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FIC: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 13/? (Angel/Spike/Cordelia, Adults Only) - Angel the Series [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FIC: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 13/? (Angel/Spike/Cordelia, Adults Only) [Mar. 19th, 2006|08:11 pm]
Angelus' Place


Little aside- my Jossverse slash rp needs players- info and links here-

Previous chapters are here -

Posting two chapters at once because they fit together. The initiation of Cordelia takes a good long time.

AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: goddess_salustra@juno.com ; Cathelin: cathelinn@yahoo.co.uk .
TITLE: In Hell’s Wake: Satisfaction of Sire 13/?
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: This Chapter-Angel/Spike/Cordelia.
SUMMARY: What if, when Spike came to Sunnydale after Dru dumped him, he decided to go inside Angel’s mansion? And what if Angel wasn’t too happy with Buffy for sending him to hell? This Chapter- Cordelia finishes her initiation
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org .
SPOILERS: Through Season 3 BtVS: Lover’s Walk
WARNINGS: het sex, m/m slash, dom/sub, oral sex, rough sex, bloodplay.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 6,977 words.

Small slightly non-worksafe manip beneath the cut as well.

Reaching around Spike, Angel runs two fingers through the stickiness between her legs, coating them thickly. Bringing them to his mouth, he noisily sucks his fingers clean. "Hmm, delicious." Cordelia blushes again and drops her eyes.

Spike chuckles a little at her delicious embarrassment. "Fucked by two master vampires and she can still blush."

"How positively delightful." Angel chuckles, reaching his other hand around Spike waist and again coating two fingers. This time he brings them up to Spike's mouth.

Spike opens his mouth obediently and sucks in the fingers, licking them clean, his long tongue curling around each finger in turn. Angel watches Cordy's face as Spike cleans his fingers. "I think Cordy might be feeling a little left out, don't you think Spike? Maybe you should give her a taste."

Spike nods and dips two long fingers into her, bringing them to her lips. She whimpers a little but opens her lips, tasting the salty mix of their cum along with her juices and blood.

"Do you like that Cordy? The way we taste together?" Angel asks with a leer. Cordy whimpers again and nods. With her temporarily heightened senses she can pick out each taste.

"I think I'd like a little more." Angel states, prowling out from behind Spike. "Shall we share the feast my boy?"

"Oh yes." Spike grins. "Perhaps more directly from the source?"

"Just my thought exactly."

Grinning wolfishly, Angel holds Cordy's eyes as he settles on the bed below her. Her legs are still raised and spread, giving him total access to her. Leaning forwards he runs his tongue slowly upwards from the curve of her ass, lapping up the thick mixture of cum where it's trickled out over her cunt. Spike crawls around beside Cordy, leaning over and licking around the edges of her lips, tasting the excess, his tongue brushing past Angel's as he licks. Cordy's eyes widen and she moans and whimpers, hands digging into the bedding.

Angel uses the thumbs of both hands to open her, spreading the lips wide to allow their tongues to move around her opening. As her muscles tighten involuntarily, it pushes more cum out of her and onto their seeking tongues. Cordy gasps and moans more. "Ohhhh god yes ohhhhhh...." Spike purrs and flicks his tongue up onto her clit for a second before dipping back down towards her cunt.

Thrusting his tongue inside, Angel purrs at the tastes on his tongue. As Spike's tongue returns to her opening, Angel trails his own upwards to wrap around her swollen clit.
Cordy gives out a little moaning keen as each of the vampires teases her clit in turn.

Angel waits for Spike to slide his upwards once more. As he does, Angel tangles their tongues together, trapping Cordy's clit between them. Cordy whimpers and gasps. "Oh god!" Spike wriggles his tongue against his Sire's as they tangle, the two of them driving their Pet wild.

Untangling their tongues, Angel trails his wetly up Spike's face to the shell of his ear. "I want to mark her again. How about you?" He whispers. Spike groans in agreement.

"Oh yes Sire." He can smell both her arousal and her blood so close here.

Nipping his earlobe, Angel grins, brushing his nose along Spike's jaw as he moves his mouth back to Cordy's sweet cunt. He licks at her folds for a few moments before trailing his mouth slowly across onto her thigh. Spike mirrors his Sire's movements on the other side. They are each licking across her sensitive inner thighs and she is moaning and trembling with arousal. Angel lets his face change as he licks, choosing his spot.

Lapping and nibbling at the soft skin, the blood pulsing just below the surface, Angel breathes out, "3, 2, 1, now," and sinks his fangs gently into Cordy's flesh. Spike sinks his fangs in at the same exact moment, causing Cordelia to shriek and orgasm again as both sets of fangs claim her.

