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FIC: Hot Summer Night (Angel/Cordy Adults Only) [May. 1st, 2006|08:37 pm]
Angelus' Place


Little aside- my Jossverse slash rp needs players- info and links here-

AUTHORS: Salustra and Malea
E-MAILS: Salustra: goddess_salustra@juno.com ; Malea: justmalea@aol.com .
TITLE: Hot Summer Night
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: Angel/Cordelia
SUMMARY: A/c goes out in the office and things take their course. Pure PWP.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org . Anyplace else is fine, just let us know where it’s going.
SPOILERS: Vaguely Season 1 Ats, nothing specific.
WARNINGS: Het sex, anal play.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 5,495 Words.

Also not worksafe manip under the cut.

Man: On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
Woman: Will he offer me his mouth?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Will he offer me his teeth?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Will he offer me his jaws?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Will he offer me his hunger?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Again, will he offer me his hunger?
Man: Yes!
Woman: And will he starve without me?
Man: Yes!
Woman: And does he love me?
Man: Yes!
Woman: Yes!

-You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth, Meatloaf.

'This is ridiculous', Cordelia thinks. She gets up to check the thermostat. It's up again, almost 85 degrees and climbing inside the office. Stupid air conditioning, out in the hottest part of August. She is soaked in sweat. She moves back to the chair, hiking up her skirt and letting the fan blow on her, trying to keep her cool.

Angel walks up into the office, his white shirt drenched in sweat. He looks over at Cordelia, she looks as miserable as he feels. "So, is it a money problem or just this shitty office?"

She looks over. "The shitty office. I've got a call in to a serviceman. Unfortunately the guy we use who works cheap is booked solid." She can't help but notice the way his shirt clings to him, despite her sweaty state. She hooks her finger in her neckline, peeling her top away from her body and pulling it down as far as it will go.

Angel licks his lips as he watches her pull her shirt down. "Uh, okay, should we uh, call someone else?" he asks, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt.

"I can if you're up for paying more. But in this heat everybody's needing service." She sees a bit of his chest come into view. Well, perhaps there were a few perks to the air conditioning being out.

Angel looks over at her. "How much more?" he asks, trying not to sound like a tightwad.

Cordy sighs. "Depends on what's wrong. Probably a few hundred dollars at least." She unbuttons some of the bottom buttons on her shirt, baring her belly. Her skin in sheened with sweat, even with the fan blowing on her.

"Hundreds? Few??" Angel asks. He watches as she unbuttons her shirt a bit, noticing the smooth motions of her stomach as she breathes. "God it's hot," he says, unbuttoning his shirt all the way.

Cordelia chuckles. "Yeah. That's what I figured." She suppresses a moan as all his chest and his muscular abs come into view. It is hell, working here with a nummy-looking boss who is completely off-limits. She leans back in her chair, letting the fan hit her legs, blowing up her skirt. She lifts her hips off the chair.

Angel cocks his eyebrow as he watches Cordelia raise up, her eyes locked on his stomach. He can't help it, he grins and flexes his abs, but not enough to draw attention to the fact that he's consciously doing it.

Cordelia can't take her eyes off Angel. She thinks about it and decides, what the hell. "It's too hot in here," she says, unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on her shirt, revealing a black lacy bra underneath.

"Oh my god," Angel moans softly as she unbuttons her shirt. "It suddenly seems even hotter."

Cordelia smiles up at him, slipping off the shirt. "You think so?" She moans softly as the fan hits her bare skin, the breeze helping to cool her sweat-slicked skin a bit.

Angel swallows, nodding. He slides his shirt off, letting it fall to the floor.

Cordelia whimpers. "God it's not even fair how good you look right now."

Angel takes a step toward her. "And here I was thinking the same thing."

She draws in a deep breath as he moves closer. She can smell him, masculine and musky and utterly edible. She reaches down and unzips her little skirt, setting it aside. Now she's only in panties and bra.

