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FIC: The Beast (Angel/Wesley, Adults Only) - Angel the Series [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Angelus' Place

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FIC: The Beast (Angel/Wesley, Adults Only) [Mar. 21st, 2006|07:23 am]
Angelus' Place


AUTHORS: Salustra and Cathelin
E-MAILS: Salustra: goddess_salustra@juno.com ; Cathelin: cathelinn@yahoo.co.uk .
TITLE: The Beast
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: Angel/Wesley
SUMMARY: Angel does some interesting things with Wesley while he is asleep.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org . Anyplace else is fine, just let us know where it’s going.
SPOILERS: Through ‘First Impressions’, Ats Season 3.
WARNINGS: Angst, m/m slash, bloodplay, vamping.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the pretties, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 9,859 Words.

“Love is the leech, sucking you up
Love is a vampire, drunk on your blood
Love is the beast that will
tear out your heart
Hungrily lick it and
painfully pick it apart”
- ‘The Beast’, Concrete Blonde

(To hear the song- go check it out here-
http://www.weblogimages.com/audio/salustra1709.mp3 )

Angel is dreaming. Dreaming of the past. So caught up in the vividness of all his senses, his mind doesn't realize that it *is* a dream, or that dreams shouldn't be so vivid. The pictures in his mind swirl from Darla's wicked smile, to Drusilla's giggling face, to Penn's grin to William's sparkling, laughing blue eyes. Blue eyes, so many blue eyes, Darla, Penn, Spike. He was surrounded by blue eyes and long pale limbs. Kisses and stroking fingers on his skin, lush mouths against his, and slight powerful bodies beneath his.

Wesley has come upstairs from the office. He's been contemplating and researching some aspects of Angel's curse, and decides to see if Angel is awake yet to discuss his ideas with him. He sees Angel tossing and turning, sweating, and is concerned. He leans over and gingerly taps Angel's shoulder. "Angel?"

With a growl, Angel reacts to the touch, springing up towards Wesley. They both go tumbling to the floor, Wesley pinned down beneath Angel's bulk. Wesley squeaks. A very naked Angel is on top of him, and Wesley is both a little frightened, and somewhat aroused. "Angel...ummm...Angel? I'm sorry...Is this a bad time?"

Still caught up in the dream, Angel growls again, deep in his chest and drops his head to nuzzle at Wesley's throat. Opening his mouth he starts to nibble at the skin. He lowers himself more firmly against the lean body beneath him and starts to rock.

"Oh! Oh my!" Wesley gasps, and then starts to moan as Angel's mouth works on his throat and his naked body presses against his in very interesting ways. He's rather embarrassingly aware of Angel's large hard-on pressed against his own fabric-covered one, and he knows he should be trying to do something, perhaps shouting for help. But he's not altogether certain he *wants* to be rescued.

Mumbling words too garbled for Wesley to work out, Angel pulls away far enough to take a firm hold of Wesley's shirt. He snarls quietly as he rips it in half. Wesley squeaks again. "A-a-angel? What are you doing?" He moves finally to struggle a bit, worried perhaps this is Angelus, and tries to wriggle out from under Angel.

Interpreting the struggle as one of William's games, Angel grins wolfishly. Grabbing Wesley's hands, he traps both wrists in one of his hands and reaches for the waistband of Wesley's slacks. Wesley whimpers at the feel of the strong hand pinning him like that, and his cock twitches hard in his slacks at the hand moving down there. He really *should* scream for help now, but then...this would stop. He decides, and he doesn't call out. Whatever is happening, he's not willing to give it up. He gives in to his own desires and starts to moan as Angel's hands unsnap and unzip his trousers.

Chuckling as his 'victim' gives in, Angel drags them both to their feet. Pushing Wesley's trousers over his hips, Angel turns, lifting Wesley and dumping him onto the mattress. Wesley is now naked on Angel's bed, on his back, and he squirms against the sheets, looking up at the powerful figure of a naked and rampant Angel coming towards him. He gets a good look at the hard-on that was pushing against him and he's a little worried for himself.

Angel's eyes are fixed on Wesley, flecked with amber and predatory, yet strangely hazed as he prowls closer. Wesley calls out again. "Angel, what's happening here?" And he looks around for lube, somewhat desperately.

"Angel?" Angel asks, his voice amused. "What game are ye playing now me lad?"

"Angelus?" Now Wesley is very worried, but he can't call out because Angel has pressed against him, kissing him hard and possessively.

Growling appreciatively as he thrusts his tongue into his warm mouth, Angel presses his body down against the other man. Seems his William as been up to his trick of drinking something piping hot before coming to Angelus, knowing his sire loves that illusion of warmth. Or...Angel experiences a flicker of confusion and uncertainty, maybe it was Penn, come straight from glutting himself on the hunt.

Wesley moans and arches up against Angel. Maybe Angelus. Ohhh, this was so very, very wrong. Either it was Angelus for some reason not just killing him out of hand, or it was Angel having some sort of weird flashback or something similar. Either way he wasn't seeing Wes, but someone else. Which, oddly enough for Wesley, relieved him tremendously. He couldn't be held responsible for this, he was pretty much helpless against the much more powerful creature that had him pinned. And the fact that Angel wasn't seeing him eliminated the messy emotional complications that had been running through the back of his mind and pushing him to bolt. So....

Ending the kiss, Angel starts to kiss down onto Wesley's neck. Vaguely he registers the feel and sound of Wesley's pulse, but weeks of strange sleeping patterns and drugged blood mean he doesn't manage to break free of the dream state. Instead he slides his hands down Wesley's sides to his thighs. Lifting and pushing the other man's legs apart, Angel settles between them, lining up their cocks and starting to rub and rock them together.

Wesley groans and whimpers, pushing back with his hips as Angel rocks over him. Despite every instinct telling him to do otherwise, he turns his head, baring his throat as Angel kisses onto it. He's sure it must be Angel; he can't feature Angelus bothering to keep kissing him. "Tha's a good boy." Angel murmurs, moving down to lick and bite at Wesley's nipples.

Wesley tentatively lifts his hands to stroke on Angel's back, continuing to moan and gasp as his nipples are played with. "You like good boys?" He asks, unable to restrain his curiosity. After all, when is this likely to happen again?

Chuckling, Angel slides his hands down Wesley's thigh to knead at his ass. "Oh aye, ya know just how much I like me good little boys. Don't ye me lad?"

Boys? There's been more than one? Apparently the Watchers have been very lax in their records, Wesley thinks, as he pants at the feel of the hand on his ass. He decides to go along with it. "Yes, Angelus, I do." Waiting to see how Angel reacts to the name.