Grabbing her hips to hold her down, Angel purr-growls as the taste of her blood explodes on his tongue. Spike purrs loudly as he can taste her climax in the blood. She's responding perfectly, cumming from fangs alone.

Pulling his fangs from the wounds, Angel licks over them, the blood trickling out slowly only to be lapped away. Cordy relaxes slowly as the fangs pull out, but she's still whimpering. She never thought, never imagined she could cum like that.

Once his punctures are half healed, Angel pulls away. Licking his fangs he stares down at the human girl trembling in his bed. Spike licks a little longer then pulls back, kneeling. He ghosts fingertips over the two marks on her thighs and she whimpers and arches.

Taking hold of Cordy's ankles, Angel slowly pulls her legs down to the bed. Cordelia shivers and stretches and moans. "Ohhhhh."

Crawling forward, Angel settles on top of her, nuzzling the bites marks on either breast. Cordelia moans and whimpers, arching as much as she can. The marks are exquisitely sensitive, and make the already sensitive nipples even more so.

Meeting her eyes seriously, Angel speaks, "Cordelia Chase, you are claimed, twice claimed, by word and sex, by blood and fang. Bound to Aurelius for all time. So say I, Angel of Aurelius. So mote it be."

"So mote it be," Spike echoes.

Nodding, Angel prompts Cordelia to repeat Spike's words and she gasps out, "So mote it be."

Angel purrs and closes his eyes, feeling the affirmation of the claim in his blood, stronger now that he's the Master of the Order. Dropping his head, he mouths his first claim mark. "Mine."

"Yours," she moans.

Pressing a quick kiss to her mouth, Angel slowly moves back onto his knees, dragging his body along hers as he does so. She arches and shivers, profoundly affected by him. Even more so now that he's affirming the marks.

"How are you feeling Cordy?" Angel asks with a warm concerned smile, which soon turns wicked again, "Ready for more?"

Cordy's eyes widen but she nods. "Yes Angel."

"William? Any ideas what we should do with our little Pet next?" Angel asks, stroking his hand down Spike's spine. Spike purrs and presses against Angel's hand.

"Mmm. Perhaps time for her first lesson in cocksucking?"

Angel grins, "Oh my boy, what a wonderful idea. Perhaps you would like to do the honors? After all, it's only right she learn from the best little cocksucker I've met in 250 years."

Spike grins and nods. "Thank you Sire. I would." He preens a bit at the compliment. Cordelia whimpers a bit.

"Would you like Spike to teach you how to suck cock Cordelia?" Angel asks, wanting to see her blush at both the question and her, no doubt, eager affirmative.

She does blush, very prettily, and nods. "Yes Angel."

"My but you've got an eager student there my boy." Angel purrs, smiling at his childe.

"Apparently so." Spike nods and purrs back. "How would you like to see us while I teach her?"

"I'll leave that to you." Angel grins as he stretches out on the bed, "Exhibitionist-slut that you are. I'm sure you'll arrange it so I get a good view."

"You know me so well." Spike chuckles and strokes a hand over one of the marks on Cordelia's thighs, making her moan. "On your hands and knees, pet." Cordy has to work a little to make her muscles obey, but she gets up into position. Spike moves to the head of the bed, positioning himself in front of her.

"Apply yourself to your lesson, and you may just get a treat." Angel purrs watching her take the position Spike directs her to take. He is, of course, watching with his hand already wrapped around his hard cock.

Spike curls a hand into her hair. "All right now, Pet. The most important things to remember are: no teeth, use your tongue, keep good suction." Angel grins, remembering saying almost the same thing to a fledgling William over a century ago. Cordelia nods, intent on Spike. Spike returns Angel's grin, all too aware of the memories they are both sharing right now. "As far as the licking, the most sensitive spots are the very tip, and the edge around the head, though the whole head is sensitive. You seem to have a good instinct for it, so start with licking on the head." Spike's cock is also hard and ready for this demonstration.

Taking a long sniff of the air, Angel smirks. He can smell Cordy's juices in the air, and the 'lesson' has barely started. Oh yes, she's the perfect pet all right. Cordelia lowers her head and starts licking, little tentative kitten licks over the head. Spike moans a little. "Nice start. Vary up the pressure and length of the licks."

Cordelia starts experimenting a bit, longer licks, different spots, paying attention to Spike's reactions.

"Good. Now take the head into your mouth, wrap your lips around it like before."

Cordelia does so, instinctively sucking in a bit and Spike smiles. "Good girl, exactly." Spike looks down at Cordelia as she's sucking on his cock, her lips wrapped so prettily around it. "Now push forward, a bit at a time. Take more in. Take your time, no need to rush." Cordelia does as Spike instructs, slowly sliding forward, trying to concentrate on suction and licking and keeping her teeth off the firm flesh in her mouth.

