining what it'll look like to see Wesley's mouth on Angel cock. She can't help but feel a little jealous though.

"Yes Angel, yes I do." Wesley replies, moaning and gasping. William moves his hands up to cup Cordelia's breasts and pinch and pull her nipples roughly as he thrusts.

"Oh William..." She moans his name loudly, he channel clenching sharply around his cock. She can't believe everything that's happening tonight, and how incredibly *hot* it all is.

"Ok then." Angel whispers in Wesley's ear before pulling away. Lying down on the bed, he slowly unbuttons and unzips his slacks. Wesley moves over between Angel's legs, leaning forward on one hand while the other wraps around the base of that massive shaft. There's no way he'll be able to do what William did earlier, and he's suddenly afraid of what Angel will think of him. But he leans in to start licking across the head of Angel's cock. Angel watches Wesley through slitted eyes as he leans over him. "Good Boy." He rumbles.

William strokes Cordelia's face, rubbing a thumb over her lips, as his other hand continues its attentions to her breasts. Opening her mouth around William's thumb, Cordelia starts to suck it eagerly. Arching her hips further, she tries to grind back against William, wanting more.

Encouraged by Angel's reaction, Wesley opens his mouth to take in the whole head, wrapping his lips around it, licking as he does do. William bucks harder into Cordelia. His hand moves from her breasts down between her legs to rub over her clit. She mewls in reaction, throwing her head back onto his shoulder.

Lifting one hand, Angel strokes his fingers over Wesley jaw. "That's nice." He hums, "Such a hot mouth. And very eager." Wesley's eyes move up to meet Angel's. Blue eyes, locked on Angel's whiskey ones, as he pushes down and takes in more of his shaft. He moans softly at the praise.

Teasingly, William nuzzles onto her neck, nipping the soft skin as he continues moving inside her. Cordelia grips onto his arm with one hand, her nails digging sharply into him. Her other hand goes around to grip his hip, urging him on.

William nips again, harder. The smell of her, so close, hearing her blood pound, almost tempts him to want to bite but he resists the urge. He's thrusting deep into her, flesh slapping on flesh as he moves. He hisses slightly as she digs her nails into him.

Smiles at Wesley, Angel licks his lips. His thumb traces soft circles behind his ear as he follows his movements up and down. Wesley is pushing down further each time, taking in more and more. It's almost a dare with himself, to see how much he can take.

Glancing away from Wesley's gaze for a moment at the sound of William's hiss, Angel watches him with Cordelia. Sweat glistens on her skin, dripping down her sides and between her breasts. She looks utterly wanton the way she's arching and spreading herself for him.

Looking down he can see the lips of her pussy stretched open around William's cock. Rubbing his fingertips together he can feel them itching for want of charcoal and parchment. "Look at them Wes." He whispers, momentarily halting Wesley's movements on his shaft, turning his chin, "Look how hot they are together." Cordelia stares back at them, her eyes black with arousal as she moans. Wesley's eyes widen as he looks over at them. It is incredibly erotic and he nods slightly. William's eyes meet Angel's as he watches them both. It only makes it hotter, being watched, knowing he is arousing Angel even as he is fucking Cordelia.

"I bet you wish it was you he was fucking right now, hmm Wes?" Angel nearly purrs. Wesley moans as he takes the head of Angel’s cock back into his mouth. Angel moans in response at the vibration against his shaft.

"Please..." Cordy whimpers around the thumb in her mouth. Nearly incoherent with need, she writhes in William's arms. All she can do is form that one word and whimper, hoping he'll know what she's trying to tell him, beg him. "Please..." William licks his lips, her plea nearly undoing him. He lets his teeth descend, shifting into gameface and brushing his fangs against her neck, pausing in case he has misread what she is begging for. At the brush of his canines, Cordy bucks hard in his hold, becoming even more aroused, her body inching closer to the release she so desperately needs.

"Do it." Angel hisses quietly, his eyes sliding to golden as they fix on William's. "Drink her. I want to taste her in your mouth." William presses his fangs delicately down, the ivory needles slicing into her skin. There is a flush of red as the blood wells up and William lets it collect for a moment, letting Angel smell it before he presses his mouth over the wound and begins to suck. Shrieking, Cordy practically convulses as she comes, almost knocking them both backwards. Angel's cock throbs in Wesley's mouth at the smell of her blood, a stream of precum coming from his slit. Wesley whimpers as he watches as well, wondering what it must be like, his own cock twitching hard at the thought.