Growling playfully, Angel rolls them over. Pushing downwards lightly on Wesley's shoulder, he grins, "Why don't ye show me just how much of a good boy you can be hmm?" Wesley looks down, getting the drift of what Angel meant. He whimpers softly, even as he thinks, well, why not? He starts sliding down Angel's body, taking advantage of the movement to lick and kiss along his skin.

"Tha's it." Angel sighs, closing his eyes and dropping his head back against the mattress. This seems to sink him further back into his dream as he lies there. His cock is hard against his stomach as Wesley works his way downwards nuzzling across the muscular abs, then down to one hip, licking and nuzzling along the hipbone. His cheek rubs against the velvety-cool skin of Angel's cock as he nuzzles.

Moaning quietly, Angel rocks his hips upwards, his hand coming down to rest on the back of Wesley's neck. Wesley feels the hand on his neck. It's a not-too-subtle hint to move along and he takes it. Still determined, though, not to rush through this once-in-a-lifetime experience, his mouth moves over Angel's ballsack, and he licks across the wrinkled skin. He sucks one ball into his mouth and licks over it before doing the same to the other. His hands are stroking, almost absently, on Angel's thighs. Angel hums quietly, his fingers squeezing on Wesley's neck in a gently kneading motion.

Wesley takes his time, enjoying this, savoring the feel of the corded muscles under his hands, before finally licking slowly and languidly up the underside of Angel's cock, then in little short teasing kitten licks around the rim of Angel's cockhead. He lifts one hand to carefully slide back the foreskin so he can reach the more sensitive skin underneath. "Fuck yeah." Angel hisses, his cock jerking a little in Wesley's hand. "Tha's me good little boy."

Wesley licks the head like an ice cream cone before finally taking the whole of the head into his mouth and sucking in his cheeks. It's a little strange; the coolness against his tongue, and the taste of his skin is strong and smoky. He starts slowly pushing to take more and more in. "Ah yes, take me in that pretty little mouth." Angel sighs, his voice low and husky. His thighs flex a little, as he thrusts upwards shallowly.
Wesley moans, the vibrations hitting Angel's skin as he pushes down more. The shallow thrusting both worries and thrills him as he takes Angel deeper and deeper into his mouth.

Groaning from the vibrations around his cock, Angel starts to purr lightly, the sound strange coming from the chest of the large vampire. "Good lad." He sighs again, his hand kneading more firmly on the back of Wesley's neck. Wesley's somewhat startled. He's known vampires could growl, but *purring* never occurred to him. He keeps up his attentions, though, as it seems it's a sign Angel is pleased. He's pushed all the way to the entrance to his throat, and starts to lift back up.

Moaning again, Angel brings his other hand down to run through Wesley's hair. He feels another flicker of confusion at the short length of the hair beneath his palm, but is unable to make much of it. Wesley starts to bob now, licking and sucking, fully engaged in enjoying this. He's pretty much blocked out any awareness of anything beyond this moment, this experience. It's a rare bit of actual living-in-the-present, and all the more precious for it.

Hips rocking into Wesley's movements, Angel groans again, his fingers flexing against Wesley's scalp. He can feel his balls throbbing with each movement of the mouth on his cock, his slit leaking a steady stream of precum. Wesley lifts up enough to lick across the head, taking in the salty precum with a moan before bobbing harder and faster on Angel's cock, loving being able to get this much reaction from the no doubt much more experienced vampire.

"Yess." Angel hisses and starts to groan and moan more steadily as he feels himself growing closer and closer to his orgasm. Wes moans and decides to try one last thing that he hasn't done since college. He relaxes his throat, pushing down to swallow the head of Angel's cock as massages it with his throat. He still doesn't have the whole cock in his mouth, but fairly close.

"Sweet Jesu!" Angel gasps, his eyes rolling behind his closed eyelids. Though it's nothing he hasn't experienced before (and far more skillfully by his glorious little cocksucker of a youngest childe), for his body it's been far *far* too long. With one long loud groan, he starts to come. Wesley pulls back just enough so that he can easily swallow, and actually get to taste, the salty cool liquid that comes in spurts into his mouth. It's been a while for him too, and he's contemplated this for far too long to miss any part of it.

Angel continues to come, shooting thick ropes of cum into Wesley's mouth, for what seems to Wesley to be a rather long time. He jerks and throbs in Wesley's warm hand as he comes and comes, and comes. Poor Wesley is almost out of ability to suck and swallow when Angel finally finishes and he is able to lift his head.

Smiling dopily, Angel sighs deeply. His eyes flicker open and he stares dazedly at the ceiling. "Wow." He murmurs, voice thick, "That was some dream."

Wesley sighs. "Apparently so."

After freezing, for a moment, Angel slowly raises his head. "Oh shit." He stares at Wesley in shocked dismay. Wesley suddenly feels almost as self-conscious as Angel. Perhaps worse...he realizes that now that Angel knows who it is that just did this, his first reaction is revulsion.

"I...I'm sorry. I should have tried harder to wake you up, but I kept talking, I even tried getting away at first, and nothing seemed to work." Wes is babbling as he starts scrambling for his trousers, pulling them on hastily.

"No Wes wait!" Angel sits up quickly, grabbing Wesley's arm.

Wesley turns and looks back, but he can't meet his eyes. He's not sure he can bear to see what he just saw again. "Yes?"

"God I'm sorry." Angel says, his voice thick with self-loathing - Wesley can't even look at him. "I can't believe I used you like that, forced you..."

"You didn't. Not after the first few minutes, at any rate, and that was just touching." Wesley's voice is tight. *Used* him. That's what happened, of course, Wesley had just been a stand-in for whoever it is Angel *really* wanted. Wesley pulls his arm away to pick up the torn remains of his shirt.

"Huh?" Angel is confused, how could he have not been using Wesley? It's not like Wesley could have *wanted* to...

"Don't worry about it, Angel. I'm sorry...I realized you were dreaming about someone else. I should have tried harder to wake you up or get away. I'm...I'm so dreadfully sorry." His voice chokes on the last. "I just wanted...” His jaw clenches and he has to turn away before he cries and makes a complete fool of himself. Wesley takes a deep breath, trying to steady himself, and realizes there's nothing more he can say. He starts walking for the door.

"Wes?" Angel says in a small, bemused voice. When Wesley turns around, he sees Angel sat on the bed looking utterly pathetic in his confusion. He can see it in his face that Angel still believes that he is at fault, not Wesley.