Waiting, until Cordelia is fully absorbed in what she's doing, Angel reaches out, sliding his hand up the inside of one of her thighs, brushing the claim mark there. Cordelia sucks in breath through her nose, moaning, the vibrations hitting Spike cock. His eyes flash a bit and he groans.

Chuckling, Angel meets Spike's eyes, "She's so wet, it's nearly dripping down her thighs. I can't wait to see how she reacts to sucking one of us off in a dark corner of the Bronze"

She whimpers at that, and Spike grins and chuckles. "Oh yes. I think she'll be so much fun to play with in public."

"I bet she'll cum in her lacy little panties as soon as she's ordered to her knees." Angel's eyes glow at the thought. She whimpers again and Spike's fingers tighten in her hair.

"Pay attention, pet. Suck in those cheeks more, you're slipping." Cordelia's eyes meet Spike's and she carefully increases the suction.

Angel cups her mound with his hand, slicking his palm with her juices then returns to his cock. Wrapping his hand around it, he stroked up and down firmly, enjoying the slickness. Spike glances over at his Sire, seeing what he's doing, glad he's enjoying the show. "Such an eager little cockslut," Spike whispers to Cordelia.

Cordy moans softly in response, her eyes on Spike the whole time. She's taken quite a bit of his cock in now, her jaws hurting a bit from the stretch. She has no idea how she'll manage Angel's cock.

Eyes on Cordy's mouth where it's stretched around Spike's cock, Angel feels his cock and balls throb and decides to see if she can keep up her attentions with a little, distraction. Rising to his knees, he slowly crawls around behind her.

Spike can feel the head of his cock brushing the back of her mouth. "All right, pet, stop there. Don't want you to gag. Takes practice to go further. I want you to start moving your head back and forth, keeping up the sucking and the licking." Cordelia pulls her head back slowly, finding she has to suck hard to pull in the saliva she's producing as she works on his cock.

Waiting, Angel watches as she slides her head back from Spike's hips. Lining his cock up with her dripping cunt, he pushes smoothly inside her with no warning. She groans loudly and her eyes widen, her mouth going slack on Spike's cock. At least she doesn't forget herself enough to let teeth touch.

"Now, now, pet. Never let up that suction, no matter what happens." Spike tightens his fingers in her hair slightly painfully. Cordelia whimpers and sucks down tight again.

Taking hold her Cordy's hips, Angel starts a deep steady thrusting, head dropping back at the tight wet heat. Cordelia struggles to maintain concentration as Angel moves in and out of her. Spike keeps that painful hold in her hair, helping her focus. She keeps bobbing as Spike has instructed, trying to time it with Angel's thrusts.

Rolling his head back up, Angel drops his gaze to where his cock is sliding in and out her, slick with her juices. Sliding his hands onto the cheeks of her ass, he pulls them apart until he can see her tiny pink asshole. The thought of sliding into that tight little opening makes him moan and speed his thrusts into her cunt.

Cordelia whimpers at the increased speed. She struggles to keep at the cock sucking, and Spike uses his free hand to lightly smack the side of her breast when she eases suction or forgets to use her tongue. Tutting at the third suck smack, Angel asks Spike, "Isn't she concentrating?"

"Her attention seems to wander at times." Spike grins a little. "But she's doing well for her first lesson."

"True, no doubt it won't be long until she can take a good hard face-fucking." Angel hums, sliding one finger between her asscheeks to tap gently against her hole. She lets out a muffled keen at the tap, her eyes widening.

Spike grins. "I'm sure. She has lots of natural talent."

"We'll have to do our best to encourage those talents." Angel says, looking up at him and grinning. "Can you remember if we've got a butt plug small enough to start her off with?" She whines loudly at that and earns another smack.

"Not sure. We should check. I think you have that inflatable one, that could do for a start. Very adjustable."

"Hmm perhaps. Then again, it has been quite a while since we bought any new toys." Angel muses, letting go of her ass and giving her a light smack on one cheek. She whimpers at the smack but manages this time not to stop in her sucking and bobbing.

"Good pet," Spike praises, with a stroke on her cheek.

Wrapping his arm around Cordy's slim waist, Angel slides his hand between her legs, teasing gently over her clit. His other hand slides down till he can stroke at her spread pussy lips. "Such a quick learner she's turning out to be."

"She is." Spike says, looking at his Sire. Cordelia moans and whines on Spike's cock, eliciting moans in response from Spike. "Speed up the bobbing a bit. And pay attention to that vein on the underside of my cock with your tongue."

