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FIC: Initiation Rites (Spike/Angel AU, Adults Only, Warrior!Verse) - Angel the Series [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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FIC: Initiation Rites (Spike/Angel AU, Adults Only, Warrior!Verse) [Apr. 12th, 2006|08:22 am]
Angelus' Place


Little aside- my Jossverse slash rp needs players- info and links here-

A note of explanation- Warriors aren’t fully human. They mature much faster. So a Warrior of thirteen is the physical and mental equivalent of an eighteen-year-old human. So this is *not* underage sex. The manip under the cut will make it abundantly clear that both Spike and Spirit are full-grown.

AUTHORS: Salustra and Petxnd
E-MAILS: Salustra: goddess_salustra@juno.com ; PetXnd: petxnd@yahoo.co.uk .
TITLE: Initiation Rites
RATING: FRAO, Adults only,
PAIRING: Spike/ Angel
Warrior!Verse Overview: This is an AU fic where Xander, from a settled lowland farming tribe, is taken by a Prince from a Warrior tribe (Spike) with the intent of becoming his mate. The Warriors are an odd mix of Tuareg, American Indian, and Mongol with a heavy fantasy element thrown in. All Warriors have animal spirits that give them powers of a sort, mostly physical. Name equivalents for the Warriors- Spirit = Angel, Watcher = Wesley, Snake = Lindsey, Ripper = Giles, Runecarver = Penn.
SUMMARY: This is a prequel- the day of Spike’s and Spirit’s initiation rites into manhood. Fourth story in the Warrior!verse.
Distribution: Various lists, Wierd Romance Yahoo Group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WierdRomance ;
My livejournal - http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=salustra ; and the website Weird Romances- http://www.salustra.vague-disclaimer.org . Anyplace else is fine, just let us know where it’s going.
SPOILERS: None. Completely AU.
WARNINGS: Slash content, bloodplay.
DISCLAIMER: We adore playing with the boys, but we’re just having fun. No money made, don’t sue us!
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Length: 3,934 words.

Previous stories here-

Small mostly-worksafe manip under the cut, by darker_fae -

Spike was ready for his initiation. He was naked except for his loincloth, ritually painted, and he went in search of his best friend Spirit. The two of them were always together, and he wanted to be beside him when they dreamed.

Spirit looked up. He'd just finished being painted. He looked up as Spike entered a cloak pulled round him. He smiled, they'd been friends all their lives, one a Prince, the other his faithful friend. "Are you all right?"

"Just nervous. We're going to become men today. Get real swords, go to battle, and *everything*."

Spirit smiled. "We've waited long enough! It’s not as if we're not ready! Maker knows you've been on about this for the past year." Neither of them had spoken of it, they both hoped when they dreamed of their mates to be, they would dream of each other.

Spike sighed. "I know. I know. It's just...” He squirmed nervously.

"Spike, spit it out, not like we haven't been friends since we were babes!"

"We're going to find out who we're intended for. And then...we have to take lovers."

Spirit grinned. "Well, yeah. I mean you know how I feel. I haven't said, but I hope I dream of you and you of me, but even if we don't we will always be friends and maybe something more?" He looked away.

Spike reached out a hand to touch Spirit but had to drop it, couldn't smear the paint. "Definitely, Spirit."

Spirit nodded. "Maybe we are meant or each other. It would be... *nice* if we were."

"More than nice," Spike adds quickly.

Spirit grinned. "I... I wasn't sure how you felt."

"Well I feel...I feel so much. I thought you knew."

"Well I hoped but you’re a prince and all... Anyway, just so you know, I want it too, you and me. I think we'd be good together."

Spike nodded. "I think so too. I mean, we've always been together."

"Yeah always and we've always got along, seems the logical choice really."

"The dreams aren't always logical though."

Spirit sighed, "No they're not. Ripper says the spirits know who is best suited for us and that's often not who we think.

Spirit shuddered. "Ripper frightens me."

Spirit snorted. "He doesn't frighten me so much, but he's seldom wrong and his magic is strong."

Spike has to shrug at that. "He's just so....I don't know."

"He's Shaman, he's bound to be different, the spirit is so very strong in him."

"Yes. I suppose you're right."

Spirit rested a hand lightly on Spike's shoulder. "He's not going to harm us Spike. Just go through the rites with us and help us to dream."

Spike sighed. "How do you always make me feel better?"