That steadies Wesley a bit. He can't let Angel think he's forced him, no matter what else. "You let go of me a few minutes into it. But by that time I wanted to do...what I did. I've always wanted to." There. Now he's completely humiliated himself, he'll never be able to face Angel squarely again.

Shocked out of his guilt, Angel stares at him, "Y...you did?"

"Yes." Wesley stares at the floor. He can't bear to see what he knows will be more rejection in Angel's eyes.

"Oh..." Angel blinks, totally unaware that his half-hard prick is on show, and quickly re-hardening. His body seems to be grasping the situation rather faster than his mind and is showing its intrigue.

"Do you...would you...tell me who you were dreaming it was?"

"I...I..." Angel has to think. "I don't think it was anyone in particular, just jumbled memories of the past, of my family."

"Ah. You called me 'my boy', I thought perhaps it was someone particular." Wes doesn't even know why he's asking, why he's punishing himself like this. Perhaps just to make it clear to himself how he's not the one Angel wants.

"Well I...I used to call both Penn and William that...before..."

"Oh. Well, yes, of course, that makes sense."

"And I mean, physically, you're not all that different from either of them..." Angel flushes with the confession.

Wesley is startled into looking up at that. He's seen both Spike and Penn, and he wouldn't put himself into a class with either of them. "Really?" His voice clearly betrays both his surprise and disbelief. Then he notices Angel's hardening cock and blushes, looking down again.

"Well the uh blue eyes and the brown hair and uh you’re slim like they are..." Angel shifts uncomfortably.

"Ah." Wesley blinks as he absorbs that. He hadn't registered those superficial resemblances before. Indeed, he hadn't known Spike's real hair color was brown.

"So...I uh..." Angel has no idea what to say now.

"Yes. I suppose there's not really anything else to say." Wesley turns again, slowly, ready to walk away again.

"I uh I uh guess not." Angel says quietly, dropping his eyes to the sheets.

"Angel...I... I'm taking a few days off. At least." Wes adds. He starts walking away. He doesn't know if he can face Angel again, not after this.

"Ok." Angel says weakly, eyes still on the sheets. "If that's what you want." He doesn't move to stop Wes; he doesn't know what he could possible say to make this up to him.

Those words stop Wes for a moment, but he’s not able to turn around. "It's not what I want. But I can't have what I want... I need time to think." His voice is soft and pained as he speeds his steps, all but running away.

Groaning quietly, Angel covers his face. Just how is he going to fix this?

~~ Two days later ~~

Wesley is in his apartment. A tumbler of scotch is held loosely in his hand. He isn't drunk...just taking the edge off as he tries to think. He holds the cut crystal glass up, looking at the amber liquid as the light goes through it. He's spent the past two days doing everything he can think of to help him make up his mind. Even cruised a local gay bar for a quick thrill to try to erase the burning memory of Angel on top of him...Angel holding him... Angel in his mouth. Nothing helps. He wants what he can't have. If Angel wants anyone at all now, it would be Spike, apparently, and Wes already knows he's not in that league. So he's sitting here, trying to figure out if he should just bury his feelings in a deep hole and go back and work, or leave and never see that handsome brooding hulk of a vampire again.

Stepping out of the lift on Wesley's floor, Angel walks slowly down the corridor, almost dragging his feet. He's been really worried about Wes, worried that he's really fucked up their friendship. And so he's come over to try to make sure he hasn't. Only trouble is, he *still* doesn't know what to do or say. Standing outside Wesley's door, Angel stares at the apartment number, wondering if he should just leave.

Wesley is turning things over and over in his mind. His hand tightens on the tumbler, til suddenly he dashes it against the table, breaking it, and a shard of the crystal cuts his hand. He swears and cries out at the sudden rush of pain.

Outside, Angel jumps with alarm. "Wes!" He starts to knock urgently on the door. "Wes? Are you ok?"
Wes' head jerks up, startled. "Just a moment!" He calls out. He pulls out the shard of crystal, grabbing a handkerchief to wrap around his bleeding hand, and moves to open the door. He looks up at Angel. Wes hasn't shaved today and has a fine layer of stubble, and he's dressed now only in jeans and a silk shirt left over from his escapade at the gay bar. "Angel...come in." He doesn't know what else to say.

Stepping inside, Angel looks at his hand in concern. "Are you ok? What happened?"

Wes shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot and looks down. "Broke a glass, cut my hand. Would you like to sit down?" His damnable English manners and sense of propriety. Even now he can't seem to put them aside.

"Ok?" Angel nods, still looking at Wesley worriedly. Taking a deep breath to sigh, Angel's eyes widen as he takes in Wesley's scent. He could smell sweat and smoke, sex and cum. Wesley must have been to a bar, and must have gone with someone from that bar. Angel swallows, feeling even more awkward.

Wesley nods and gestures to the couch and chair. "I'll just go get a dustpan to clean up the glass." He moves off towards the kitchen. Angel watches him go, a pensive frown marring his features.

Comes back with a sponge and a whisk and a metal dustpan, Wesley soaks up the scotch first before whisking the crystal shards into the dustpan. He concentrates on the task as much as he can, while his mind whirls. Why is Angel here?


Wesley looks up. "Yes, Angel?"

"Are you sure you're ok?"

"My hand should heal fine once I bandage it, thank you, Angel."

"No... I mean, other than that?" Angel shuffles awkwardly in his seat.

"Ah. That...I still don't know." Wesley swallows hard and moves towards the bathroom. "Just going to bandage this."

"Oh." Angel frowns again guiltily, "Ok."

Wesley moves into the bathroom and slumps against the sink, breathing hard, trying to steady himself. Then he stands up and grabs the gauze, wrapping some around his hand and taping it. Angel came to see if he was all right? What did it mean? He walks slowly back into the living room and sits down. Angel is staring at the floor when Wes returns, brooding.

"Angel...are *you* all right?" Wesley asks.

"Me?" Angel looks up surprised.

"Yes." Wesley sits back in his chair.

"Oh. Oh, yeah I...I'm fine I guess." Angel stutters, not sounding fine in the least.

"Ah." Wesley sits still. Obviously Angel was affected by the events of the other night, but how? He sighs. "What is it you really want to know, Angel?" A rare bit of directness, because Wesley knows they could dance around this forever.

Blinking at the other man, Angel drops his eyes and starts to pick nervously at the edge of his coat. "I...I uh...was wondering...I mean...I just wanted to make sure..."

"Make sure of what?" Wesley's voice is edgy, almost desperate sounding.

"That I didn't...that I haven't..." Getting more and more nervous, Angel starts to make less and less sense. "I hope I haven't...you know...I just wanted to make sure..."