As she begins to obey Spike's command Angel crowds closer, slipping his hands between her thighs forcing her to spread them wider. His starts to thrust harder and faster into her, steadily increasing his speed until his balls are slapping against her mound.

Cordelia struggles to keep doing what she's doing, obey Spike's instructions, even as Angel is pounding into her and she is climbing towards orgasm. Spike feels her suction slip and he smacks her breast again. She quickly corrects, whimpering as she does so.

Gripping her hips, Angel starts to grunt in time with his thrusts, "Oh yeah, gonna fill this pretty little cunt with my spunk." Cordelia is being used at both ends, her mouth and cunt both filled with the cocks of her masters. She begins to slide into another realm of consciousness, doing what she needs to, but losing focus on herself. She's fully subject to them, to their desires, to the sensations that they give to her.

"Hmm, see how she takes it like a bitch in heat." Angel leans over her back to whisper hotly in her ear. "Sucking on your cock like she can't get enough. Queen C they call her. If only they knew it stood for Queen Cocksucker."

Cordy moans and shivers at Angel's words. It's true, all the dirty words they use, the ones that make her quiver inside. She's a slut for them, ready to spread and beg and crawl for their cocks anywhere in her. Angel growls as she shivers beneath him, grinding his cock into her. "Or maybe it should be Queen Cunt. What do you think Will?"

"I think both. She's such a sweet little pet. A whore for vampire cock."

Returning the chuckle, Angel leans back onto his knees, using his powerful muscles to fuck hard into Cordy's grasping channel. His balls feel swollen and tight; ready to empty his cum into her and he can feel his orgasm coiling in his stomach.

Spike keeps purring out little words of advice as Cordy continues to suck his cock. She's getting better and better. Now that she's dropped her ego, she's more able to obey, to do what he tells her without thinking about it.

"Is she good Baby?" Angel asks him.

Spike groans and nods. "A natural."

Angel nods his agreement with Spike's assessment. "Her cunt is taking my cock as if it was made for it." He pants. "You have to take her like this, like the little slut she is. I bet she's desperate to fuck back on me."

"I'm sure she is." Spike pulls his cock from Cordelia's mouth. "That's enough for a first lesson. Pleasure your Master. Show him how eager you are for his cock." Cordelia moans and drops her head, pushing back hard against Angel's strokes, taking him deeper inside.

Purr-growling as she starts to meet his thrusts, Angel takes a firmer grip of her hips. "That's it Pet, take my cock in so deep. Tell me, tell me how it feels."

She gasps. "Like I'm impaled. But it's so good. Your cock inside me, filling me, touching everything inside me. Owning me."

"I do own you. Every inch, inside and out." He growls. "Do you want my cum slut? Filling you up?"

"Oh, yes, please Angel, please. Want it so much." She whimpers, pleadingly.

Throwing himself forwards, Angel braces his hands on the bed on either side of her as he pounds into her, his thrusts becoming erratic and jarring. She moans and mewls, pushing and arching to meet him as best she can, feeling him deep inside her. Angel snarls, throwing his head back as he starts to cum, his cock firing shots of cum deep into her body. Cordelia feels that, and it's all it takes to send her over the edge, screaming, her insides fluttering and clenching hard on Angel.

Pressing his forehead between her shoulders, Angel continues to snarl and growl as he grinds himself between her legs, slowly coming down from his orgasm as her muscles squeeze and milk the cum from his cock. Cordelia's eyes are black again, and glazed, as she rides out the waves of pleasure through her. Her whole body is humming with it.

Spike looks at her, grabbing her hair and lifting her head. "So pretty when she cums, Sire." He leans down to kiss her, then leans over her to nuzzle against Angel's cheek.

His growls tapering off into his own purr, Angel nuzzles back against his childe's caress. Running his tongue along the skin of one tanned shoulder, he relishes the taste of sex and sweat, before pulling himself free of her trembling body to lie sprawled on the mattress. "Pretty indeed my lad." Grinning wickedly he says, "I do believe it's your turn. How do you want her?"

Spike looks down at Cordelia, stroking a hand over her back, feeling her slick hot skin. "Mmmm. Have to consider. So many possibilities."

"Hmm, yes. Such a hard choice you have there." Angel says, amused.

Spike chuckles, wrapping a hand around his own stiff cock. " *Hard* choice indeed." He stretches on his back on the bed, pulling Cordelia over him. Cordelia moans softly and writhes a bit against him. Spike smiles up at her, hand back in her hair, pulling her into a possessive kiss.

Turning onto his side, Angel props his head up his hand to watch, a soft smile on his face watching his childe get ready to play. Cordy responds to Spike, whimpering, arching and rubbing harder on his body. He slides his hands down, stroking over the marks on her breasts, making her cry out in pleasure. Then his hands feather down her sides and onto her ass, cupping each cheek and pulling her further up his body.