"Cordelia, what are you doing?" Angel asks, moving closer. He feels hypnotized by her smelling her sweat and perfume, her slight arousal.

"Trying to keep cool." She gives him a wicked grin.

Angel licks his lips. "Is that how we're going to play it?" he asks, his hands slowly unfastening his pants.

Her eyes are focused on his hands. "Yes. I think we are." She looks back up at his eyes. "We could always take a cool bath."

"We could, but my tub is awfully small," he says, sliding his pants down over his hips.

"Mmm. So it would be a tight fit, huh?"

He nods, "It would. And I have to confess something."

"Confess what?"

He stands in front of her chair, his legs between her knees. "The way you look I'm afraid I might not be able to be a gentleman."

She looks up at him, licking her lips. "Would you be shocked to hear I'm rather hoping you're *not*?"

Angel leans over and breathes against her ear. "Maybe a little shocked, but very happy."

She takes in a little sharp breath. "Can we go to your apartment now?"

Angel nods, taking her hand and pulling her quickly from the chair.

She giggles at that. "So strong." She falls against him, slick skin against skin.

Angel pulls her against him, grasping her back gently.

She moans softly, her chest pressing against his. She can feel his hardness through the silk boxers, and her eyes widen.

Angel realizes he's pressing his hardness against her and blushes slightly, releasing his tight hold. "I'm, uh, sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Cordelia looks down at his bulge then back up. "That I get a response out of you?"

He shrugs, "I just didn't want you to think that I... You know what, there's really no good way to answer that, is there?"

Cordelia giggles. "No, there's really not. I've been here a year and I was beginning to wonder if I'd completely lost my appeal."

Angel smiles, "You definitely haven't. Not by a long shot."

"Good. Shall we?"

Angel smiles and picks her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. "We shall. Unless you've changed your mind?" he teases.

She moans, eyes wide, as he picks her up. "Not a chance. I'm in."

"And I will be soon," Angel says, carrying her down the stairs, not bothering with their discarded clothes.

She clung to him. She's burningly eager for him, her arousal heavy in the air.

Angel kicks open the door to the small bathroom, holding Cordelia with one arm as his other reaches down to run a cool bath. "Tell me what you want, Cordy."

"I want you, Angel," She says, looking up at him.

Angel lowers her a bit, pressing his silk covered bulge against her lace-covered center. "You want me to give you a job or you want me to fuck you till you forget how hot it is?" he teases.

Cordelia whimpers. "The second one."

"Come on now Cordy, you know how bad my memory is. You've got to give me a little something to go on," he says, lightly smacking her ass.

Cordelia yelps. "I want you to fuck me until I forget how hot it is."

"Mmm, well in that case, you're wearing too many clothes," Angel says, expertly unclasping her bra, sliding his hands over her slick back.

Cordelia moans and rubs her hands over his chest. "You do say the nicest things," she teases.

Angel chuckles. "Do I? I thought I was just a crass old vampire," he says, sliding the straps over her shoulders.

"Maybe I like crass." Cordelia giggles and rubs her center against him.

Angel moans and rubs against her. "Glad you do," he says, sliding his hands down her back, tucking his thumbs into her lacy waistband.

Cordelia looks up at him. "Either I can lower my legs, or you can just rip them off."

Angel grins. "I'll buy you new ones," he says, ripping them off quickly.

She gasps and arches, pressing her breasts against him. "God I love how strong you are."

Angel leans over, turning off the cool water and lowering her gently into it. He slides out of his boxers and into the bath in front of her, their bodies close together. "I love how beautiful you are."

She shivers a bit as the cool water hits her hot skin. Her eyes widen a bit as she gets her first look at his cock, and she licks her lips. "You have a lot to offer a girl." She leans forward and strokes a hand over his legs, feeling the muscles.

Angel blushes and tries to cover himself with his hands. He moans as her slender fingers trail over his thighs, making his cock twitch even more. "Well, you have a lot to offer a guy," he says.