Wesley's voice is more desperate, edging a little perhaps on hysteria. "Make sure...what? I'm still your friend? I'm anything you want, Angel.... I just don't know if I can look you in the eye anymore after all I did and said."

Mouth dropping open, Angel stares at Wesley. Anything he wants? His body reacts predictably to that. Shaking himself he says with confusion. "What *you* did?"

"Yes. I *knew*, not long into it, that you weren't seeing me. That you thought I was someone else. And still I stayed in your arms. I kissed you, I touched you, I...” He ducked his head. "It was the most incredible sexual experience I ever had, Angel, and you didn't even know it was me. And still I can't get it out of my head. I see it over and over again, feel it, smell it, taste it." His eyes squeeze shut, his voice pained.

"Oh god I'm so sorry Wes!"

"What do you have to be sorry for? You weren't conscious of what you were doing and I was. I hate myself, Angel, I hate myself for taking advantage of... whatever it was that you were going through."

"No!" Angel shakes his head. "You shouldn't feel bad Wes really. I mean, maybe I was aware, I don't know, it's all so blurred..." Angel doesn't realize that in trying to make Wesley feel better, his words might well be making things worse.

Wesley groans and opens his eyes. "Before this...I could tell myself, at least, if you didn't want me, at least you didn't want anyone else. I could keep everything buried and pretend I didn't want you every minute of the day. Now I know the truth and I don't know if I can still be here."

"The truth?" Angel says hesitantly. "Are...are you sure that's the...truth?" Angel keeps his eyes lowered, twisting his hands together.

"You told me, Angel. It was family you were thinking of. Your boys. Not me." Wesley slams his hands on the chair arms, then winces at the pain. "Why are you making me say this? Confirm over and over how little I matter?"

"But you are...you and Cordy...um I mean...I...I..." Angel starts to protest but then trails off into confusion again, not sure how to explain things.

Wesley looks at him. "What?"

"I...I...I mean, my demon...I...he...I...um..."

"Please, Angel...just say what you have to say. I've been turning this over in my head for two days trying to figure out if I should stay or go. Just *tell* me what you came to tell me so I can know what to do."

"Well, um, god Wes, I'm a *vampire*!" Angel squirms with discomfort.

Despite everything, this pulls a tormented laugh from Wesley. "I'm *aware* of that, Angel."

"You *know* what vampires are like..."

Wesley's brow furrows in confusion. "*What* are you talking about, Angel?"

"You mean you *don't* know?" Angel looks up momentarily, surprised. "Oh. Oh, well then." Lowering his eyes again he sighs. "Vampires usually keep others around for one of five reasons. No matter whether they're vampire, human or otherwise."

"And what would those be?" Wesley is in Watcher mode now, listening intently, intellectual curiosity aroused.

"For political reasons, as servants or minions, if they're family, as toys, or as food." Angel recites. Wesley's eyes are suddenly bright, burning with need.

One more question will tell him everything he needs to know, and he's trembling a little with the awesome possibilities that might follow the answer. "And which am I?"

"F...family." Angel whispers, unaware of Wesley's fervent gaze. Wesley almost sobs. Almost.

His voice is shaky as he speaks. "Family? I'm really...family?" It changes everything. He *means* something to Angel. He can't leave now, even if it means living with the pain of never having Angel again.

"Y...yes." Angel nods. He hears the shake in Wesley's voice and interprets it as anger, not believing that Wesley would think being that family of a vampire to be a good thing.

"Then I'll stay. I'll learn to live with the fact you don't want me." Wesley sighs and swallows. "I could never leave you, Angel, not as long as you feel *something* for me. Even if it's not what I feel for you."

Finally raising his head again, Angel stares at Wesley, not quite getting what he's saying for a long minute. "Huh? Don't...want...feel...?"

Wesley just nods, thinking Angel is confirming that he doesn't want Wes.

"Huh?" Angel asks again.

Wesley furrows his brow again, confused. "What don't you understand?"

"You...er...want me?" Angel asks, wide-eyed.

"Didn't I make that clear the other night? And tonight?"

"Um..." Angel swallows, "Maybe you did...have...Are you sure you...?"

"Yes. I'm sure." Thinking to answer the question, Wes closes his eyes as the memories of the other night flood back and he is helpless to prevent his physical reaction to those memories.

"Oh...oh wow...er well...” Angel swallows again. He can smell Wesley's sudden arousal and it triggers his own.

Wesley nods and sighs. He can see, clearly, and feel, that skin underneath his hands, against his mouth, feel Angel holding him. "It's all right, Angel. I know I'm not what you want."

"Wh...what do you mean?" Angel asks in bemusement.

"I'm not a vampire. I'm not gorgeous, or graceful, or sexy. I'm not Spike."


"Your boy. Who you thought I was the other night. Like you said, I'm slender, like him, and blue eyes, but the resemblance ends there. I was a stand-in, and a poor one at that. You should tell him, really you should."

"Yeah right. Like he doesn't know." Angel grumps under his breath.

"How could he? You never tell anyone anything. I've been pouring my heart out here and I still am only barely aware of where I stand with you."

Angel sighs. Spike knows, he's always known exactly how much Angel wants him, and takes every opportunity to torment him with that knowledge. Turning his attention back to the main subject he says quietly, "But I've told you, you're family."

Wesley sighs. "What does that *mean*? Am I missing something?"

"Er...surely you've seen pictures of my family?" Angel asks.

"Yes." Wesley looks even more confused and lost.

"Um...what would you say they all have in common?" Angel tries to lead Wesley to the realization. Wes wracks his brain. Well three of them have blue eyes, but not Drusilla.

He runs other things through his head, and finally throws up his hands. "I don't know, Angel."

Sighing, Angel glances up at the ceiling. "They're all gorgeous."

Wesley stops, and blinks. "So you think I'm...but...I'm...” He can't see himself that way. He's always been, in his mind, the uncomfortable, awkward boy he was in school. The one that never drew second looks from anyone.

"Yes." Angel nods, "Yes I do."

Wesley's mind struggles to deal with it. "So you...you...you want me?" His voice is thin, going up high on the last word.

"Yes." Angel whispers, closing his eyes. Wesley's arousal surges up at that, his pulse pounding in his ears, cock straining against his jeans, his whole body alive and nerves singing.

Shuddering as a wave of pheromones from Wesley encompasses his senses, Angel moans quietly. His cock hardens in his trousers, clearly outlined beneath the black material. Wesley opens his eyes wide as he sees Angel's reaction, his hard-on. "Angel...can you... ummm...*tell*...that I'm aroused?"