She moans, and Spike's hands move onto her inner thighs, hitting both marks again and getting pleasured gasps. He pulls her legs apart and arches his hips a bit to push into her already well-slicked heat. Angel watches Cordy squirm as Spike pushes into her, feeling his half-hard erection twitch.

Spike moves his hands to her hips, moving her as he wants as he starts bucking into her. He begins licking over her breasts, hitting the marks over and over, using them mercilessly to push her arousal higher and higher.

Unable to resist, Angel reaches into the bedside drawer pulling out a small sketchbook and charcoal. The sight of their new Pet writhing above his childe's supine form is one that needs to be recorded.

Cordy is arching as gasping, eyes wild and unfocused. Spike is feeding off her lust, her arousal, and then pushing it back into her with his Seducer's gift. He can feel Angel's eyes on him, and hears the slide of the drawer. He lifts his knees so he can push deeper into her.

Flipping to a new page, Angel quickly starts to sketch them, the charcoal skritch scratching across the page. Spike's own arousal grows hotter, knowing Angel is sketching him. He's going to keep going to let Angel gets his sketch. Though it might be rough on the new pet. He can feel her approaching her orgasm and he keeps thrusting into her. Cordelia is completely lost in the sensations. She doesn't know what Spike is doing to her, but she can't do anything but feel.

It doesn't take long to get the outline of the picture done and Angel quickly moves on to the details. Since being turned he's had a great deal of practice of sketching quickly, especially when it comes to sex scenes.

Cordelia can feel her orgasm approaching, and her insides flutter and turn liquid as she cries out, arching. Spike keeps thrusting, not letting up, not letting her recover, wanting to push her into another one before he cums.

Smudging the charcoal where it shows her hair tumbling over her shoulders, Angel moves on to add her delicious dark nipples with their new, raw looking, claim marks. "Beautiful." He sighs.

Spike purrs and lets his eyes slide closed, knowing Angel is close to finished with the sketch. He slides his hands over the claim marks on her inner thighs, pushing her over into a second orgasm as he lets go himself inside her. He arches against her, head back, as he spends deep inside, bucking and shuddering.

Tossing the finished sketch aside, Angel watches as they come - Cordelia arched, mouth open panting desperately as she mewls; Spike's face stunning as always in his ecstasy - and purrs with possessive affection.

Spike collapses with Cordy on top of him. His hands move, one onto her back, the other into her hair, soothing her, and his blue eyes open and look back at his Sire. He smiles and licks his lips.

Smiling, Angel moves to lie beside them, curling one arm around them both. "You look stunning together," He breathes.

Cordelia is shivering, resting against Spike, vaguely aware of Angel's arm over her. She's overwhelmed. Between the two vampires they've taken her someplace she couldn't even imagine before.

Spike moves his head forward a bit, pressing a soft kiss onto Angel's lips. "So do you." Angel gives him a lopsided smile and nuzzles their mouths together.

"Just imagine what she'd look like sandwiched between us." He whispers.

Spike moans and his eyes glow mischievously. "She'd probably pass out afterwards."

"I don't think she's far off unconscious now."

Spike glances at the boneless Cordy. "I think you're right."

"Why don't you make her comfortable?" Angel rumbles, "Didn't I promise to do something to you?" He raises one eyebrow teasingly.

Grinning, Spike nods. "Oh yes. I'll settle our little Pet down, just a moment." He slides Cordelia onto the bed, moving her over a bit on the large mattress and pulling the covers over her. She moans and wriggles a bit and half-closes her eyes.

Tapping his finger against his lip, Angel hides his grin as he says, "You know I'm not one hundred percent sure what it was I promised you. Was it a cuddle?"

Spike blinks his eyes innocently. "I'm fairly certain the words were that you were going to fuck me into the mattress."

"Was it now?" Angel fakes surprise as he throws himself back against the mattress, laying his arm across his eyes. "I'm not sure I've got the energy for that."

Whimpering, Spike puts on his sweetest expression and a big pout. "But you *promised"!" He says in a little-boy voice.

"I know Baby." Angel gives a big sigh and meets his eyes. "But look, Daddy isn't even hard enough." He gestures at where his cock lies half-hard against one thigh.

"I can fix it. Will you let me fix it Daddy?"

"If you really think you can? Then go ahead and try my Little One." Angel tries to put on a doubtful face, but the corner of his mouth twitches a little. Spike moves down to Angel's feet, starting to kiss and lick and nuzzle his way up the inside of his leg, moving towards his cock.

