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Angel the Series

Angelus' Place
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Happy 100!

You've stumbled onto a place created for those of us who watch and talk about the TV series Angel.

What's up with the community name angel_us, you may wonder. Angel is the topic. It's us folks here. Angel and us. Angel_us. Angelus. Angelus! Get it? OK, OK, moving on.

Anything Angel goes here. Information, thoughts, raves, criticism, media, fics, pictures, icons, stuff in general having to do with the TV series Angel. Other related things are good, too. For example, making fun of wacky David Boreanaz. Side-talk about BtVS and Firefly welcome cause we're loose like that.

Come inside, introduce yourself, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, have a drink, you're in good company, and the fire's roaring.

Community created by gabrita and moderated by voodoobanshee.