"Y...yes." Angel says tightly. "I can...smell it."

"And did that cause.... ummm.... your reaction?"

"Mmhmm." Angel nods, taking a deep breath for control before realizing how stupid a thing that was to do. Wesley stops, and thinks. He hovers on the edge of indecision for a long moment, before pushing out of his chair and walking towards Angel.

Looking up, Angel watches him come towards him. "Wes?" He asks, unsure what the other man is about to do.

"Yes Angel?"

"W...what are you doing?"

"I want you, and you want me. So I'm coming over to you. Should I stop? Am I reading this wrong?"

"Er...the curse...?" Angel asks in a strangled tone.

"I doubt I'd make you perfectly happy, Angel." Wesley smiles weakly. "Just the fact you're so worried about losing it should keep you from getting all the way happy."

"I...I guess..."

"So...” Wesley moves over to kneel in front of Angel.

"So..." Angel echoes, his wide eyes on Wesley as he moves onto his knees.

Wesley sighs. "Do you really want me or not?" Wesley's suddenly not so sure. But he lifts his hands, body still trembling with need and arousal, and rests them on the tops of Angel's thighs.

Swallowing with desire and disbelief, Angel gives him a shaky nod. "I...I do. Do...you really want me?"

"Oh god yes," Wesley says, pushing up from the floor, pressing his lips against Angel's in a desperate kiss.

Moaning quietly, Angel returns the kiss, automatically taking control. His hands float up to cup Wesley's head as he tilts his head to deepen the kiss. Wesley moans and moves as Angel's hands curl around his head. His whole body is quivering, his pulse still pounding hard.

Slowly sliding his hands down onto Wesley's shoulder and then onto his upper arms, Angel takes a firm grip, pulling the human up onto his lap. Wesley whimpers as he is pulled, feeling Angel's hard-on pressing against him. His own hands slide down Angel's sides and onto his hips.

Mirroring, Angel's hands moving down Wesley's sides to his hips. But he doesn't stop there, he cups Wesley's ass, squeezing lightly. Wesley moans and rocks forward. Their fabric-covered erections press together.

Hissing, Angel bucks his hips up against Wesley, his fingers clenching convulsively. Wesley whimpers. He leans in to kiss the hollow of Angel's throat and nuzzles down onto his chest.

Growling lightly in response to the whimper, Angel pulls the hem of Wesley's shirt upwards until he can slide his hands underneath the fabric to stroke over bare skin. Wesley pulls in a sharp breath. His hands move up to start undoing the buttons of Angel's shirt.

Eyes slowly flecking with amber, Angel strips Wesley of his shirt in one move by tearing it open and pushing the silk off his shoulders. Wesley half-gasps, half-sobs, as the moment reminds him of the other night. The same passion, the same fierceness. His head drops automatically back, baring his throat.

His growl growing louder, Angel takes hold of the back of Wesley's neck, pulling him forward so he can press his nose into his neck, sniffing at his pulse. Wesley whimpers again at the growl, and moans. "Ohhh god Angel yessssss....” His fingers are still working the buttons of Angel's shirt, finally getting them done, and sliding back up onto his chest.

Snarling quietly, Angel pushes Wesley upright. "I can smell someone else on you." His voice is low and dangerous as he speaks.

Wesley looks down and nods. His heart plummets. "I went to a bar...tried to...block out what happened. I thought you didn't want me."

Yellow eyes seem to glare and Wesley as Angel reaches out to raise his chin. "You will clean him off of you." His tone brooks no argument.

"I'll go shower now." Wesley nods and stands up, still throbbing with need, and starts walking towards the bathroom.

An approving growl follows Wesley into the bathroom. Somewhere in his mind, Angel wonders at his sudden switch in behavior.

Wesley unzips and slides off his jeans, turning on the water and stepping under the spray. Wes begins lathering up the sponge, scrubbing hard, starting with his groin and ass, then moving to the other areas where the man touched him last night. His hard cock is already throbbing, and he closes his eyes and enjoys the sensual feeling of touching and washing himself. He's completely focused on washing the last of his body when he suddenly finds himself propelled forward into the tile wall. Wesley oofs and loses his breath, his hands scrabbling against the tiles as his brain struggles to realize it's Angel behind him.

"That's somewhat better." Angel whispers into his ear as he presses his naked body against Wesley's back.

Wesley moans. "Ohhh fuck." He lays head back on Angel's chest. He's slick and still soapy from his second go-round with the soap to get clean, and he slides against Angel. He can feel his massive cock pressing into the divide between his cheeks.

A low chuckle answers his exclamation. "That's the idea." Angel rocks his hips, rubbing his cock against Wesley’s ass. Wesley is held by strong arms. He slides his hands down onto Angel's hips, pulling his ass back tighter against Angel as he rubs against him.

Nipping lightly at the nape of Wesley's neck, Angel slides his hands around to his soap-slicked chest. Stroking his fingertips lightly over the muscles, he works his way in slowly tightening circles to Wesley's tightened nipples. Wesley is moaning and gasping at his touches, his body still writhing against Angel's. He's limited in what he can do, and utterly under Angel's control and he loves the feeling.

Dipping his knees Angel slips his cock between Wesley's parted legs. With a quiet growl he starts to thrust, running his length over Wesley's perineum and rubbing against his balls. Wesley rocks his hips more, rubbing against the cock between his legs, and lays his head back further, turning so he can kiss and lick at the side of Angel's neck.

Raising his chin Angel moans, grinding his hips more. His hands slide down to wrap around Wesley's hips, guiding his movements. Wesley's hands move to stroke over the back on Angel's hands and up his arms. What little he knows about vampire sexual habits is coming in snatches, and he decides to try something, nipping lightly on the place where Angel's neck joins his shoulder. A submissive bite, not a dominant one like on the throat.

A rumbling growl sounds in Angel's chest as he presses Wesley hard into the wall, tilting his head and returning the bite, but on Wesley's neck. Wesley turns his head to bare his throat more with a soft moan. "Ohhh god," he breathes. Chuckling darkly, Angel bites again, harder, scraping his human teeth over Wesley's pulse.

"Yessss....” Wesley wonders if Angel will actually bite him, and the thought makes his cock pulse and twitch.

Pulling away, Angel spins Wesley around. Wesley looks up, shocked. "Something wrong?"

Smiling wickedly, Angel shakes his head. "No, nothing's wrong." Wesley squirms a bit against Angel, still looking into his eyes, trying to figure out what to do next. Licking his lips, Angel looks down, drawing Wesley's attention to Angel’s own hard cock. Wesley licks his own lips and sinks down onto his knees.