As soon as Spike's mouth touches his skin, his cock gives a twitch, but Angel ignores it to keep up the charade. Cordelia is still awake, and she quietly watches Spike's graceful movements, his attentions, and Angel's reaction. Spike reaches Angel's inner thighs, licking and nuzzling, brushing around the edge of his balls, pressing his tongue into the crease of his thighs.

Parting his legs to give Spike room to work, Angel sighs a little. "That feels so good Baby Boy. But I'm not sure if it's working, can you tell if it is?" Spike looks over at Angel's cock, which is hardening at bit.

"Mmm. Let me check, Daddy." He licks down the length of Angel's cock, wriggling his tongue in wicked patterns. Angel moans quietly, biting his lip.

"Well?" He asks, panting lightly. Cordy's eyes open wide and she whimpers very softly, watching Spike's tongue glide over Angel's cock.

Spike tilts his head. "Still not sure, Daddy. Let me try something else." He curls his tongue in swirling licks over the head and takes it into his mouth.

Biting back a groan, Angel grips the covers. His cock is definitely getting into the proceedings now. Spike pulls back with a pop. "I think it's working, Daddy." He lowers his mouth again and takes more of the rapidly stiffening shaft into his mouth. Cordy watches, fascinated, at the ease with which Spike takes that massive cock into his mouth.

"Oh, such a clever little boy you are." Angel gasps. Spike looks up with wide, innocent-looking eyes and expression as he takes more and more into his mouth. He knows how Angel loves him playing innocent. "My Precious Little Boy." Angel sighs, "So good to make Daddy feel good. Taking Daddy's cock into that pretty little mouth."

Cordy bites her lips, aroused by the dirty talk between them. She knows they're not really father and son, but it's close enough to seem like something erotically perverse.

Spike moans in agreement and pushes hard, all the way down, relaxing his throat to take Angel into his throat. Angel gives a strangles moan as Spike deep throats him all the way. "Oh Yes!" Cordelia gasps in disbelief. Surely it can't be possible that he managed to take that whole length in. Spike works the muscles of his throat, caressing Angel's cock, before he pulls back up and starts long bobbing strokes.

"That's it Baby. So good." Angel moans, threading his fingers through Spike's hair as he bobs. Spike whimpers a little as Angel's hands find his hair, and his blue eyes grow darker with arousal as he pushes down hard again and swallows. Hips jerking with pleasure, Angel tugs slightly on Spike's curls. "Come here Baby. Come and give Daddy a kiss. My clever little boy." Spike lifts up and crawls up Angel's body, pressing his lips to Angel's parting them for him.

Kissing him lovingly, Angel wraps his arms around his childe's waist, stroking up his back and down to his ass. Spike moans and presses against those hands he adores so much, purring and moaning louder as they reach his ass. Angel rolls them, settling between Spike's legs, deepening the kiss. Spike whimpers and gasps, arching a bit, spreading his legs.

Grinding down a little, Angel ends the kiss. Lifting his head he smiles down at Spike's kiss-dazed face. Spike licks his lips and smiles back at Angel. "Daddy's so good to his baby boy." Cordelia watches the two of them, so beautiful together. Angel's muscled strength covering Spike's pale slender beauty.

"Because Daddy loves his baby boy so much." Angel purrs, nuzzling their faces together.

Spike purrs in return, nuzzling back against Angel. "And baby boy loves Daddy."

Licking a wet stripe over Spike's cheek, Angel pulls away, rolling onto his side. "Roll over for Daddy." He says pulling the pillow out from beneath his head. Spike quickly complies, rolling onto his stomach with a moan, pushing his ass up a bit. He writhes against the covers.

Sliding the pillow beneath Spike's hips, Angel reaches for the bedside drawer. Pulling out a bottle of jasmine scented oil, he quickly uncaps it, tipping some into the palm of his hand. Spike smells the scent at once, and smiles. The little sentimental things, like his Sire keeping that fragrance at hand, touched him. Made him glad he came back.

Cordy watches avidly. She's seen this in porno, but no porno ever starred people this beautiful, and it's completely different seeing it in person.

Quickly and thoroughly slicking his cock, Angel turns to preparing his childe. Parting Spike's cheeks with one hand, he pours a light drizzle of oil into his crack. Spike purrs and arches, pressing his ass up and feeling the oil drip and run. His cock is already quite hard against the pillow.

Capping and tossing the bottle aside Angel trails his fingers through the oil, coating them before sliding one finger into Spike's tight hole. Spike whimpers and moans, clutching his fingers in the bedding. "Oh, Daddy." Cordelia literally cannot take her eyes off the vision. She watches, wide-eyed.

"Do you like that Baby? Feeling Daddy's thick finger inside your pretty little hole?" Angel can feel Cordy's rapt gaze on them and can't help but feel smug at the smell of her arousal and curiosity.