Spirit pulled his hand back and laughed. "It’s my job, been doing it since we were kids."

"Yeah but I'm the prince." Spike grinned.

Spirit snorted. "As you never fail to remind me!"


Spirit looked at him seriously. "I wouldn't have it any other way Spike, you know that. Too much responsibility, too many people looking to you all the time, not my thing, but that's not to say I couldn't be a supportive mate."

Spike's eyes twinkle. "Yeah, only thing with us would be figuring out who was dominant."

Spirit laughed... "Well *me* of course!"

"Why 'of course'? I'm pretty dominant."

Spirit chuckled... "I am four days older and about two inches and a couple of stone heavier!"

"Mmmm. Well we'll see, I suppose." Spike licks his lips.

Spirit raised an eyebrow, "We will indeed!"

Spike grinned. "Well, I'm ready to go face Ripper now."

Spirit reached for his cloak. "Time to find out, one way or the other. Whatever happens Spike, I'll always be your friend."

"And I'll be yours. We know everything about each other and I hope that never changes."

Spirit nodded "Don't see why it should. Even if we're not meant to be and we mate with others, we can still be friends, still close."

"We can. Just wanted to make sure you felt the same way I did."

Spirit smiled. " I do my friend, I do."

"Good." The two of them head down. All the boys reaching their thirteenth summer are coming to be initiated today.

There are about eight boys there all shapes and sizes, but the dark-haired Spirit is head and shoulder above them, except for Spike, who is almost as tall, but much more slender. All the boys look nervous and cast anxious glances to each other and especially Spike.

Ripper comes in and looks at the cloaked boys. "Cloaks off."

Spike rolls his eyes at Spirit and the boys all drop their cloaks.

Spike is well-muscled but slender, pale white skin gleaming in the low firelight.

Spirit is heavier built than Spike, obviously strong, but without the defined muscles of the Prince, he glances appreciatively at Spike. He'd seen him undressed before of course, when they swam and bathed, but today it seems oddly different

"Stretch out on your cloaks," Ripper said. "And close your eyes."

Spike lay down carefully, looking one last time at Spirit with a smile before he closed his eyes.

Spirit smiled at his friends, he gave up a silent prayer to the Maker that he and Spike would dream of each other. 'Good luck' he mouthed silently before laying down himself, eyes closed.

Ripper began to chant, casting fragrant resins and woods into the fire, causing deep spicy odors that lulled them into a trance-like sleep along with the chanting.

Spirit felt himself grow drowsy and finally fell asleep, trying to think of Spike

Spike dropped deep into sleep. He was walking through a field and he saw him. A gangly youth with dark hair and dark eyes. But not Spirit. He could see the face so clearly, so very clearly. It burned into his brain and he knew he would never forget it.

Spirit tried desperately to keep the image of Spike. But then he was at the games, those held every year between the warrior tribes, friendly contests of skill and courage and he came up on a boy, about his age but smaller and slight, It wasn't Spike, the hair was very dark blond, he turned, clear blue eyes and a bright smile. Another young warrior, but not Spike.

They awoke later, not sure how long had passed. Ripper was chanting and tossing sprigs of dried mint on the fire to wake them.

Spirit woke groggily. The boy he'd seen had been very handsome and he already felt drawn to him, but he still felt a loss that it hadn't been Spike. He glanced at him and smiled weakly.

Spike looked back at him with the same weak smile. "I-it wasn't you," he whispered. "I'm sorry."

Spirit felt almost relieved, if Spike said he'd dreamed of him, he was going to lie and say he'd dreamed of Spike. He gave a sad nod. "It wasn't you either."

Spike reaches out his hand and squeezes Spirit's. "Was it someone here?

Spirit shook his head, "A warrior about my age, but no not anyone I've seen."

"I think mine was a farmer. Dark hair, dark eyes. And he was in a field." Spike looked at Spirit. "You know, we both still should take a lover. By tradition. Would you..." He looked down at the ground. "Would you be offended if I offered myself as your lover?"

Spirit's mouth dropped. "Offended? No of course not! I'd uh… I'd like it very much, you know that."

Spike smiled. "Good. So you want to meet at one of the bachelor tents tonight?"

Spirit nodded, "Yes of course." He paused. "A farmer huh? Dark, so probably one of the local lowland tribes Lynx maybe or Jaguar, they're mostly dark. Younger than you?"

"Hard to tell. He was a little taller. You know those farmers, thick muscles from working the fields."