William groans and keeps thrusting in her, drinking her hot, orgasm-laden blood, almost drunk on it, before he climaxes as well, bucking deeply into her and holding her. Angel's eyes flicker to Wesley when he whimpers and he smirks knowingly at him before his gaze returns to watch William climax. Cordelia is still coming as he shoots inside her, whimpering and shuddering.

Slowly, William licks the wound closed, making sure to keep a good mouthful of blood unswallowed. He gently eases Cordelia down onto the bed before moving to kiss Angel with his blood-covered lips. Groaning, Angel brings his hands up to grip William's head, holding his mouth against his, kissing him voraciously. His hips jerk harshly, slamming his cock into Wesley's mouth.

Cordelia lies where William placed her, mewling blissfully as she comes down. William moans into the kiss, feeding Angel the blood, their tongues tangling together. Wesley just barely manages not to choke as Angel rams his huge cock deep into his mouth. Angel growls into William’s mouth as Wesley's throat tightens around the head of his prick. William lifts a hand to cup the back of Angel's neck, the other reaching over to lightly stroke over Cordelia's body, not wanting to leave her unattended completely.

Wesley is struggling, not able to breathe but not wanting to struggle as Angel uses his mouth. Pulling away from the kiss, Angel gasps for unneeded breath, cool air ghosting over William's cheeks. He forces himself to relax his hips, peripherally aware that he's accidentally suffocating his human. Wesley pulls in breath as Angel's cock slides out of his throat. William looks into Angel's eyes, a long, lingering look, full of promise.

Even in the midst of all this it is more than obvious that the two vampires are making love to each other more than to Wesley and Cordelia. Luckily she at least is still too out of it to realize quite how much the vampires are into each other at the moment.

"God damn fucking gypsies." Angel cusses for the who-knows-how-many-th time in that last two days. Scrubbing his hands over his face he sighs with frustration. William smiles slightly at that and nods in agreement. Wesley is still bobbing on Angel's cock, feeling oddly invisible at the moment. William can feel him, and shifts a hand to stroke along his back, trying to include him more.

Lowering his hands, Angel smirks wickedly at Wesley. "I think Wesley was feeling a little jealous of our Cordelia, especially when you bit her." Licking his lips he raises one eyebrow, "Isn't that so Wes?" Wesley looks back up at Angel and whimpers.

William's lips quirk. "Someone else wanting to be bitten?"

Sitting up, Angel pulls Wesley up until he can nip sharply and teasingly at his mouth. "Well? Do you want William to bite you?" Wesley whimpers again and nods, not able to form the words. William moves in behind Wesley, his still-hard cock pressing up between Wesley's already slicked cheeks as he kisses on the side of his neck.

Angel reaches around behind Wesley, stroking his hand over William's abs and Wesley's ass before tapping lightly against the base of his plug. "Wouldn't you like something a bit more...substantial inside you, Wes?" He asks with a grin.

Wesley whimpers again and whispers, "Please."

Looking over his shoulder, Angel turns his grin in William. "What do you think Will? Should he get what he wants?"

William purrs and nips at Wesley's shoulder. "He's been a good boy, I think so."

Chuckling, Angel slides backwards, pulling Wesley into the center of the mattress and guiding him onto his hands and knees. William moves his hand to pull out the plug, listening to Wesley gasp and whimper. He smiles at Angel as he starts to push the head of his cock against Wesley, pushing in slowly.

As William slips all the way inside Wesley's body, Angel bends down close to the Wesley's ear, whispers teasingly. "Is that what you wanted? A long hard cock inside you?"

Wesley groans. "Yes, Angel." His whole body shivers in reaction as William pushes inside him.

"You know Cordelia's watching don't you Wes?" Angel's eyes meet hers. She's been watching beneath heavy lids as the three men interacted, her already slick and throbbing pussy aching as she watched Wes being teased.

She gives Angel as slow, wicked smile as he draws attention to her. Stroking her hand over the sweat-dappled skin of her chest and stomach, she slides it in between her legs. "You look so hot like that Wesley." She says, her voice rough with pleasure. "I always knew you must be submissive."

Wesley whimpers. "Oh, dear lord, Cordelia...” His cock throbs again in the cock ring, knowing he's still at the mercy of the vampires as to when he will finally get to climax. William slides a hand over Wesley's back as he starts slowly moving in and out of him.

Lying down on his side across the bed, Angel reaches out to stroke his fingers over Wesley's swollen lips. Cupping the human's head he draws his mouth down to his groin. His cock is still hard, almost painfully so in fact, the head near-purple and slick with precum. Wesley groans and opens his mouth to take in the head of Angel's cock. Now instead of being caught between Cordelia and William, he is servicing the two vampires at once, and he shivers harder with arousal and need. Angel's dark eyes meet William's as he smiles at him.