"Glad you noticed." She grins and slides forward more. Her other hand moves over, and she kneads the corded muscles of his thighs. "You're incredible." She leans in, brushing her lips over his chest, teasing the skin with featherlight kisses.

"I noticed, every day since I met you, I noticed," Angel says softly, finally getting over his embarrassment and moving his hands, running is fingers through her long, brown hair.

She moans at that, her eyes looking up into his. "Well I'm glad I started stripping, then. Should've done it ages ago."

Angel chuckles, "Can't say I disagree with you there," he teases. "Cordy, would it be okay if I kissed you?" He knows it sounds absurd, they're sitting naked in a tub together, but kissing is different than just sex.
"Oh god please do," Cordelia says, licking her lips.

Angel looks into her eyes, pulling her a bit closer to him, pressing his lips gently against hers. They are more soft than he had ever been able to imagine.

Cordelia made a little mewling sound in her throat, one hand cupping the back of her neck and pulling into the kiss. His lips were cool and firm and he tasted wonderful.

Angel moans and pulls her further against him, pressing her firm breasts against his chest. He opens his mouth and slides his tongue along her lips, tasting her.

Cordelia whimpers and parts her lips for him, teasing out the tip of her tongue against his.

Angel slides on hand down, gripping Cordelia's firm ass, pulling her hips against his. He can feel the heat from her center against his cock in the cool water and he moans again, more loudly as his tongue presses gently into her mouth, deepening the kiss.

Cordelia moans and rocks her hips against his, feeling her spread sex rub against Angel. She can feel her nipples hard against his chest, their bellies rubbing together.

Angel remembers that while he doesn't need to breathe, she does and breaks the kiss. He trails little kisses down her chin and onto her neck, sucking the pulse point lightly. He moans as he feels her nipples hardening against his chest and one of his hands slides between them, pinching the hard nubs lightly.

Cordelia moans as he sucks on her neck. The danger is just a bit more of a turn-on, a vampire sucking on her neck. The pinches draw little gasps from her, her hands gripping his back. She scratches lightly over his skin.

Angel hisses softly as her nails graze his flesh, nipping her neck with his blunt teeth as he twists her nipples more.

Cordelia whimpers. "Ohhhh god Angel fuck." She wraps her legs around his hips, moving her own hips in little circles against him.

"Oh god Cordy, I love your body," Angel gasps, rocking his hips against her, his shaft rubbing against her center. "I want you," he says into her ear.

"God I want you too," Cordelia groans. "Please, Angel, please..."

Angel grips her hips, lifting her a bit, allowing the head of his cock to slide between her lips, colliding with her clit. "Oh fuck," he gasps, the electricity of the touch running through him.

Cordelia gasps and whimpers. "Oh holy fuck." She swivels her hips back and forth, her clit sliding over the head of his cock.

Angel groans loudly, his head back as he feels her move on him, her wetness slicking him even through the water.

She grips harder on his back, and locks her heels together, pulling herself onto him. Moaning with abandon as she feels herself stretch to take him in.

"Oh Jesus!" Angel says loudly, feeling her slide onto him. He resists rocking up into her, knowing how big he is, not wanting to hurt her, well, not in a bad way at least.

She looks up into his eyes as she moves onto him. Her chest heaves with her breathing, her eyes dark with lust. "You feel so good in me," she moans.

"God Cordy, you're so fucking tight, you look so sexy riding me," Angel says, his hands moving to her chest, cupping her breasts, dragging his palms over her hard nipples.

She arches into his touch and pulls harder, gasping as she feels him fill her. "No one since high school. You're only my second."

Angel groans loudly at that, his hips bucking up into her. She's practically a virgin and that's more of a turn on that he's willing to admit.

She cries out as he pushes into her. He's so deep in her she's not sure there's any more room to go. "Ohhhh god, never imagined it could feel like this."

Angel trembles as he feels his head collide with her back wall, his cock not fully inside her yet. "Fuck Cordy, I love how you feel, never felt this before," he gasps.