He lifts a hand to work back the foreskin and starts licking over the head as his one hand slides up and down the shaft. His other hand braces on Angel's thigh, kneading the muscles there. "Good boy." Angel growls, purposely this time. Wesley looks up with wide blue eyes at that.

Those two words make him quiver inside as he takes the head of Angel's cock into his mouth. His hands resting on Wesley's shoulders, Angel sighs quietly as he starts to rock his hips. Wesley moans and relaxes his jaw to take the thrusts as he licks and sucks. His lips are wrapped tight around his shaft, and his hand is still stroking around the base.

Angel's cock thrusts smoothly back and forth over Wesley's tongue and he moans quietly with pleasure. His fingers start to flex and knead at Wesley's shoulders. Wesley whimpers and moans, taking the face-fucking as Angel's thrusts get longer and harder, bit by bit, held firmly in place by Angel's strong hands.

"Very good." Angel moans, "I could almost believe you're been sucking my cock for years." He grins down at Wesley as he moves his hands upwards to cup Wesley's scalp. Wesley moans loudly at that, the vibrations humming over Angel's cock, and he sucks harder.

Shivering and chuckling again, Angel starts to thrust even harder. "You know, I just knew deep down you were the kind of boy who liked to suck cock." Wesley's eyes fix on Angel's and he moans again. His cock slaps against his belly with the fresh surge of arousal. This is like one of his most erotic dreams suddenly made real.

Angel's eyes glitter down at him as he takes a deep breath, grinning at the scent of Wesley's reaction. His balls are starting to feel tighter, throbbing with each thrust into Wesley's throat.

Wesley's breath comes in gasps each time Angel pulls back, and his hand on Angel's thigh moves up to cup and fondle Angel's tightening balls. "Yes." Angel hisses, rocking forward ever harder, his grip tightening around Wesley's head, starting to pull him into his thrusts. Wesley groans and relaxes his throat, feeling the head of Angel's cock press slightly into it each time.

Groaning loudly, Angel clenches his eyes tight as he comes, cum shooting into Wesley's throat. He holds Wesley's mouth against him for a few seconds through the hardest of his spurts. Wesley feels a short stab of fear mixed in with the arousal as he's held close, his breathing all but taken away by Angel's cock and the flow of cum.

After a few short seconds, Angel loosens his grip, letting Wesley pull back. Wesley keeps sucking and swallowing, taking in every last drop, finally pulling back as Angel's cock slides out of his mouth. "Did I...” He pauses. "Did I do all right?"

"Oh yeah." Angel grins. "You did very well. Such a good little boy." He growls approvingly.

Wesley smiles weakly, eyes bright. "I wanted to be a good boy for you."

"You were." Angel strokes his fingers through Wesley's hair. Wesley pushes against Angel's touch.

He chuckles after a moment. "May I get up now?"

"Well I suppose so. Even though I think you look very pretty on your knees." Angel leers down at him.

Wesley pushes up slowly. "I'll be glad to get on my knees again where there's a more forgiving surface." He snuggles in against Angel, body sliding slickly against him.

Laughing lightly, Angel wraps his arms around him. "I see."

Wesley sighs happily. "I really am your boy?"

"If you want to be..."

"I do. More than anything." Wesley presses his lips against Angel's.

Returning the kiss for a long moment, Angel slips his tongue between Wesley's lips, tangling their tongues together. Wesley whimpers softly into the kiss, then pulls back with a little yelp as the water suddenly runs cold. Angel chuckles and switches the shower off.

"Bloody fickle hot water," Wesley says, the slight vulgarity sounding odd coming from him. Angel's half-hard cock twitches as Wesley sounds like Spike for just that moment.

Wesley grabs a towel and start drying Angel without even consciously thinking about why he's drying him first. Angel has to fight back a grin at Wesley's unprompted submissive behavior. "So, are you feeling any better now?"

"Much better." Wesley grins, almost uncharacteristically for him.

"That's good." Angel smiles. Wesley finishes drying Angel then starts drying himself. He's happier at this moment than he's ever been. "So..." Angel begins, his cock is already hardening again. "Did you want me to go?"

"No. No I don't."

"So what *do* you want?" Angel asks. Masking his amusement by not meeting Wesley's eyes he suggests. "We could go out for a drink or something to eat of you don't want to stay in?"

Wesley whimpers, pressing up against Angel, his own still-hard cock pressing against his belly. "I'd rather stay in."

"Yeah?" Angel strokes his hand down Wesley's back and onto his ass. "What was it you fancied doing?"

Wesley bites his lips and looks down. "I was rather hoping...since I'm your boy...” He swallows, not sure if he can say the words. "That you would.... *cough* shag me."

"Shag you?" Angel asks, leaning down to nuzzle at Wesley's ear. "Is that what you want? Or would you rather I fuck you, hard?"

Wesley moans. "I'd rather you fuck me hard."

"Well," Angel chuckles, "I'm sure I could manage that. I hope you've got plenty of lube."

Wesley blushes and nods. "I do." He drops his eyes.

"Do you want it here?" Angel asks, nipping his ear, "Up against the wall? Or would you rather I fuck you elsewhere?"

"Anywhere you want. But the lube is in the bedroom."

"Perhaps there would be the best place to start then." Angel grins. "Lead on."

Wesley shivers at the words 'to start'. "This way." He takes Angel back to his bedroom.

It's a spare, almost monkish room. The bed itself is sturdy though, with a wrought iron frame. Angel can see rings welded to each bedpost and signs that chains or other things have scraped on the rings at some point. Angel smirks as he takes in those signs. "Nice bedframe." Wesley blushes deeper. He goes to the bedside table, opening the drawer and taking out a large tube of astroglide.

Coming up behind him, Angel cups Wesley's ass, squeezing his cheeks. Wesley groans. "Oh god." He slides the lube back down towards Angel.

Taking the tube, Angel grins, swiping his tongue over the side of Wesley's neck. "Bend over the side of the bed." He whispers hotly.

Wesley gasps and moans, bending over, spreading his legs, ass up for Angel. "Ohhhh fuck."

"Like I said, that's the idea." Angel chuckles. Squeezing a glob of lube into his palm, he tosses the tube onto the mattress. "Tell me, exactly how hard a fucking is it you're wanting?" He asks as he slicks too fingers and slides them between Wesley's cheeks.

Wesley whimpers. "As hard as you can give me without breaking me."

"Oh good." Angel sighs happily as he thrusts one finger into Wesley's ass. Wesley pushes back against the finger, groaning loudly.