"Oh yes Daddy." Spike pushes back a little against the invading finger. "Sooo good Daddy."

"Do you want more Baby?"

Spike nods eagerly. "Yes, yes please Daddy!"

"Ok my Precious Baby." Angel purrs pulling his finger out and replacing it with two. He turns and twists his fingers inside Spike's channel, scissoring and stretching. Spike moans and pushes back, his legs spreading a bit without thinking. He arches his head back.

Stroking his fingers against his childe's silken walls, Angel leans down to kiss and bite at his firm cheeks.

"Ohhh, Daddy, so good. Do I taste good Daddy?" Spike whimpers and mewls.

"Yes Baby, your skin tastes so very good on Daddy's tongue." Angel purrs against his skin.

Spike moans again. "Thank you Daddy. Love it when you lick and bite me."

Pressing a kiss against his tailbone, Angel sits up, pulling his fingers free. "Ready for Daddy's cock?"
"Oh yes Daddy, please!"

Angel purrs a little as he straddles Spike's upper thighs. Spreading his asscheeks, he lines the head of his cock up with Spike's tiny pink hole. Flexing his buttocks, he presses the head against the muscle guarding the entry to Spike's body. Spike whimpers, holding himself still, his muscles quivering with his eagerness to push back, to have Angel in him.

The oil and Spike's eagerness make it easy for Angel to slide his cock in all the way to the hilt and he groans loudly with the entry. "So good Baby. So tight around Daddy's cock." Spike moans and purrs, feeling Angel enter him, filling him. He arches again, cat-like, and digs his nails into the bedding. Cordelia gasps as she watches.

Bracing his hands on the bed, Angel slides his feet down the bed until his legs are lying outside and alongside Spike's. He slowly lowers his weight against his childe's back before reaching up to link his fingers with Spike's. "Ready?"

Spike moans and makes little submissive whines and trilling purrs. "Ready. So *very* ready." Cordy shivers, the noises making her feel something she can't explain.

Smiling, Angel presses his nose into the back of Spike's neck as he slowly starts to grind and thrust his hips. Spike pushes back to meet the thrusts, writhing on his Sire's cock. They move more like a dance than anything else, bodies perfectly meshing. Angel brushes soft nipping kisses to Spike's neck and shoulders as his movements start to pick up speed and force. "Gonna fuck you so good Baby." He growls.

"Ohhh goodness Daddy, so good to your baby. I want it so much, love you in me." Spike whimpers and mewls at the nips, so possessive.

"If Baby wants it so bad, then Daddy will have to give it to him." Angel purrs looking over at Cordy where she's watching wide eyed. His thrusts becoming even harsher, each one bouncing Spike hard against the mattress and the sound of his balls slapping against the curve of Spike's ass blends with the sound of Angel's rumbling growl and Spike's purrs and whimpers.

Spike savors every movement, every sound, every jolt of pleasure and pain. Taking Cordelia was so sweet, but nothing compares to his Sire. Cordelia watches them, growing ever more aroused. Seeing them almost makes her wonder why they would even want her.

Thrusting with vampire strength Angel pounds into Spike's body. Panting he asks, "Is that good Baby?" Spike is moving with abandon now, applying all his strength in return.

"So good, so good Daddy." He shivers against Angel as his eyes slide golden.

Donning his demon features, Angel starts to graze his fangs over Spike's skin, scoring light wounds over his shoulders in swirling patterns before licking away the drops of blood.

The feel of Angel's fangs brings Spike's demon to the surface as well. They hum, almost able to touch across the tenuous bridge. Cordelia's eyes widen as they both shift into gameface, it's beautiful and frightening all at once.

Loosing his one hand from Spike's, Angel uses it to cup and raise his chin, curving his head back. "Is this what you wanted Baby? Is it hard enough?"

"Yes, Sire," Spike growls, dropping the Daddy game for the moment, too aroused to respond any other way. The rest of his reply is in little noises, private sounds.

Purring, Angel runs his fangs over the skin of his childe's elegant neck, teasing him with the anticipation of the bite. Spike whimpers and makes little keening moans and purrs. He can't move his head, can only hold still as Angel teases him with fangs.

Dropping Spike's chin, Angel lets his head flop back down before striking. His fangs sink into the back of Spike's neck as he snarls. Spike's whole body all but freezes as his Sire grips him there. Like a lion claiming it's mate, the bite *there* is very possessive, very serious, demanding submission.

Using the grip of his mouth around Spike's spine, Angel pins him down hard. He's still snarling as he fucks his childe into the mattress so hard it would shatter a human's pelvis. Spike's lower body moves a little, as much as he can manage, but he's completely possessed, taken. Owned. His whole body shudders with absolute delight.