She gazes up into his eyes. "Really? With all the women you've had?"

Angel nods. "Not like there's been hundreds or anything, but yeah," he says honestly.

She smiles and leans up to kiss him.

Angel returns the kiss, pulling at her nipples as he thrusts up into her a little harder.

She groans and whimpers into the kiss. She tightens and relaxes her inner walls around him, feeling all her nerves fire as she tightens on his cock.

Angel's eyes fly open and he moans loudly, feeling her walls tighten even more around his girth. "Fuuuuuck, little girl, you've got muscles I've never even dreamed of."

She giggles. "I work out." She moves her mouth down onto his neck, licking and sucking at his skin.

"Jesus Christ more people should work out like that," he moans, tilting his head instinctively to allow her better access to his neck. "God I love that," he moans, his strong hands moving down her back.

She continues licking and sucking. "I'd do it everyday at my desk," she murmurs. "Thinking about you, tightening and loosening over and over." She nips gently at his neck, delicately tasting his skin.

"Oh fuck Cordy, do you really think of me?" he asks, not really caring if she's just saying it, but it's incredibly erotic if not a little narcissistic.

"Yes. Fuck yes I do. Always have. Just figured you were off limits."

"Not for you, Cordy, I'm completely on limits for you," Angel moans, reaching his hand between their bodies, pressing his fingers against her clit.

She jerks against him as he touches her clit. "You keep that up I won't last long."

Angel gives her a wicked grin. "You mean you won't last long for the first time," he says, circling his fingers around her clit as he starts to thrust rhythmically into her tight cunt.

She whimpers and her eyes widen at that. Her breath starts coming in pants as he thrusts into her, her orgasm building quickly.

"Yeah, that's it Cordy, ride my big cock, I want to feel you cum on me," he says, moving his fingers up and down her clit like a little cock. It doesn't take much longer until she cries out, arching, her insides fluttering and clenching hard on him as her juices slide down his shaft. She literally sees stars behind her eyes, it's so powerful.

Angel groans loudly, feeling her orgasm course through his cock, he has to consciously tell himself not to bite her. He can smell her arousal, the blood pumping through her veins, even her sweat. He kisses her deeply, slowing his movement inside her while she rides out her climax.

She's coming down, pressed against him. "God, you're still hard inside me. I can feel you." Her cunt is throbbing like a little heart, and she can feel his cock with every pulse.

Angel groans and chuckles, feeling her heartbeat just under her skin, all around him. "You did hear me when I said the first time, right?" he teases, moving his mouth to suck on her neck.

She nods and whimpers. "I did. But I didn't know you'd still be hard. Is that a vampire thing?"

Angel shrugs, "I think it's just practice," he says with a grin. "I'm not one to let you get away with only one orgasm," he says with a wicked smile.

She pulls in close, rubbing herself against him again. Her body seems more sensitive, every nerve alive. "You're a delightfully wicked man."

Angel grins and presses against her, his hands softly stroking her body. "Never been called that before. Wicked yes, delightfully wicked, that's a new one," he says, his hips making long, slow strokes, wanting her to feel every centimeter of his hardness.

She groans and rocks to meet him, her fingernails digging into his back. "You know I'm utterly ruined for other men."

Angel groans as he feels her nails sink into his back. "Oh god yes," he says. "But what makes you think I'll allow you any other men?" he teases.

She moans at that and looks up into his eyes. "Planning to keep me, then?"

Angel cocks his eyebrow, thrusting once hard into her. "Maybe if you play your cards right," he teases.

She mewls and arches against him. "What do I have to do?"

He moans loudly, his hands gripping her back. "Keep doing that, for starters. God, you are so sexy," he says, almost reverently.

She rocks harder against him. "And you're magnificent. Perfect."

"Flattery gets you everywhere," Angel moans, feeling her take him in. "You have the most perfect cunt I've ever felt," he says, sliding a hand down to rub across her ass.