"Thick heads too," He muttered, not unkindly. He shook his head "A warrior prince should marry a warrior. A prince from another warrior tribe I could understand... Are you sure you got it right?"

"It was very very clear. I could describe his face to the smallest detail."

"Mine was clear enough, I'd recognize him easily enough, smallest detail. Was he pretty?

Spike smiles warmly. "He was. Lovely, lovely eyes."

Spirit smiled, hiding a twinge of jealousy at the look in Spike's eyes..."If you describe him, I could draw him, if you want."

"Would you?"

"Sure, if that's what you want."

"You're good to me, Spirit."

Spirit shrugged. "It’s not a problem. I'll probably draw mine too."

"Have you gotten your sword yet?"

"Not yet, my Sire is giving it to me tonight. Have you got yours?"

"Same thing here. I'm not supposed to know but Runecarver told me already."

"He can't keep a secret that one. Has he seen his mate yet?"

"Yeah. Another farmer. Maybe it's a family trait, you know my Sire ended up with a farmer."

Spirit snorted. "They say it’s sometimes better, if the warrior is a very dominant personality, if his mate isn't another warrior. I know from my mother farming types tend to be placid, even tempered. Comes from being around stock I guess."

Spike's lips quirked. "Could be." He sighed. "Time to go to the feast now, I suppose, let everyone congratulate us on the rites."

"Yeah." Truth was they were both a little disappointed. Some of the other boys had dreamed of each other and were happily pairing up. Spirit and Spike walked side by side.

Spike reached out his hand to Spirit. They would always be friends. Always. He was determined that would be so.

Spirit smiled. He'd been so certain Spike would be his mate. Now he'd have to look for the boy he'd seen and suppose he didn't like him, he already knew he liked Spike, it would be so easy for it to become more.

The two of them reached the feast hand-in-hand. They had to answer questions from their well-meaning parents and sires, and there were congratulations on such clear dreams but it was obvious that they had expected the same thing the boys had.

They were each given lovely crafted swords from their sires. Spike's was a lean, slender, curved one that matched his slender stature. Spirit's was a massive bruiser of a sword his larger muscle mass could handle.

Spirit admired his sword and tried to look pleased. But it was obvious people had expected to congratulate them on becoming prospective mates. Even their Sires seem somewhat surprised. Spirit sighed and tried to enjoy the feast. Was it wise to become Spike's lover knowing he would have to give him up?

Spike suffered through the feast. He ate the delicacies, as propriety demanded, and waited for it to end so he could slink off to the bathing tent to wash away the paint. He relaxed, purring, in the hot water and let the vegetable-based paints soak off. His eyes were closed as he leaned back in the tub.

Spirit came in. He was relieved to see Spike there. There were a couple of the other boys washing off the ceremonial paint, but as he settled in the water, they left

Spike opened his eyes. Spirit's scent was familiar and he could tell his nearness with no other clue. "Sick of the feast as well?"

Spirit nodded. "Yeah never did like those sorts of things. " He hesitated. "Do you think our dreams were right? You don't think the herbs or something...?" He shrugged.

Spike shakes his head. "No. You know better than I do, the spirits know."

Spirit settled beside him. "Its just y'know I always *assumed* it'd be you. Not that the boy didn't look nice, pretty face, pale blue eyes, slim."

"Yeah. But you know what happens when you go against the dreams."

"Yeah, I wouldn't really. Just shocked I guess I mean *everyone* thought ... Even Ripper"

Spike nodded and moved over closer. "Yeah." He smiled at Spirit. "Tell you what. Until our mates show up, why don't we agree to be each other's only lover?"

Spirit smiled "Well I hadn't pictured it any other way and it might be years before we meet our mates."

"Might be." Spike moved closer still, and rested his head on Spirit's shoulder.

Spirit put his arm round him, sometimes they never meet, that’s sad but," He shrugged.

Spike nodded. He liked the solid feel of Spirit next to him. His friend. His soon-to-be-lover.

Spirit chuckled. "So umm how we gonna sort this out?"

"Sort what out?"

"Well who tops... I mean I've never... Have you?"

Spike shook his head. "No. I imagine we'd let the cats sort it out. The dominance is more important to them."

"Yeah I guess" Spirit kissed the top of his head.

Spike purred softly. "You ready to go to the tent?"

"Yeah, may as well I guess, paint’s all washed off."