Twisting the finger inside Wesley's channel, Angel quickly adds a second, stretching him a little roughly. Wesley whimpers. "Ohhh yes." He pushes back harder, rocking onto the finger. He's no virgin, and he’s used to rough treatment.

Angel licks his lips as he watches his fingers move inside Wesley's hole. "You like it rough then Wes?" He asks, pulling out his fingers and slicking them up again.

"Yes, Angel, yes I do." Wesley's head is down and his pose utterly submissive.

"Well that's good then isn't it? Since you're going to get fucked by a master vampire isn't it?" Pressing the two fingers back inside, Angel twists them back and forth, scissoring them.

Wesley nods. "Yes." He shivers and his hands clench in the bed sheets. Especially considering the size of Angel's cock, he's going to be impaled on it. Even though he wants it hard and rough, he's still not a vampire, he won't heal if Angel tears him the way he does his childer.

Adding a third finger, Angel continues to stretch him. Wesley moves with the fingers, appreciating the care Angel is taking.

"You know. You'd fit in really well with my William and my Gabriel." Angel says conversationally as he adds his fourth finger. "I always used to love watching them play together." Wesley looks back around at Angel, wondering if he's suggesting what Wes thinks he is.

Whatever it is, it gets him even more aroused. Angel looks innocently back at Wesley for a moment before curling his fingers inside him. Wesley groans and puts his head down again, electricity shooting through him as Angel's fingers brush his prostate. Using the rest of the lube in his palm, Angel slicks up his cock. "Ready to be fucked?"

Wesley nods. "Ohhhh god, dear lord, yes Angel."

"Get yourself comfortable then." Angel smirks, pulling his fingers free. Wes crawls up onto the bed, settling on hands and knees. His movements are unintentionally graceful, pale limbs gleaming in the soft light of the room.

Feeling his cock throb in anticipation, Angel follows him onto the bed, coming to kneel behind him. He slowly strokes his hand down Wesley's spine and ass. Wesley is panting, head down, his own cock weeping precum by now. He arches his back to press against Angel's hand.

Parting the cheeks of Wesley's ass, Angel rubs the tip of his cock over his opening. "You're sure you want this?"

Wesley nods and keens. "Please, yes, Angel, please. I want it so much."

"That's what I like to hear." Angel grins and starts to press his hips forward, slowly breaching Wesley's muscles. Wesley forces himself to relax, to let Angel's massive cock stretch him to the limit. He is pulled tight, feeling as if he's being split in two, but the delicate tissues don't tear. He manages, somehow, to accommodate Angel's cock.

"Oh yeah." Angel sighs. "Nice and tight around my cock." Inching deeper, Angel holds on firmly to Wesley's hips.

Wesley groans and wriggles. He can't push back; he can only ride this fucking out. "If you only knew how many times I pictured this in my head."

"How many?" Angel chuckles.

"Pretty much every night since I met you, back in Sunnydale."

"Well, isn't that nice to know." Angel says with a slight growl as he slides to the hilt inside him. "So you haven't been giving the others speculative looks then?"

"No." Wes moans. "I did have a small crush on Cordelia for a while but that fizzled the first time we kissed."

"Ahh, so not thoughts of bending her over like this?" Angel circles his hips a little, grinding against Wesley's ass. Wesley shakes his head and whimpers softly. He can feel himself stretching, his body getting used to that massive cock. "Shame, I bet she'd look good writhing on your cock." Angel slides his hands soothingly up and down Wesley's spine, trying to ease his muscles.

Wesley's eyes widen. He suddenly pieces together the earlier comment about Cordy being family as well. "You think about Cordelia...like this?"

"Sometimes, when she flaunts herself at me."

Wesley nods. He knows exactly what Angel means - he's seen her stretch and preen when Angel is around.

Squeezing Wesley's ass again, Angel rocks his hips slightly. "So, is this what you wanted?"

Wesley drops his head. "Harder, please, Angel."

"Ok then." Angel grins, "Brace yourself."

Wesley grips into the sheets and nods. "Ready."

Taking a firm grip on Wesley's hips, Angel pulls slowly before thrusting in hard and setting up a fast rough pace. Wesley moans and whimpers and keens, writhing on Angel's cock as he is cored hard. His own cock bobs underneath him with the movements.

Leaning over his back, Angel whispers in his ear, "Don't even think of coming until I tell you."

"Yes, Angel." Wes gasps out. He groans and holds onto a shred of self-control to keep his cock in line.

"Good boy." Angel chuckles a little breathlessly, reaching around to give Wesley's cock a quick stroke. Wesley whimpers and nearly loses control at the feel of Angel's hand on him.

Bracing his hands on the mattress on either side of Wesley's torso, Angel starts to pound harder into his ass, his balls slapping hard against him. Wesley groans and pushes back. "Ohhh fuck, yesss, Master." The word slides out without Wesley realizing it.

Angel groans as the word registers. "Good little slave-boy." Wesley gasps as he hears that. He hadn't known he'd said the word, but he wasn't going to take it back. He just pushes back harder against Angel.

"Is this hard enough for you?" Angel growls, "Am I fucking you hard enough slut?"

"Yes, Master," Wesley replies. He shivers as Angel uses the dirty language, it makes him feel vaguely wicked and makes his cock throb.

Moving back onto his knees, Angel pulls Wesley up until his straddling his lap, chest to back. Wesley rises as Angel's hips push up, burying his cock deeper inside him. He is sheened in a thin coating of sweat now, more from arousal and need than the exertion of the hard fucking.

Guiding Wesley's hips up and down, Angel moves him in counterpoint to his thrust, making the fucking that little bit harder. Dropping his face forward he licks up Wesley's neck again, tracing his jugular.
Wesley bares his neck and whimpers softly. His pulse is throbbing like a frightened rabbit, but he longs, deep inside, to know what it's like to be bitten.

Snarling quietly, Angel speeds his thrusts, nipping at the bared throat beneath his mouth. Wesley keeps moaning and whimpering. His hands slide down over Angel's sides, his hips, the sides of his muscular thighs, wanting contact as he's being fucked. He breathes out, between whimpers, almost inaudible even to Angel. "Please." Like a prayer.

"Please what?" Angel asks, hushed, his breath whispering across Wesley's skin.

"Give me your hunger," Wesley moans.

Growling, Angel lets his face change, rubbing the ridges of his demon face over Wesley's shoulder. Wesley pants hard, his whole body reacting to the feel. He's seen the face, he knows what he's feeling. The sexy beast inside Angel, the demon that is part of what he is. He arches his neck more, offering himself.