She moans at the feel of his hand on her ass. "Seems like it was made for your cock."

"Maybe my cock was made for you," Angel says, sliding his fingertips between her ass cheeks, gently stroking along the length of the crevice.

She looks up at him. "You make me melt inside."

Angel smiles and kisses her. "Is that why you're so warm and wet?" he teases, pressing one of his fingers against her tight pucker. "Is this okay?" he asks.

She whimpers and nods. "I've never...but it's okay."

"I don't want to hurt you, Cordy," he says softly, caressing around the opening gently.

"I'll tell you if it hurts too much."

"Good, I guess I should have clarified that I don't want to hurt you in a bad way," he says with a grin, thrusting up into her deeply. She pants hard, her whole body flushing with pleasure. Angel smiles and slides one finger against her tight rosebud, stroking her tight opening, pressing his large finger gently into her. "Such a good little girl, so tight, so hot," he moans.

She can feel herself stretched, the pressure both pleasurable and painful at once. Her eyes darken more and she whines softly.

Angel locks his eyes on hers, wanting to make sure she is all right as he slides his finger deeper into her, rocking his cock a bit deeper and faster into her, wanting it to be as pleasurable as possible.

Cordelia looks up at him. "It feels...I don't even have words. I love that you're taking me where no one has before."

"Oh god yes," Angel moans, sliding his finger in all the way up to his hand as he feels her muscles become accustomed to this new sensation. He slides his finger in and out in syncopation with his cock, fucking both her holes in a slow, smooth rhythm.

Cordelia writhes and moans. Her hands slide to hit chest, fingers teasing and scratching over his hard nipples.

Angel hisses and presses his chest into her hands. "Cordy," he moans, thrusting harder into her, feeling her tightness all around him, his cock, his finger, buried deep inside her. He dips his head and kisses down over her breasts, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking hard.

"Ohhh fuck ohgod ohgod Angel!" She whimpers. She arches into his mouth, and her nails scratch harder.
Angel growls softly, taking her hard nipple between his teeth, biting down roughly, but not enough to break her skin.

She cries out softly at that. "Yessssss." She pulls with her legs, pulling down harder onto him.

He moans softly, feeling his face change. He slides one of his fangs across her nipple, tasting the small droplets of blood on her flesh.

Her breath comes in little shuddering gasps now, feeling his fangs on her. "Ohhh fuck Angel that's so fucking sexy."

He looks up at her, flicking his tongue over her hard nipple before moving to the other, sinking his fangs into her pert breast, pumping hard into her.

She lets loose a tiny scream, and digs her nails into his chest, leaving red lines on his flesh, just breaking the skin.

Angel growls loudly, feeling his skin part under her fingernails. He pulls slightly on the blood from her breast, flicking his tongue over her hard nipple as he tastes her.

She gasps and whimpers. "Ohhhh god Angel...” She bites her lips and moans, rocking on Angel.

Angel forces himself to pull away from her sweet blood, the thick liquid coursing with pleasure. He gently licks the small wounds closed, shaking his head to slide back into his human face. He pulls her mouth to his, kissing her deeply.

She moans into the kiss, tasting the coppery taste of her own blood on his lips. She breaks the kiss and leans down to lick across the wounds on his chest, tasting *his* blood.

"Jesus fuck!" Angel gasps, thrusting hard and fast into her as she licks over his smooth flesh, tasting his lifeforce. "Oh fuck Cordy, you are so sexy." She moves her mouth back up to kiss him, his blood on her lips. Angel growls loudly and places his hand on her ass, squeezing hard as he fucks her roughly. He kisses her deep and hard, feeling his cock enter her even deeper.

She's groaning with each thrust now. "God, Angel, I'm so close..."

"Oh god, Cordy, me too," he gasps, feeling his spine tingling, his balls drawing up. "I want to make you cum for me again Cordy. Show me what a little slut you are for me," he growls softly.