Spike climbed out, drying his long pale limbs and pulling on just his outer robe. There was no need to dress properly since they would only take everything off again.

Spirit watched him, admiring his lithe muscled form and then levered himself out and quickly dried too, pulling on his robes, He looked at Spike. "You ready then?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Spirit smiled. "Come on then, let's see what the fuss is about." He took Spike's hand and they walked towards the bachelor tent, their first time there, now they were men.

Once inside Spike took off his robes and set them aside. He stretched out with feline grace on the furs, looking up at Spirit.

Spirit took off his robes and settled down on the furs. He reached over and stroked Spike's side. Spike purred and turned, sliding a hand over Spirit's chest. Spirit purred too. His touch became firmer, pulling Spike to him and kissing him gently.

Spike liked the sound of Spirit's purring, a deep rhythmic rumbling. He moaned and pressed into the kiss, tilting his head back. Spirit naturally moved forward as Spike tilted his head back so that he was soon over Spike, still kissing him, his hands moving over his body, caressing, learning his form.

Spike purred and moaned and arched, running his hands over the thick corded muscles of his friend. They had spent so much time together but this was new for them both, touching like this. Spirit was careful not to squash his friend, trying to keep most f his weight off him. He felt the hands running over his muscles and he purred loudly. His hands traced Spike's defined muscles and reveled in the smooth, warm skin. Both of them were quickly hardening, their cocks finally brushing together as they moved. Spike gasped and moaned loudly at the electric shock that went through him.

Spirit hesitated for a second, the strange and wonderful feeling of their hard cocks rubbing together. He liked the sensations and the noises Spike made, arching cat-like against him, He lowered a little of his weight and moved his hips, their cocks rubbing against each other. He gasped himself at the arousal that went through him. Spike purr-growled, his eyes going yellow as the arousal pulled his cat-spirit to the fore. Spirit's cat answered and his eyes slid to gold and he purr growled, moving harder against his slender friend.

Spike wrapped long legs around Spirit, rubbing, groaning, purring loudly, pushing his cock again and again over Spirit's.

Spirit growled and moved completely over him, growling as he ground down against Spike and rolled his hips pushing their cocks together. Spike could feel Spirit pushing for dominance, using his greater bulk. Already under him, Spike was at a disadvantage. In the back of his mind, he figured that Spirit would win this round, but he wasn't giving in tamely. He scratched long nails down Spirit's back as he bucked up hard and struggled with a purr-growl. The look on his face of raw lust made it clear this was purely a sexual dominance fight, and not an attempt to deter Spirit's advances.

Spirit hissed as Spike clawed down his back and he growled and nipped with sharp fangs on his neck just breaking the skin. He knew he was at an advantage. His greater weight had Spike pinned down and Spike's look of raw lust matched his own. Spirit knew that he was the winner this time, but another time it could easily be Spike in the dominant position. Growling he ground down harder. Spike responded with more struggling and writhing, their bodies sliding slickly together as they both sweated from exertion. He could smell Spirit's blood and his own from the bite of the neck and the scratches, and he arched his neck. Submitting for the moment.

Spirit took the struggle for what it was, more of a sexual come on, than a real struggle. If Spike wanted to be free, Spirit had no doubt he'd have a hard time holding him. He growled deeper, holding slender hips in his hands and letting his weight subdue Spike. He took the arched neck for what it was and nips turned to licks and growls were interrupted with deep purrs as they both rubbed against each other.

Spike purred hard and moved against Spirit, whispering endearments and responding with soft yips and yowls and moans to Spirit's hands on him. It was just as well the two of them were now lovers. They were the two most dominant males in camp, and neither would have submitted to a lesser spirit.

Spirit purred as Spike submitted this time. He whispered to him how beautiful he was, how powerful and how much he loved him, he knew that next time it could very well be him submitting. He would never submit to a lesser spirit than Spike, it just wasn't conceivable.

Spike moaned as Spirit rolled him onto his belly and reached for the oil. He yowled and bucked as slicked fingers were pushed inside him, the sensations strange and wonderful. Spirit held him down and continued the invasion of fingers into him. Spike's cock throbbed as it was pressed against the furs.

Spirit wasn't terribly gentle. He was inexperienced and highly roused, but he knew the basics and what he lacked in gentleness he made up for with oil! Spike yowled and bucked up, but Spirit realized that this was with need and lust not pain and held him firm. Once he'd shoved three fingers inside, he searched for the button of nerves he'd been told to look for and brushed a finger firmly over it. Spike nearly leapt off the furs at the feel of a finger on that spot inside him. He'd known about it, his sire had told him in his lectures on coupling, but it was entirely different to actually *feel* it.