Tasting Spike's eager submission through the blood, and feeling his demon submit utterly to his own, Angel's orgasm takes him hard and fast. His jaws instinctually snap open releasing Spike's neck as he howls his completion. Spike shudders and adds his own harmonizing howl as he shakes and writhes through his release. It's a beautiful and frightening sound, like wolves calling in the night. Cordelia quivers and tries instinctively not to draw attention to herself, even as she cannot stop watching,

Releasing a last shot of cum into his childe's body, marking him with his scent, Angel slumps against him, purring. "My childe."

"Sire." Spike whimpers and purrs back. He's boneless, completely content.

Licking at the puncture marks and the trails of blood oozing down the sides of his neck, Angel tries to drawl through his panting and a dopey smile, "So, did I keep my promise?"

Spike chuckles softly and rubs against Angel, his lithe body squirming into a more comfortable position. "Oh, yes, Sire. Most definitely."

"Good. Wouldn't want to disappoint." Angel sounds decidedly smug as he rolls them onto their sides, bodies still joined. Spike purrs and nuzzles against Angel.

"You never do, Sire."

Wrapping his arm over Spike's waist, Angel smoothes his hand up and down the skin of his lean abdomen. Brushing a kiss against Spike's shoulder, his eyes fix on Cordelia where she lies on the other side of his childe. "Enjoy the show Cordy?" He asks with a leer.

Cordy whimpers and nods, eyes wide. "I never imagined anything that sexy."

"I had a feeling that you'd enjoyed it." Angel smiles. His smile turns wicked as he continues, "From the scent of your arousal clouding the air, not to mention the smell of your dripping pussy."

Cordy squirms a bit. "You know, I never knew that you vampires could tell that much from scent alone. Giles never told us that."

"There are lots of things that Giles never told you. And even more that he doesn't know." Angel replies with derision.

"I'm seeing that now," Cordy says. "Are you...Angelus now? I thought you couldn't have sex without losing your soul."

Laughing Angel buries his face in Spike's neck. "Is that what she told you all? That it was the sex that made me lose the soul?"

"Yes, she did." Cordy looks puzzled at Angel's response.

His laughter becomes loud and boisterous as he falls onto his back, stuttering slightly as he slips free of Spike's body. "Gods that's funny." Wiping his eyes he tries to control his mirth.

Spike chuckles as well, and Cordy continues to look confused. "So what *did* actually do it, then?"

As his laughter dies down, Angel curls around Spike once more, settling his chin on his bare shoulder. "It was because I stopped feeling guilty, and the lifting of that weight along with a few other things, made me 'perfectly happy'." Angel explains, not wanting to get into the fact that one of those things was the smugness that came with topping a Slayer and, even better, taking her virginity.

Cordy nods. "So you're still Angel, then." She's relieved to know that. Not that she would have any say if he wasn't. She can feel the marks on her like invisible cords binding her to them. Angel hums his agreement. It wouldn't do to muddy that waters this early on with talk of half-demons, souls and balance. Cordy thinks of something else. "Do the others know that you and William are...?"

"No." Angel replies, "Though maybe Giles has an inkling. Or perhaps more than an inkling."

Spike chuckles at that. "And of course, Pet, it goes without saying that nothing that happens here in the mansion should be spoken of to anyone." Cordelia nods her understanding.

"Not just things that happen in the mansion." Angel says seriously. Meeting Cordy's eyes he tells her, "You're ours now. Part of the family. And as such you'll be privy to things that the Slayer isn't to know."

"Yes Angel." Cordy whimpers and nods. There's something about his eyes that makes her quiver inside.

Angel nods his approval. "Now, I think we should all get some rest. Give your pretty little cunny some rest before we screw it some more." He smirks, rolling onto his back and pulling Spike over to his other side. Spike lets himself be pulled and settles against Angel, curling into his body and purring contentedly.

Cordy looks over at them. "May I...join you?"

"Of course." Angel nods regally, holding out his arm towards her. Cordelia smiles and scoots across the bed, settling against Angel's other side.

Curling his arm around her, Angel holds her close to him. "Whenever it's feasible, you'll sleep here at the mansion with us. Ready to serve our needs as and when we want." He tells her as they settle down to sleep.

"Yes Angel." Cordy nods. "It's not like my parents care where I am, anyway."

Angel growls a little. "Well, that will be to our advantage." He presses a kiss to first Spike's head and then Cordy's. "We can discuss it after we've all rested."

They both nod and settle in to sleep, quickly dropping into a deep, contented slumber. Angel stays awake a little longer, enjoying the feel of them pressed against his sides before joining them in slumber.