Her eyes lock on his, the dirty words just the little edge she needed. She wails as her insides milk on Angel's cock, her juices flooding again. Her skin flushes as she comes.

Angel howls as her cunt clenches around him, his cock throbbing and jerking inside her as he empties. He pants needlessly, trying to regain his composure.

She clings onto him, taking deep breaths, her eyes unfocused and soft as she rides the afterglow. "That was... beyond incredible."

Angel gently slides his finger out of her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tightly against him. "Definitely. God Cordelia, it's been so long," he says softly, kissing her cheeks and chin and nose and forehead.

"Worth waiting for?" She teases gently.

He raises one hand and touches her cheek softly. "It was for me," he says sincerely.

She smiles and presses against his hand. "For me too."

He looks down into her eyes. "Really?"

She nods. "Yes. I've wanted you so much, you just don't know."

"You're right, I didn't know, I never dreamed you'd be interested in me," he says, leaning in to kiss her softly.

She makes a soft noise as he kisses her, and her eyes flutter shut. "Will this be...” Her voice trails off, and she gathers her courage. "I don't want to ruin this today, but will this be more? Or is this a one-time thing?"

Angel looks down at her, looking into her eyes. "Depends on what you want," he says honestly.
"I want more." She rubs against his hand again.

Angel smiles and kisses her again. "Good," he says simply.

"So that's a yes?"

"It is for me," he says with a big smile. "I've always had a soft spot for you, Cordy."

She sighs happily. "I'm glad to finally know that. Boy, we've both been blind, haven't we?"

He chuckles, "Sounds like it. I just never thought you'd be interested in a crabby old vampire," he teases.

"You *are* crabby. But you're very sexy too." She teases him with a grin.

Angel laughs, "Well, having a beautiful woman naked in the bath with me certainly makes my mood better."

"Mmmm. Glad I could help." She grins.

"I'm glad you could, too," he says, his hands caressing her back softly.

She moans and wriggles against him. "Well I think you succeeded at your goal."

"It wasn't exactly something I planned out, but I'm pretty damn thankful that it worked out. You definitely should have stripped before," he teases.

She chuckled. "I'll strip any time you like now."

"Mmm, I just might take you up on that," he says with a smile. He runs one of his hands over her breast where he bit her. "Were you okay with that?" he asks, feeling a little embarrassed he couldn't control himself.

She shivers. "It was so *amazingly* sexy."

Angel smiles brightly. "Really? Because god you taste so good," he says, licking his lips.

"Good to know I'm a nummy treat." She giggles.

"That's the understatement of a lifetime," he says with a smile. "So, you think you could be interested in more than a fling then?"

"Definitely. I don't know what all is involved in being involved with a vampire, but I like you as well as lust after you, Angel. I want to be with you."

"Why don't we just take it a day at a time," he suggests softly. He doesn't want to think about the complications, he just wants to be with her right now.

"I can do that." She smiles and leans in to kiss him again.

Angel moans softly into her mouth, pulling her against him, his hands traveling her curves, memorizing how her skin feels. She presses against him, her hands moving up to cup his neck and run through his hair. "Cordelia," he says softly. He loves the way her name sounds on his lips, the way she feels in his arms, the way he feels inside her.

"Angel," she replies. Her eyes are shining as she looks up at him.

"I really like this, just holding you, just looking at you," he says gently.

"I like being in your arms. It's like the rest of the world doesn't matter."

"When you're in my arms, it doesn't."

She rests her head on his chest, breathing in the scent of him. "You smell good."

Angel sighs happily, stroking her hair gently and inhaling her scent. "You smell amazing, always have. It's taken everything I've had not to just take you before."

"Well I'm yours for the taking now."

"That's good to know," he says with a wicked grin.

She giggles. "Ooo, I love it when you look all wicked and dangerous like that."

Angel blushes slightly, completely ruining the look. "Uh, thanks," he says softly.

She reaches up a hand to stroke his cheek. "I also like it that you can be all vulnerable like that."