Spirit held on as Spike bucked and yowled. "Spike. Are you all right?"

"Oh yeah. Maker. That was...incredible. Do that again."

Spirit chuckled and brushed the spot again and again

Spike was moaning and wriggling against the furs, his whole body on fire. Spirit smiled at Spike's wriggling and moaning like a cat on heat. He was pleased he was able to bring such pleasure to his friend.

"Spirit, please, want you in me," Spike groans.

Spirit swallowed. He had a powerful lust going through him and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt his friend. "Alright Spike," He panted. "Just a moment. With a shaking hand he applied oil to his hard cock, far too much. He lined up with Spike's entrance and holding Spike's hip with one hand and guiding his cock with the other, began to push his way in

Spike groaned and pulled up one knee, spreading himself more for Spirit, feeling himself stretched. It was painful, as he knew it would be, but he still wanted it. Spirit grasped both hips now and leaned forward. "Spike, are you all right?" He asked anxiously, knowing it must hurt.

Spike nodded. "I'm fine. Don't stop."

Spirit eased forward with a groan, feeling Spike's channel tighten round him. He fought the urge just to push inside and begin to thrust. He inched forward, slowly, steadily.

Spike hissed and groaned. "Ohhhh yeah."

Spirit pushed until he was fully seated, his wiry hair pressed against Spike's ass. He held still. "Does it feel ok?" He groaned

Spike could feel himself fully stretched, pain and pleasure warring in him. He moaned. "Yes, feels good."

Spirit nodded and rolled his hips slowly, getting used to the feel of Spike on him. Spike moaned at that and arched, pressing back against Spirit. Spirit tightened his grip and began to thrust, long slow strokes, allowing Spike to stretch and get used to him. Spike was moaning louder and purring as he stretched and the pain lessened. The pleasure was getting better and better, and his hard cock lay flat against his belly.

Spirit began to speed up and increase the force of his thrusts. " Fuck Spike but you feel good!"

Spike groans. "You feel so good inside me."

Spirit was pulling back and slamming in now, hands tight on the slim hips, he angled to find that bundle of nerves inside Spike and pound into it. Spike's cock was weeping now, ready to release at any moment, and his body was bowed up by the force of the thrusts. Spirit released one hip and curled his fingers round Spike's cock and began to pump him in time with his thrust. "I'm close Spike, cum with me, please. " He panted.

Spike doesn't need much encouragement. He let out a feral scream as he exploded, ropes of cum over Spirit's hand, over his own belly. Spirit rides out Spike's orgasm and then gives a few hard, erratic thrusts and throws back his head and gives a roar as he cums, emptying deep inside his friend. He caught himself as he slumped forward, carefully pulling out and laying beside his friend, grinning at him. Spike gave a loose and glowing smile in return, fangs showing. Spirit answered with a flash of his own fangs. "That was quite something!"

Spike chuckles. "To say the least."

Spirit chuckled. "It was ok?"

"It was incredible."

Spirit threw back his head and laughed. "I've been called a lot of things, incredible isn't one of them."

"Well you have now."

Spirit reached over and pulled Spike to him. "You were incredible too."


Spirit smiled and held him close. "Yes of course."

"You realize I'm not letting you win every time."

Spirit grinned. "Well, we'll have to see about that."

Spike chuckled. "Braggart."

Spirit chuckled. "Seems like I have something to brag about!"

Spike grinned. "I'm glad we're lovers."

Spirit kissed his forehead, "So am I. I hope it’s half as good with our mates!"

"Me too."

Spirit leaned in and kissed him gently on the mouth. Spike moaned softly into the kiss and pressed back. Spirit claimed his mouth in a bruising kiss, growling softly. Spike purred and wriggled in the embrace.

Spirit laughed "Wriggle worm!"

"Yes well...."

"Well what?"

"What do you expect when you do that to me?"

"I'm only kissing you!" Spirit grinned

"Rather forcefully."

Spirit laughed, "I prefer passionately!"

"That too."

Spirit shook his head. "So we're agreed we'll only have each other as lovers?"

"Yes. Most definitely. I wouldn't want anyone else."

Spirit smile gently " Me neither.... "

Spike curls in close, happy in the arms of his one and only lover.