Purr-growling, Angel traces his fangs up to Wesley's ear. "You want me to bite you Wes? Is that it? You want my fangs in your neck?"

"Yesssss, oh god help me yes Angel I do..."

Chuckling wickedly, Angel starts to draw random patterns with his fangs over Wesley's neck and shoulder.
Wesley breath keeps coming in short gasps. A delicious mix of fear and lust and need courses through him. Angel can feel his balls starting to throb and churn as his orgasm draws closer and closer.

Tightening his grip on Wesley's hips he moves him up and down his cock faster, as he thrusts harder. Wesley's cock is throbbing with the need to release, but at the moment Wes' attention is all focused on those two sharp fangs on his neck and shoulder.

Unerringly finding Wesley's pulse point, Angel slowly sinks his fangs into his throat. Wesley cries out almost orgasmically as he feels the bite. His blood is filled with all his need and fear and emotion.

Groaning, Angel starts to drink deeply, his cock pulsing inside Wesley's stretched ass. "Ohhhhhh yes oh yes oh yesss yess yessss...." Wesley breathes out between moans.

With another loud, growling groan, Angel starts to come, emptying his heavy balls into Wesley's channel. His fangs tighten bit by bit on Wesley's throat with each spasm of his cock. Wesley whimpers now. "Please please please please let me cum oh please Master please...."

Snarling, Angel stops drinking long enough to snap out permission for Wesley to come. Wesley all but explodes; the pent-up need making his balls empty, shooting over and over and over again. His whole body shakes and his channel tightens on Angel's cock, making the vampire groan and snarl again at the feel of it.

Grinding his hips against Wesley's ass, Angel starts to drink again, drinking eagerly, too eagerly. Wesley moans, the bliss of the bite coursing through him. He writhes against Angel, but he doesn't resist the bite, the orgasmic drinking.

Purring around the wound, Angel closes his eyes, slowly lowering them to lie on their sides on the bed, still spooned together, Angel's cock still filling his ass.

Wesley whimpers softly. He can feel now, the draining weakening him, and he knows he should say something. But there's a darkness inside him. A beast of his own, coiled, that welcomes this. If he ends here, now, he ends in near perfect happiness and he doesn't speak a word.

Angel is sunk deeply in the pleasure of feeding. The fast pounding of Wesley's heart in his ears is exhilarating. The thick sweet taste of his blood in his mouth is glorious. It's enough to haze his mind and make his demon purr.

Wesley surrenders, utterly and completely. Embraces the darkness, welcomes it. To be swallowed by his love, to become part of him forever. His heart pounds hard and then finally begins to stutter as the blood loss pushes him into unconsciousness.

As the sound of his stuttering heart breaks through the blood-haze Angel pulls away from the wound with a curse. Sitting up he stares down at Wesley with horrified eyes. "Oh god! What have I done?" Wesley lies limply on the bed. He hears Angel as if through a great gulf but there is nothing he can do.

For one long breathless moment, Angel is frozen with his horror. As Wesley's heart starts to struggle desperately, he breaks out of his stillness. He has to fix this, but he can't - it's too late to take him to the hospital, far too late. There's only one thing he can do, one terrible terrible option open to him.

Wesley's lifeblood is leaking out. He can see the darkness coming, consuming him, and he moves to it. No bright light for him, no heavenly choir. He had always suspected, but now he knew.

Lifting Wesley into his arms and cradling him to his chest, Angel cuts a deep gash across one pectoral muscle. Cupping Wesley's head, he presses his slightly parted lips to the wound. "Drink Wesley." He says in a deep voice, his tone regretful and pain-filled, yet there's the slightest bit of anticipation. "Drink of me and be mine. My childe."

Wesley feels it more than hears it. The red water of life, of unlife, calling to him. Somehow the blood trickles into his mouth, makes it possible to suck, to pull. To pull him out of the greater darkness of oblivion to this lesser one. To join with the man and demon he loved.

"That's it." Angel coos. "That's a good boy." He starts to rock them gently. "Keep drinking." Closing his eyes, Angel reaches out with his senses, with his demon, to try and reach this new childe of his, to form their blood-bond before it's too late.

With unconscious obedience, Wesley keeps drinking. The thick, rich blood fills his mouth, and he can finally see the Beast in all its glory. The demon inside Angel, reaching out to him, speaking silent words Wesley somehow can understand. Promising safety and shelter and unlife forever. Wesley runs to the beast, curling in its dark embrace. The demon embraces Wesley's spirit, cradling it close, purring soothingly.

Turning his awareness away, Angel reaches in another direction, following that ephemeral link through his blood, back through his bloodline to where Aurelius began. He can feel *them* there and he sends out the call, picturing Wesley in his mind, remembering their times together, what he knows of his personality, and he waits. It seems like he waits an eternity, but in reality it's only seconds before one *them* answers the call.

Slowly he draws back to the present, to this time and place and it follows. He can see once more his demon cradling Wesley, speaking in the old secret tongue to him. And it's now that he can see the demon that has followed him back, now as it moves closer to where Wesley's spirit is curled in the protective hold of Angel's demon.

Wesley's spirit looks up, seeing the demon there. The demon, the beast, ready to join with Wesley, if he will only take its hand. Wesley doesn't hesitate. He knows it is the only way to get what he desires, what he's always desired in the darkest places in his soul - union with Angel, and Angelus. He takes its hand and the demon and spirit meld together, the two of them becoming one. The shock of it is like a bomb, and Wesley slumps, limp in Angel’s arms. The meld has taken, and Wesley will wake soon as Angel's newest childe.

Opening his eyes, Angel looks down on Wesley's limp form. He can hear his heart beating weakly, slowly, his lungs struggling to take breath.

But they're just echoes now, echoes of living in a body even now being taken over by a vampiric demon. He can feel it creeping into Wesley's body, invading every cell. The blood-bond is starting to spark and hum to life, new and electric and whole. Wesley's body hangs for a few precious seconds, caught between life and unlife until...there a last shuddering breath and stuttered heartbeat and Wesley's chest stills.

Closing his eyes, Angel lays Wesley down reverently. It is done.

Angel waits with Wesley. He torments himself, a bit, with looking at the face and body of Wesley. Realizing he's so very similar to the other boys. To Penn, to William, even to poor doomed Lawson. Another slender blue-eyed boy. Hating himself even as he's eager, inside, to see what sort of childe Wesley will be.

A few hours later, a small eternity later, there it is. The flutter of lashes as blue eyes are visible again. The first word, the only word, uttered as Wesley sits up and presses himself into Angel's arms.



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