"Really?" he asks in wonder. His entire life, both pre and post death, has been filled with people who expected him to always be strong, to never show emotion.

"Really. You're such an amazing person, Angel. I've never met anyone like you, ever."

He smiles and feels his heart melt. "I've never met anyone like you either," he says honestly.

She giggles. "Well I *am* Queen C," she teases.

"And now you're my queen," he says before really thinking.

She beams up at him. "Wow...it's so hot hearing you say that. I want to be yours, Angel, I truly do."

"Oh Cordelia," he says softly, kissing her again. "I want you to be mine, only mine."

She gasps and nods. "You have me. I'm not going anywhere."

Angel smiles and kisses her deeply. "Good to know we're on the same page. I want you with me, Cordy."

She mewls softly into the kiss. “Works out well all round then, doesn't it?" She says with a grin.

"That it does," he says with a smile. "So, where do we go from here?"

"Well...for starters, do you want me to move in here?"

"I'd like that, but I'm not going to require it or anything. I understand if you want to have your own space."

"I'd like to move in." She smiles. "After wasting a year I don't want to lose any more time with you."

Angel smiles and brushes her hair gently back from her face. "Good, I can get you a dresser of your own, I don't really have much closet space though, he says softly. He never thought he'd have an amazing woman who would want to move in with him.

"We can get an armoire or something." She hums happily and leans into his hand.

"You're my girlfriend for twenty minutes and you're already spending my money," he teases.

"Yes, well...I was spending your money *before* I was your girlfriend," She says, and then she looks thunderstruck. "I'm your girlfriend? Really?"

Angel's eyes grow wide. He looks like a deer caught in headlights. "Uh, I, uh...” He blushes deeply and finally nods. "If that's what you want."

"Hey, I don't want to put you on the spot. But I'm proud of being with you."

He shakes his head. "That's not what I meant. I was just surprised when it I said it and even more surprised when you'd want it. I do want you to be my girlfriend even if I run the risk of sounding like a two hundred year old teenager."

"Then I'm your girlfriend." She beams at him.

Angel feels a broad smile spread across his face. "You just made me the luckiest vampire ever," he says, touching her face.

She covers his hand with hers. "Girlfriend. I like the sound of that." She leans up to kiss him.

He moans softly into the kiss, pulling her to him. "Perhaps we should get out of the tub? Maybe you can talk me into spending a little extra money on the air conditioning repair."

She giggles. "Yeah, but then we'd have to get dressed again." She grins wickedly at him.

He cocks his eyebrow at her. "Who says? Maybe I don't want you to get dressed," he says, licking his lips.
Her eyes widen. "Are you saying...do you mean...?"

"I know there's a full sentence in there somewhere," he teases.

"You want me walking around the office naked?"

Angel gives her a wicked grin. "It would certainly be good for business."

She blushes and giggles. "It might at that. God, you're wicked."

"Well, I am a vampire," Angel teases, pinching one of her nipples.

She whimpers. "Well we should probably go call if we're going to get someone out today."

"Sounds like a good idea," he says, helping her out of the bath before climbing out himself. He picks up a towel and wraps it around her body, gently drying her off.

She sighs happily. "Who knows? Maybe me being naked will knock some money off the price."

"And if not I can just make you perform oral sex on the service person," he says with a straight face. "Surely that would be worth something."

She blinks up at him. "I can see being your girlfriend is going to be more...um... 'interesting' than I had anticipated." She giggles.

Angel laughs and kisses her. "Cordy, I'll never make you do something you're not comfortable with, I was just teasing you. Well, mostly."

She gives him a wicked grin as she walks out of the bathroom, shaking her ass. "Well, I might surprise you with what I'd be comfortable with." She giggles and moves out into the bedroom.

He laughs heartily and watches her walk away. "You may have just bitten off more than you can chew, Angel," he says to himself, following her out. Maybe a heatwave isn't such a bad thing after all.