Cordelia finds herself shifting closer to them men, the trouble is, she doesn't know where to look first. Wesley pushes his mouth down onto Angel's swollen cock, moaning softly as William keeps stroking in and out of him. William moves his other hand down to cup one of Cordelia's breasts, rubbing his palm in circles over her nipple.

Moaning quietly, Cordy arches up into his touch. She squeals a little with surprise when Angel grabs hold of her hips pulling her lower body closer to him. He grins wolfishly at her as he presses her legs apart.

William grins over at Angel and picks up the pace as he moves in and out of Wesley. Wesley moans again, Angel's cock hitting the back of his throat, and then he starts bobbing. Angel returns William's grin as he leans down to press a trail of kisses from Cordy's knee to the crease of her inner thigh. He breathes a laugh against her skin as he feels her shiver hard.

Pinching Cordelia's nipple between the fingers of one hand, William smacks his other lightly on Wesley's ass. "You be a good boy, and when Angel comes you'll get to come as well." Wesley whimpers and redoubles his efforts on Angel's cock. Cordy hisses at the pinch.

Arching her neck she pouts up at William. Giving him a cheeky smile she reaches her hands over her head. Trailing one hand in soft circles over the skin of William's thigh, she slides the other slowly up Wesley's thigh to his bound cock.

Blowing cool air over the lips over her pussy, Angel nuzzles gently at her tender flesh, making her shiver. Wesley whimpers again, louder, as Cordelia's hand starts teasing him. William chuckles. "Poor boy, teased by three at once. You're such a lucky bottom boy, three of us to keep you in hand."

Hearing his words, Angel snickers quietly against Cordy's mound. Taking her clit into his mouth he gives it a hard suck, chuckling himself as her hips surge against his face. William keeps thrusting hard and pulling at Cordy's nipple, and rakes his nails down Wesley's spine. Wesley arches and moans, then pushes down to deep throat Angel's cock.

Groaning at Wesley's action, Angel presses his face into Cordy, thrusting his tongue inside her. Silently blessing whatever gods sent William to LA, he starts to tongue-fuck Cordy's lovely slick cunt, rubbing one thumb against her clit as the other brushes teasingly at her asshole. His hips start to rock against Wesley's mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Moaning helplessly, Cordy squirms against the bed, her hands squeezing reflexively against William's thigh and around Wesley's prick. Wesley sucks in hard, licking, taking Angel's thrusts and moaning softly. His cock is dripping pre-cum, about to burst with need. William moves his hand to Cordelia's other breast and licks up Wesley's spine where his nails had just been.

Ruthlessly, Angel moves his mouth over Cordelia's flesh, sucking and licking and nipping. Lapping at her ass for a moment before moving to suck and bite at her clit then returning to thrust his tongue inside her. He can feel his balls tightening as his orgasm approaches, but he wants to hear her scream first.

Whimpering she starts to move her hips against Angel's mouth. Retaliating against his tormenting, she drags her nails over the skin of William's thigh, her other hand starting a rough stroking up and down Wesley's length. Wesley moans, whimpers, and squirms almost overloaded with sensation from being teased and tormented. He licks and sucks harder as he can feel Angel's climax growing close. William lets his fangs drop again, seeing it as well, knowing he's going to make Wesley cum so hard when he finally bites him and sets his captive cock free.

His smirk hidden, Angel starts to purr, the vibrations shivering over Cordy's wet lips as he presses his tongue as deep as he can. Within moments she comes, shrieking again as he body arches, hips jerking.

The feel of her channel tightening around his tongue, flooding his mouth with her juices is enough to set Angel off, his cock swelling impossibly in Wesley's mouth just before the first jet of come shoots from his slit. Wesley wants to almost sob with joy when he feels Angel come, sucking and swallowing as best he can.

William waits until Angel is finally spent before reaching down and pulling away the cock ring and biting into Wesley's neck. Wesley pulls back from Angel's cock, howling, screaming, his whole body shaking with release.

Pressing a sticky kiss to the inside of Cordy's thigh, Angel flops back on the mattress, sighing with pleasure as his climax tails off into a full body shudder. Licking his lips he watches appreciatively as Wesley comes like he probably never has before. Cordy has just enough energy to turn her head to watch too, squeaking as one stray shot of come sprays across her cheek.

Wesley near collapses as everything in him, it seems, is pushed out in one huge orgasm. Only William's arm around him keeps him from flopping onto the bed. He stops, like with Cordy, with one mouthful of blood for Angel to taste, but he keeps it as he purrs softly and lets Wesley slowly recover.